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II ü II ACE" WAT E R S7 4 (? MV T 3 :$ 3 Broidway, N í w Y o r k 1 ullih v ii Mu-,l i ÍiU Books asu p:;aikk j Píanos, MelodeonSj Alox;indre Or#nns Organ Accordeons, Martin'.s c('iubrated ;nd other O uiturs. Vioüns, Tenor Viols, VïoiincèlIoS, AccortfïHtüK, Flutinas, Flute, Fifcn, Twanglef, Clari inútil, Tunïug Foi ks, Pipes ancínammeifej Viólín Bows, best ftalian SlrinpfH, Bass Tuut ru men tH for líamls, Piano Stools, arul covers, and all kinds of Musical Iï;fctruuK'nts. JBl lx o o t 3VI xx ö i o. Trom ill th' pttbJuhM in I'. S. , l-i litiiN Huntiu's, .Linl Modern .-ciujul, and ;ill kinds of IustiiicWnn Hooks for the above uistnnneuts; Oburub Mus:c lïnoks; M.isic elfganliy boundj Mumc papr, and al! kind of Jiu-sic Mi'-n-l,.inilïf.e. A t t hc LoveM P r i c e s. N e %v l'idiMM, At 175, $-:nO, 226, $250, and up to $S0O. Secou.l Uu ad BianoH from 125 up toSltiO; .-w Metodeoot, $4,".,' o. $f.$U)O, and ii i to $200; tiecond Band Uelodeona l'i' tfc0lo.$8ft; Uexaqdre Organs, vltb live stopn. iioo, niiir (ttopfl, $is.r :ini $226; thlrteeu stops. $-.00, ?-j75 ind tM6i í'it'ífii! stop-s, $;20 and $;S7ö; A lilx-rul discount to Clergymen, Churchesj Sabbatu Schools. Seminaries and Tendiera. The IVmdo mipplied at the 'usual trarte discount Testimonial of t!e llnrac YVatvT IMauo i.ini Mlilcoiis. John Hcwctt.df Cartbagp, New York, who lias hnd oiic ui' the Hornet watera runos, irrítelas folloin: - ílA fviend of mine rtfthomne to purchasfra piano or iy f.-in U fcMWOWtt popular In thfn pino, toil i thluï 1 enn tntrnduoe one or -" nid.e; the-y will bt mure popo l;ir tlian any other raake." 'Ve have twn of Wam' Tianos in use in ourSemi. narVi onc pf inch hM btOn Mvercly tcsicfl tlinj-. -.-■■. and we enn testifv to thoir .l (jualltj and durabilit_." - Wood ü ürégory, Moatit Carrol! t III. "H, Water, Bsq, - Dbar Pir: Baring uhwI on of your P anro Forlea fui twojreatu past. I havo fnnnd il a very superior lntlrnmt -ut. A1.ON.O QBAY, Principal fnMkiyv Heitikts Snmnartj. "The Piano I recoived frm yoo continúen to girt saltufaotlon. 1 wgard Itan ne of tbc beul instrument ín the gjaci - Ia E I fi.AUKK, Wtarttjiloit, Va, ihe Heiovon hhc (Wy rrha. I fer-l oblp.t tn yn fory mir ü-bera) fltFoounfc." ïïev. J. il. UcCossick . YarqnetvilhS C. ■''l'lie ilnno m duly reoolvéd. It ram in 69tosl1en1 OOnditWD, and is VÜTf much ailmircl by my iii;ii]i-n. ilainily. Accept mv tnMSlbi tor Touf pfotnptiidw." - KmticiiT COOPBK, Warrrvham, Tirnójned Co. Pa. "Your plano pifases us welt It is the best one in our cóunty.,- THOMaa A. T.atham. nvwhtVjon, Ga. "We aie vt-ry much obltged to ynv for liavinp sent such a ftnfl i ii ? t ruïne t fov S-50.'' - 1kank,1Iku & Cü., ftnjfnlo Dimocrat. "Tlie Honofl Waters PEansfire known n amonjp the very best W are enabled to spt-ak of LhM insiiu nients witfa conli-tence. from pwnonal hoowled(e "f thrtr excellent iii'l iluntbte quality."- =A. Y. Evtingtlittt 'Weciin apenk J" the tnerit of the Hnraoe pTanosfroni ijerwnnfll knowtedge, nsbe4ng the very fint-s; i[iia)-tjf-"- Chrhtian liittttijfencer. "Tjie Rörace Waters pianos are outltAf.thetMfftánd moví oroughly wayoneo maivrial. We hste nodoubl that bnyfTH cno 4ü "■■■ Bll,pAap8 better, ui tblüthan ut any otherhouse in tbe Union."- Advocate d Jownud, Water1 pianos and molodeonn ohaltenge eomparlson witli tli(i Qnesi nuL'iL'-anywhere in the country." - fjomt Jouw nl "llnace Wators' Piano Fortes are of t'ulT, rich anl even tont', anl ijow.'rful -TV. Y. Musical Review. "Our frifinU will f'md at Mr. Waters' store the very bent ssnrtinciit of Munio and of Pianos to be fouml in tbr Unltftd States,and we nrse our southorn and western fr'cnds t;i irit hrm a cali whenc-ver they go to New Yrlt."- Qraham' Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. SabbathSchool Bell. I M OO') issceri in ten Monthi, Tlie unprecedented sale of tb is book has tnduced the pubUsher t" a-id itome 80 oew tunesand hyfflnfl to lts present size, viithout ixtr charge, oxeepl on the oheap edl Among Ihe manj beautiful tunen and hymns added may be fóund:- "1 ouglit ft ïove toj mother;" "O IM1 be a Kod Child, indeed I will." Tlice and efgUl otlu-r.s fnun Lhe BelU,were nuogitt tbeundaj School Anniver sar; of the tt. K. Churcbat the Aeadeipy of Music, wttb priit ap)lause Tlie Bell coctajni nearïy '200 tiines and 1 hymns, and is one of lhe bpnt coUeeBOn evwlftibtd, PrTcfl lüc; HO per hnndred, postage 4o Elegantl; bouud, ! embosael Rilt, "i5: $"J0 per 100 It has been ntroduced ■ into many of the Public Sc' jIs. The ê 's pubhslK-d in t )m:H number entïtled Anniverftary and Sunday School Uusie Boots, Nos. 1, t 3, Jt 4, ín order to accommodate the inillioii; price $'2 k t3 per hun'ired Nfo. 5 will loonbe Iwoed - oonuneDCfinwot of anther book. Als, Rwival KadC Books, Xo, 1 fc2, pricp $1 k $2 per 100. postale lc. More tha.j 300,000 copipR of the above buoks have been issued the pul efgnten moptUe, and the demand i rapidly increa-sing Publiiibeü bv KOR ACE WATERS, Agent, aftS Uradway,X. V. Publised by Horace Waters "No. 333 Broadway, New York. Vocal "Kind Wonls can neverdie;" 'TI e Angels toM me so;" "Wilds of the Wrt' "Tlioughts of God; ■ Giva me back my sfoantatn Hume;' "I1"}' Preams;" "DaniWCock Robín;" 'M'm wtn thee sÜÜ; "Pet ñames;" "Thfie'R no darilní like mine;" i4Saiab J me Lee;""Ever of thee:'' (Iin lea ving thee Ín Sorrow;" "Bírdof Beauty:" icH0BM of OW birth;" "f ira ve -f Rosabel,'' and 'Wake, lady, wake,,' t)rico '25c eaoh. 1 iNSTiii'MKNTAi..- ( lPalace Garden, or Gini?ín Ilird Polka," 40c; uSwinging flchótUsobe;" "Mirabel Pohottiselt;" 'TlimiMis úaker!) Öohottluche;1 "Piccolomini Polka, 35 wnt eacb. Tlie boepiecehaTebaut(ful Vianet tee "Welmer Polka;" "Arabian Waj cry Maroli," the very last; "Vm-ovirinníi l'oniclls Ixm-ka ; 'Real: inx Polka;'1 VCrinoline Waltz." ana Lancen' Qua drílle," 25c fttch. "The l'mpireof Reich'n Quadrille;" a néw dnnrp, and 'Tbe IüIm-i tiian Quadiille," of-cach. M.ifiv i f tbem pteow ir pteyed by liaker's celebra ted robet ra with great aitpIru.te.flSr Mailtíd free. A Urdiólo!' Koroign Music at half price, Planos ülelortpons tf1 Organs. The Hnrace Waters Pianos and Mt-lodcons, for depth, puriiy of tone and flura.biHtjr, are nnsnrpaeoed, Pnce very low ecnnd Hañd Pianos and Helndeonti frnm $Í6 i" $150. Mti-iicaud Muticr ïntrnctions of all kinin,atthe lowest prices. HORAPE WATERS, Aient, No. ü;í:í Broadway, X. Y. Tkwtimomaií;- "The IIoracr Waters Piaur- are known asamonn thevwry beit.' - Fvarurtlint. "Wecan peak of their me rit f rom personal knowledge." - Chrintifijx Intclujtcvcer. "Nothingat the Fair .lisplaved greaterexoellence -"- Ckurchtnan. Wjitoií.' Pianos and Mel.-ieons challenKecomparirton with tho ñnest made anywherein the country.1' - Home .h'TKl. Tlíitf LOOMIS & TRIFF, SucctüHors to Chapin fc LoomiR.andChdpin, Tripp A Loorait I rpHF. Rlinvo lirm of Loorala k Trlpp haTlng purohasci I eetira interest of thc r-niiuT cim].u:-s wil 1 continut lhe business t thool.l irhere the -l! i hf reatlv, ou the sliot-tpsl ntlícv, to fill all ortlurs iü tht lino i( ' Castings and Machiuery, 1 tn the mortt vorkmaulik manner, and on as libera term anyottwrbop In the State. Among the vui our articlt'Miianiif;utiiu..i by OS, we would enuworate STKAM KÑiíINKS 0f all kinds; Mili Gearing and FtXtUTM, WTOUghtSttd i cast alltho various casti ñV for makiiig and n.-pairing Ilorso Powers & TbreehÍD Machines such nft are at present, or have formerly been in use in thif part of St;a, as treU tfl ;" Il(' yrious ki i and machine work eaUedfbrby farmerp and mechiiuifs lothis scction of the OOQO ry. of ali the va.-ioiis patti nis, up ia sjjBsand prloM, will be keptuoiistiwitly on hand, got the most tuudcru aud improved styles. Thftnkfui for fornwr patronage to the oíd firma, we woutó lolicit a continuance früuvolil fiiends,and atrial by all wishiog foranythiug in our line of busintss. L00MI3 & TR1VP. AnnArbor,Mav 18th, 1859. 60? t f J TUUESUINO MACHÏNliS. P 1TENTED AND MANLFACTURED BY ' Nichols & Shcppard, iiattie Creek, Midi. Improvedfor thd Season of 1862 Ia this eparator tlw ruin inseparafd from the straw by nian-i of Ilft1ngfliigeri that toss the ktraw up and down wiili asudden motion frqm iliu Ltine it leave t!ie cylinuer untü it panaeq io thesia.-.kyr, and thegniin fális r throuffh a buttom made ol shit, ttt-:ir trom the Atnbri TIn piirtH con'.iüniLg ihÁtH (ingers and the tight grato botton) aré made to víbrate ir Kwtng backwara and torwai-d, wliich wrkH %e htraw to the Rtackvr end the gram 'o lbo ieves The supenority of tbis machino over all othera onnshts n its IVrfect scrutiontion Of Oimln 'romStriiw, Grent MlmpltoMj. havinj? no pickeru or bvaters to clog ' up, aiidle.s maoblnery uum any otLor nuw miidt', Oveat citoacitv, asit w:ll not waste when ctowded, ' Perféci oleaner, ba ving larger seives tlian any other. Kasy drsU, bvttr couptruomi]. Himple and durable. Pennsylvania Iron Horse Power. 1 W;irranted to be the beat Hrso Power in use. Made with wood 01 run fften as prcferied Karmem and Tbrtjahem tti llfoblftaa I Wc offer you Hl-T MAMINK IX ÜÉ. Better than ii U, Bali'l FruvUrvillí1. or aqv RUtohÜM built on their principies ]f jMkn mitod bulng a mac me of any kind get a painphletof aor uur Agent, and satUfy yourtelf,- i'mui)hlet ht-ut f:ee. Cali and nee, or ad iresR MCHOUS k SHKPPAKP, rl(,,k, Michigan. (P M. ROKERS, or MYROX RASHt Agints, Ann Arbor; ur l V. Walman, agent, Dexter. o2Qia3 Moacy to Leiul. rCAM FURNiH MONEY on rtasonablc tems and loner time on ood Fai ra security . E. W.MORGAV. Ann Arbor, Juij 'ï'ï; 1562. BHtJ


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