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TUIS Medicine is a sure, safe and ocrtain Remedy in complutnis of tb# Liver and Lung. Cnnsumption, Livcr ('omplaitit, chroaic nd eeverc Couyhs and Colds, are almoit immediately reliev d and ukimately cured by a lotihful uaeof ihe Resiorattve. D. Chihon, the eminent pnicticnl che:mt and physician of New York, attachea hia cenifica'e atating its entire vegetable composiiion,fter he hnd made a careful analysis. It is wbolly devoid ofany irntaiing propeny, and manifests jo decided healing und purifying qualiiies as to quickJy aliénate the most uggravating cough and change he expectoraiion. Pains in the cheat and side, so ofien nttendnnt on I-ung Comphiinia. are effectually removed without ihe least nconvenience. the seat of the difficulty being reached much quicker thun by any externa! npplication. From the reputntion of this Medicine in New York, where u hiia been aold forsome year, he most indubitable testimony is gtven to its merit. Certificates have been literally showered tn on the proprietor from ihe best of sources, and staiing the cases of persons raised even when given up by their physician. The lactofno one Bingle insinnce of dissniisfaciion. known or e.xpressed. is a s'rong guarantee of its met it. The foNowing certificate is irom Dr Chilton, the well known New York chemist. "I have ar.alyzed a bottle of medicine cilled 'C. Brinckerhoff's Health Restorative;' and find that it does not contain Mercury, or ony other metallic preparati-jn. nor opium in any of its forma. It is composed of vegetable matter entirely." James R Chilton, M. D.9? C. BRINC.KERHOFF, Proprietor, N. Y. Principal Office 96 Hudson street, New York. Hornee Everett, U. S. Azent. 96 Hudson st., New Yo.k, has appoined "W. S. & J. W. Maynard. Druggists, agenta for Ann Arbor. Ann Arbör. February 3, 1845. 41 4w


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