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Yankee Spirit. - A gentleman passing down Washington street, Boston, with his friend, a few days since, found his conversation much interrupted by the shrill and continued whistle of a boy nine or ten }rears old who was walking immediately behind him and, turning around, he arrested the urchin by his shoulder with the very natural but impressive command, 'stop that whistle!' The boy gazed for a moment saucily in the face of the speaker, and then answered with promptness that "the Constitution of Massachusetls allowed a boy to whistle asmuch as it pleased himself !" So saymg he turned away and continued his high notes as free as ever. One of the most extraordinary packagesever sent through the mail reached the post office of Glasgow. This wasno other than a parcel containing some fifteen or twenty live frogs. The contents of the parcel were discovered by tWo or three jumping out at the post office. - The frogs, it is believed, were of some rare species, and were addressed to Dr. Buchanan. They reached' their destination in safety. We see it stated in the Winyah Iiatelligencer, published at Georgetown, S. C, that one Wm. Watson, who has been in that town teaching a singing school for some time past, has been warned off by the town authorites - having been rather too free spoken on the subject of slavery. - Boston Bee.The Militia. - We noticein the Rochester papers, that every body there is signing petitions to the Legislature, praying for the repeal of the laws requiring the performance of the annual farce of militia trainings. Such petitions ought to be got up al! over the state, and a general expression of public sentiment upon this subject sent up lo the Legislature. - BuJ. Gaz. (t? The State Journal of last week, for want of better matter to fill its columns, inserte a part of thescufrilous and abusive letter of f. M. Möward to Mr. Birney, which appeared in the Advertiser some time since. The óthel-Whig papers of the State are wiser.ÜCf" Father Sieroroinski a Polish priest', has been knouted todeatfi in iberia, for exhorting his country men against lëaving theCatholic for the G reek church. He was eondemned to receive 5000 blows, buf expired" aTter recéiving some hundreds. 0" The Banks in this city-the snow ones we mean - have an eucrmous redundan - cy of deposits - beingpiled upalong the valks toan average height of 6ix fect. Heavy drafts now on these would be a great accommodation, without rnntenally affèding their stahility. We trust the Sun will not long withhold its claims on these imposing deposites. - Rock. Adv.Elopemcnt JVipped. - At Philndelphia on Monday morning, saya the Baliimore Sun, o distreseed htisband, upon a warrant istued by Alderman Boileau, arrcsted, 4t the Baltimore depot, his wifejöst about toeíope with a young gentleman. The parties subsequently arrang-ed maiters, and thi husband took her nguin for better or for woree. The Btrangest part of the affair is that the gay Lot i ario was tnking the woman's chiM, about 14 raonths oíd, iuio tbe barga 'm. (!ƒ C. M. CJay has put forth an addreeB to the people of Kentucky on the subject of Slavery. It occupies some ihree columns.- He eets forth the fintmcial evils of the metitntion to that State; and recommends that in all sections of it, cnndidotes bc nominated and eupported to the LegisJature, who wil! avow theinseh'es the ndvocatea for calling a States for th'e alteralior lUe State GonstitutionvA Scène. - Morning after E'.eclion ''Pa, does wine make a beast of a maní" "Pshaw! child - perhaps once in a while!" "Is fhat the reoson why Mr. Groggins, the larven keeper has on his sign, "luntertninment for man and beaat?" "Nonsense, child, wbat makes you nslt?1' Bocnusc! ma said that last night you went to Groggin's a mnn, and cnma home a beast; and that he entertained you!' "That's mother's nonsense, dear. Run out aud p!ay; papu'ö head aches.' Q55 Since the Ist of November laat Gov. korter, of Pennsyl vania, has pardond no leas tlian 77 convicts, of whom tiïirty-four had been convicted of high offtinces. euch as murder, manslaughter, burglary, &ic. CC?" There are three things witb which n man hou ld keep on good terms: with his wife, (if he Ims one, and if he has not, he ought to have one,) his stomachand his conscience. An old lady havingr heard somebody my 'the muils weie veiy irregular" remarked - "It was jist so in my young days; no trusting any of thoir fair words." Palhos. - A new paper just published at Naples, in Illinois, has the following sentence in its editot's salutatory address;- "With fearlens foof. steps we" 11 tread the billows beneath a eky of wrath, our hal yards tipped with fire - raming with usatougueof thunder- and none shall conquer until the last artned man bas deeerted. or fallen in the conflict." O gracious don'l! Hoio to make Cologne Water - We find the following pronounced un excellent receipt: Mix 100 drops of burgamot; 120 drops of the oil of lavender; 140 drops of lemon; 60 grains of musk, and one p;nt of purest alcohol.Gutzlaff, the once celebrated missionary in China, hos obandoned bis spiritual occupations and become an assistant pólice magistrate at Hong Kong. Extreme. - At the very moment that her Majeaty, Queen Victoria, was walking on a gold embroidered Bcarlet cloth, which was spread from the royal yacht to the royal carriage to keep her from touch ing the earth with her royal feet, another wonian; a poor shirtmaker- was standing before a magistrate claiming the aid of the law to enforce her remorselepsemploycr to pay her for making a dozen of shirts, at two pence half-penny a piece! Pvblic Lands-lt seems that an attempt ie soon to be made in Congress to provide for giving nway the whole of the public patrimony. Mr. Thomasson gave notice in the House, on the27th uit., of his intention to introduce a bilí to thia effect, aad move it as a substitute for the bill now under consideration to gradúate the price oflands in favor ofsettlers. It proposes to give to families of two persons 40 acres, to families of four, 80 acres, to famiües of 5 or more, 160 aeree, on the sole condition that . they be real seulers, and own no real estáte! No safeguard is provided against those who may be worth thousands of dollars in stocks, or otherwise. A very sensible bill certainly! - Cm. Herald.'Pke Dtfference. - Paying deb'.s with borrowcd tnoney is kicking them into the future; - .with your'own, into the past. (t PtoF. Dé Bonneville and Lady are in Washington, astonishing the good peoplethere with the wonders of Animal Magnetism. Mr. Gough says Ihat a man, the next rtiörning after he has been "dronk,'' feels-irthough he had thé rheufnatisnr every hairofhis hcad. The'License Qucstion. -ifiiB Tribune says abom half of the people of Vermont are opposed to the granting of licenses to retail ardent spirits, as determined by a vote recently taken. In Spain there is a Cëssatidn of blood ehédding. By official accoonts published at Christmas, between 2ÖÖarid SOO'persorlS baVe been executed for politica! offences during the past year, ofwhich tvrëlve received thB forrri_ of trial!Webster on JYativehm.-sFïie Boston Courier eaye, referrin g to somè eXtracts fröfn a letter, which he had within a (eW dáys received from Mr. Webster, in whichthat' gentleman distinctly a?serts, that in the last speech which he made in Faneuil Hall, upoñ the subject of Native Americanism, "he id not suggest, and had no idea of suggeit(H%' the formation of a ncw party to carry out the objects which he then odvocated, but onlhe contrary, il is bis fiirm belief that if any reform8 are lo be made in the premises, these .reforras must emanate from the Whig party, and be carried ihrbtígh by Ihat party."Wolf Bountg. - Our House of Reprèsentatives, os it appcars, has passed a bili alluwing $10 ior the destruction of each wolf, and $5 for each wolf 's whelp. This is intended for the eafety and preservación of slicep. But more sheep, we belleve, aredestroyed by dogs tiian by volves;at least we are lold t is so in this portion of the State. Besides there are many dogs to orte wolf; thereforc, a' sroall bounty for tile destruction of dogs would tend greatly to the preservation of sheep and at the e om e time, occasion lcss expense to the public It is computed, in this City, are 500 doge, whicii are no bef ter, nor in any respect more valbable than so many well fed wolves. -Mon. Adv. The correspondente cf the Charles T. Torrey must be at a loes for subjeets. Ho is allowed to receivetheir letters only proVided, 1 . That the postage is paid. 3. That they contain no aliusions to elavery defogafory to the character of that institution; 3. That thcy contain rto informatioii'of what is foing'on in the world. Dofr in Virginia. The Sénate of Virgin - iafstrongly Democratie) has decisively laid on thetable the resolotion of the New Hhmpshire Legislature in" favor of Dorr and Dorr iera. Ome vote only wa's fecorced in tbeir hvor,-rYeuburypori Cour,Texas. - The following is an extract f rom a letter written by Dr. G. W. Bennett, of Texas, to a friend in Mispouri: - "I dread Buropean influence niore than all tl.e mr?d tandea. The emigiations from the United States are comparatively few,while thoe frora Europea n governments will be by mvltiplied thovsavds! There ie one association here Btylfd the 'Gemían Emigrating Company,' consistiría of thirty-one princes and counts! Prince Victor saya he is the cousin of Queen Victoria; Prince Salem eayn he is the cousin of Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Vicloria. He has bought two leagues of land within thirty or forty miles of me, and has this senssn an extensivo erop growing. He says he will eettle 250 families on that land this spring, and 300 families higher tip on the Guadaloup river by the same. He wishes to employ men to build a garrison and keep off the Indians till they can bring on solJiers. - He has his priest and doctor w-ith him. Our consiitution, after a residenco of six months, gives to all persons the right of citizenship. Should the annexation question be long delayed, may not the gorernment pass out of our bands and that matter forever fail?" A few days since a statement went the rounds stating that Mr. Clay's postage for the year had aroounted to $10,000. A Washington paper bas discovered tbat the whule amount of postuge received at the Lexington post office for 1844, was 99,990,89. Comment is unneceasary.The Cinnamon Tres. - The cinnamon ;ree is a native of the island of Ceylon. - [n its natural state it grows to the height )f about 20 feet; but the bark, the only raluable part, ia found to loose much of its highly aromatic quality in the mature trees. Accordingly the trees are cut young, when the sterns are only five or six feet long, and less than an inch thick at the largest end. The bark is then stripped or peeled off in long pieces like willow bark, scraped carefully to remove the cuticule, and laid out to dry during which it curls up in quills as they are called, and it is then ready for the market, but improves by keeping for a while. The wood is good for nothing but fuel. - Owing to the mode of cultivation this cinnamon garden has very much the appearance of scrub oak, the rich bright green leaves of the small trees being strikingly in contrast with the white plain in which they grow.Telegraphic. - A letter from N. York to the National Intelligqncer says: - -"As ï was passing down the Bowery, my attention was arrested by the sight of wires at the corner of Broome street, crossing each other overhead, and darting off in the direction of the upper part of the city. These are connecied with the Magnetic Telegraph at the new Post Office, and led to the house of Mr. Graham, the Post Master in Eight street, who can thus sit in his library and communicate his orders to his clerks, who are three miles off, with almost as much celerity as if they were personally present."Well worih the While."-A Miss Mary Conard, of Ithaca, N. Y., has obtained the comfortable sum of eight thotisand dollars of a young gentleman for breach of promise. Miss Maiiïda Mugg has put out a frésh shingle at her ehop door, wilh tbis announcement:- Knotfft ar got in sum nu artikk-es faw sail-=sih a krakkerf. kabbigis korf'y, kwps and sawsirs, and tnenny uther artikkles tu newmerous tu menshun all cciling cheep. Koll in. P. S. - Beens is bort hear, by the quort or boosbil. Apply in the passige round the makkril barril.- BaU. Sat. Vis. The Iiegislature of Illinois hay repealéd, .uncoditionally, The Mormon charters; .Look' at' TAw.Lamer, Ex-?residënt of Texas, in his address to the people of South, in' favor of Annexation sáys:- ="1 do' not support thé inètitbtióH of Slavery merely because the land cf my birth op the land of niy adoption is connected it. I believe the system of sérvitudë, as it exists ia the Southern States and in Téxas, is the best relation w"hi5h fiairéver1 beeii estaföisfied between the laboring and the governing-portion of mankind." This declaration of kamar's is the prevailing:souttiërn doctrine on this subject, among both Whigs and Democrats, and we think it is a text fhar Northern laborers had better examine before ihey vote tosustain Southern men or Southern mensures. These are the meri Northem Itemocrats are hands with astheir 'natural -ai lies. - Essev Transcript. VVhen yóü-; hear amysterious human cry at the dread hour of midnight, it isra sign that somebody has got a tongue, and that you have got' ears. Good - Very. - 'Make way,' here,' said a member of a republican deputation, 'we are the representatives of the people.' - 'Make way yourselves,' shouted a sturdy fellow from thethrong, 'we arethe peoplo themselvês.' YaiícBt, who !ately fought a bloodlees duel with Cüngmon of Nortb Carolino, is satd to have killed an uncle of his wife not long eince, for which he was sentenced for twehe yearB confinement ut the Pënitentiary. The Governor of Alabama immediately pardotied him, and the people thèn elected him to Conigreas!'


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