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Examination Of The Misses Clark's School

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Th8 examination occupied ihree days, and embraced a critical review of the studies pursued by the pupils during the term. At the request of thé Principal, the Board of Visitors and others, examined many of the classes, both as to their general knowledge of the branches under review, and their particular knowledge of the text books üsed in the school. An examination thus becomes a rigid test of the information acquired. The undersigned, Boardof Visitors are happy to report their continued confi?ence in this excellent and popular institution. While there is no want of authority in its government, obedience appears to be rendered by the scholars, from respect to their teachers, and from the influence of moral principie. The pupils deserve much credit for the evidence they gave of having improved well their time and opportunites. A thorough and extensive course of instruction is pursued under the tuition of well qualified and faithful teachers: and we are assuredthat lessons in the principies of moral ity and piety are not neglected. The Misses Clark, for the sake of giving grealer permanency to the institution, have recently obtained an act of incorporation for their school and have the prospect of soon offering to the public increased accommodations and advantages for the education of young ladies.


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