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GRAND RIVER ïffSTITUTION. THIS Institution for colored peopie and all others is now open lo receive all chiascs of studeno', irreepeciive of color or cante. A fir8t ratè teacher is"engnged. Board one dollar per weck. Students can pay by their labor. The si'.uation very healthy, nnd the school house warm and pleasnnt. Colored frienda are invited to end. A petitioti With about two huncrcd signers from this County for a charter s before the Legislature. Housés on the spot cnn be rented by families who wish to Bettle and send to school. Tuition $2 pör qüartër, unless those sending are very indigent, vriien it will be without eharge. Those willing to contribute for the support of this Iostituüon cnn öérid their donaüonsto P. FOSYÈR Agent. Grand ltiver Instituiibn, ? 40.ow Woodstock, Lonawee Co., Jan. 1845, i ANN ARBOR ÑILL. TUE subscribers would give notice thnt thev ore engaged in manufacturing LINSEED OIL, and are prepnred to furn:sh oil of the bes! quality to merchants and pointer?, cheap as il can be obtaned from the East. Oil exchanged for Flax seed at the rate of a gnllon of oil for a Iui8hei of Flax secd. Cash at nti times paid for Flax seed. ?ULCIPHEtf A JUDSON AnriArbor, (Lower Villagc,) Sept. 6,1841 20-1 y.C ANT BE BEAT f JYEWBOOT, SHOEAJSTÖ LEATHER STORE, Ann Arbor, Lmcer Toten. Q FELCH haa removed O his establishment from the Upper to the Lower VilInge, No. 41 Huron Block. jSküêb whe're he böffls hnnsëll in jgeBC lendines to 'dress the 'fint dersthndivgs" of every Man. ( Womrfri and Cliild who wil wSfe give him a the nentcsi and best mnnnerthat can be dorio in Michigan. L.EATHER aiid FJNDIiNGS of nll kinds consiantly on hand. WAÏitED, Cash and Hidès, in any qüantities. fejí whih the highe6t prices will be given. (CFLet none purchnse until they hav'e called at Felch's. No. 4. Muron Block. Ann Arbof, May 4, 1ÍT44. 3-ly Ready Made Clothiiigü! THK LAK.GLST nnd best asBortuient ot ready made clothing 3 er before offered in thie State" now opening, and for rale, Wholesale or Retail, at tbc Clothing Ëmporium of ihe sub8cribers, coneisting in part of plain and fancy Beavet', l'ilot. Broad Cloths and othcr styles of Over Coats. Tweed CaBsimerc, Beaver, Pilot, Domcstic Union Ca6siniere end öatinett Frock and Budin'eásCoata. Fine, Plain and Fnnc? Cassimere, Blue and Black Broad Cloth. Twecds and other styles of Pantaloons. Plain nnd fancy Silk and Silk Velvet, Woolen Velvet Merino, Satin and Cassimere Veste, &c. &c. &c. togetlier with n very Iarge stock of common low priced Over Coats. Business Coats. Pantaloons and Vcbis. such a6 blue and black Flu8hing. Satinet, Keniucky Jeans, Common Tweede, &c. &.c. Also, an eJiiensiye aesortment ol Hoeiery. Stocks, Scarfs, Handkcrchieff, Collars. Lamb'8 Wool and Merino Drawcrs and Shirts, Comforter6. Glxvee, &c. &c. all of which will bo sold very low for CasH. They would respecttul ly invite all in want of rcady rnade garments to cali and examine their stock before purchasing elscwhere, as it hdsbecn selected wit'i great care in the Eaatern markeis, and mnnufac lured in the latest styles nnd mofft'durable manner. HALLOCK & RAYMOND, Corner of JeflTerson and A'venuee Detroit. Oct. 10. 1844. 3n'25 "Wesïeyaii Öóoks!: THE Subscribeis have just recoived a pood snpply oí Wesleyan Book from the Depository at Nevf York. Those wishing to purcIjísi will1 plíTJ'ec Cííll and examine for themsolvcs; - [i BECKÏ.EY & HICKS. ■ Ann Arbor,-íl-crTown, Doe. C-184i; 33-Cw


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