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lUiiittis iCuttriüïH. cIrdsicardsü cardsü! Sis how itis öona. All Losses prompt ly adjusted MERCHANTS' INSURANCE CO,, OF HARTFORD, CONN. Cash Capital, $200,000. . MAUK HOWAKD, President. E. Tnos. Louiieu., Secy. The undorsiKiio.l lias been appelnted Agent for the .oovc reliable I'.mui :i'-..v , ni.l vs-ill effect insurance eai.istlosBCby flreat reasonabieratfs. ii. 1'. 1 (JW !' Ann Arbcr,Juno2, ï02. 855tf ik r. -w. isiKrica-nT;, Agent for the Phcenix Insurance Company OF IIAUTFOIÍD CT., AND THE CONWAY INS., COMPANY OK BOSTON JIAPS. Losses Honorably adjusted and promptly paid t tliiü Agcncy. Office Corner M!a wM Horon Slroct, over the Store of Bacii il I'ikbsox, Ani Albor. Ann Arbor, Eept . 1, 1.892. RAYMOND'S Photographic and Fine Art GALLERYH. 205 and 30" Jefferson Avenue, DETROIT. ■■hotoirrnphB.I-'feSize.colored or plnin, cahinet. mier"l Melanü, Ettguetreotyp!, Ambrotypes, Z . -CARD l'ICIUSKS by the Tta,and. Surveyor & Civil Enginee. s WWFFKS Purvi-vur and Crfl Kngin'er, contin . ucstoiivonnméjiate attentiontoall orders.- 1 OKoeat bis resident at tbc comer of Catberme and Thayerstreets. i aro Arm Art or. fopt. 10,1862, L'O ' I. O. O. F. i WAS1ITENAW LODGE No. 9, nf the Independent . order of OddKollowsmoet at their Koo._, rory Fridav evenin, at 7í o'clock, I E. B1CHARDSON, N. U. S. So.vDUEra, Sec y. ( ' L. STÜBBS." j WnoLESiLK and Retail Ín Tuico, Cigar &., i MainSt.-sign of " Big Inin." Franklta Blpdk, 4nn Arbor, - - ' ' i. G SUTHEKÍAND & SON, ifHOIRSAIE AND I'.ETAiLOroccrüand Coaimissiun V Mercbants.Eastside Haiu Sfrcet Aen Arbor. j. m.;scoTT. hbrotype & Photo:rI'H Ariists n the rooms formcrh ..ccupied Ijy Crdley, .-v. the store of Sperrj t Moorc l'erfeet utisfaction gu;trantwd. ' EISDON & HENDERSOÑT" rF.ALERS n Hardware, StoT.", fnrnii-hmggood, jJ'pjjjVTare &c. &c, New Block, Main Street. "TáTp. millsT" riEALER in Stsple Pry Goods, Groceries, Boots and ) Shoes and Keady Made ClotMn, Hurou tetreet Ann rbor? ' HIRATÍ J BEAKES. ttorkets & Cofxpkllors iT Iw, and Solicitors in í. Chaneery. Office in City Ifall Dldck, over Webster k Co's Boos Store, Ann V.hor KIKGSLEY & MORGAN, A TT0RX8TS, Couiiseiiurs, SoJicitor?, and NotariesPub %. Uc, have Bookü and l'lats sjtowing titlcs of all lands hthe _,ounty,aifdattend to converancinjjpfidcollecting sminds, and to paying taxe and cho(H interest in any art of the State. Office east aiíe of the Square. Ann Arr. Wm. LEWITT, M. D., PBTSiciAS & Srnoüox. OEBce thirWid,ence Nortl. Me ofH-ronstreet, a_d_i_oase West of iHvisiou _íet, Aun Arbor. , O. COLLIER, Mancïactcrbr and dealer in Boots and Shoes. 1 door West of llm Post Office, inn Arbor, MM MOORE &"LOOMIS. T isofactdrkbs ani dealer in Boot and -boes, y). Phoenix DIuck, Main Street, one door North of Vag-j_gton - ií7guiterma_í & co,, tTt-ó__i_t_Td Reta dealers ni manufacturers of W Rejdy Made Clothinfr, Importen of Cloths, Cassiifts, Doék__. 4-c. No. 5, New Blo.ek, Ann Arbor. C. B. POKTEE, ,._- , i,., Pi'rceo.v Pk.vtist. Office cornn.r of __to jC_ 8_? and Huron Btreeta, over I'. Bach'i, store, IfmBfiB Arm Arbor, Michigan. JJ-UJj0iy April, 1859, Wm. WAGNER, rvKALER in Rea.dy Made Cli.thing Cloths, Cassimores and JVestings, Hats,Caps,Trunks,CarpotBags, &c. Slim. K , Ann Arbor. ' BACH & PIERSON . DKAI.ER8 in Dry Gooils, Grocerie, Hardware, Boots & SJioes, kc, Main street, AnnArbor. SLAWSOJJ & GLEK, ra rockrs, Provisión & Commiseioo Merchapts,ariüileaJt"Wsiu Water Limk, Land 1'i.astkb, and l'ufirLK of door Eastof Cook'i BotcL O. BLISS, DEfRÍaClockK, WiitcbPs, Jewelry. an Vnncy Coods, '.t thesignof thcBig Watcli, No. JTjPhTenixBlock. J. Q. "WATTS. DBALBRinCIocks', Wit i-1ic-M..Towclrjian.rlS!lver Ware No 22, Nw Block, Aun Albor. T. B. FREEMAN. Pabkr and yjihtonfttle Halr Dresser, Main Street, Ana Arbor, llicb. Hair Front and Corla kept jOnstautly on hand. SOHOFF & MULLER. Dealers i MirfcellaiiPoup, School, and Blank Tlooks Sta tionery, tafLf H&ngiogs, &c, Haifi St?et Ann {.rbor. D. DeFOREST. fYT"n oi,es alk and Retail Dealerin Lumber, Lath, ShtnVV s;les, Sasli, Duors, BUnda, Water Lime, Grand River Haeter, I 'laster Paris, and Nafle of all sízes. A Tull ftni perfect a íSQi'ient of the above, and ji!I othej findis of buiding máifials eonstahtly ou hand at ih$ lowest possible rate, oí Detroit Street, a few roda from khe RaUroad Depot, ilgo p.erating extcnsively in th jTA-teat Cement ■ "W4SHTENAWC0UIVrfY BlfeLK SOCIETY. DEPOSITW.T of Bibtei and Testamcnts at the Socletj priee atW. C. V„orheis'. OHÁFlÑTWOOP & CO., 8UOCES8OE.S TO tü"KTX3, OHAPlïJit! Go MANUFACT'THERg OF aPrixit, Boolt, AND - COLORED MEDIUMS, T3S''?.-a,pjDÍ22.s Paper.ífcc, LN.V AilOIl W1CK.


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