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Heath And Mountain

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Ero yet tt golden eleves Veré l'i-ed. Wewnt,oolitry pair. , Yo wander on the niofinUins bnre The uii.ty m untains Lroad and We wsndered where the elriamlel twines Tt7ail-er round the mountain'?, Tcil1nEthróuhnthat golden day, 'Tillonaroekyrestin-i.lace Wc rnused aüove the golden pincs, Weel.'inib'r.Ml np the miirty Ben Half cloud, hiilfBunshii..-. t h.-re tlis whüej W.-skin.iPCt,lies.lvef-sl.e.-tedlUch Wenuul'lxl round the leepmg ïale, Or loilerèd in a twiliglit glen, Deep wns ou'' raptnre whcre we st?pt, .nd one gMy lonely nln found, Til! in eaeb broken tireh wc stirred The shimbci-ing ivy into sound, Disturbcd the baila wlici-e ga ilept. We fead onr Ossian in the feta, Amid the monntain scènes hc sung, We reveled in his mi?ts of gold, Till grnnder secmed his mouolain tongue In t iatvild landscape blcak and stern. Wjn the little fiahlng town, A dingy erescent round the bay, The scaly prüses driíted ín, The noruing breaking coldftiiU grey O'errogged luadlands bíreand brown. The bkntingof the mount.nin floek Thnt rom!) bryoíid R shepherd'a cnif ; The wandrring wild-fowls' lopsly shnek, Like mui-murs of the dreamingair; The soals hall' stnnned upon the rocks ; All haunt me y(t. Were I to live ÜBtraveled lili ray latest hour, These memories of the pust would raise A deathle-s clirm.a quenchless power, A seii3e of wild relief to give.


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