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A he.tlthy okl man, vvlio is not a fooi, is the happiest creature livinjr. It is at that time of ]if only tbat lio enjoya liis faoulties witb satisfao tion. It i's Itffln lio lias nothipg to muñage, as tlie pirraba ia; he spèafcs tkn clrnvn right truth ; itd whcthtr the rest of fhe world will giye the privilege or not, lie has so little to asif of thetn, that Le can fcüíe ft. ; UjE" Ts i soldier Bujpoed to be raw untU he has buen exponed to fiwj ? - "Why is a London milkmao like lub's daugliter? BecausQ iio Uikos n liitlo profil out of the ynter. SniP-SnAPE - Why i?1 a fashionable huly's drefiB iiko un iron-clíul síiip ? Bucause it is beuvi'y jlaited. '■jg" I( you conslamly Ifpöp w.tty pefldants es your y inpapÚ0, yon will ahvuys have your wits ubout you. A Tlíapkh. - When Was bèe'f-tea (irsl made in En!and ? Wlicn Henry the Eight diwsoived tho Pope's buil. S"Sr An absent wiUiess, Iiko a lioh young inan invited homo by fne mptber of marriageable dmfgmere, is ealled in to court. S2ff" A. maü sliould tol] tho truth without resarvo, but a general should not take his army into but'.lu in that way. 7!j The entire assets of a rgv-ent tankrnpt wore nine hilaren. Tho creditors aoted magnanimoutly, and let him keep them, C One of our uoiTespondwnfs, fhq ms read about eaijors " tieaving up anchor," wants to know if it is seu-sickneas that makos 'em do it ! fy%? Practico does nut always malie jorfcct. Currapj when told by liis phylician, fiiat he seemed to cough with moro Jifficulty, replied, 'That is odd enough, "or I have been practiciug all night." GP A eleijymen eing rnuch press3d by a ]idy of bis acquafritanèe to preuoh a sprmon the íirst Sunday after lior rruirriáge, complied, aml choso the toüowing passatjo n tbo Píalms fur bis test: "Ar.d theru shall be übiindance of peaca - while the moon enduretli." Í5S I" a new denoiniuation that has recectly sprung up in the east, the mode of testing an applioant for the ministry's itnral qualifications is. he is set to vvork enlleeting subsoriptions on som e newspaper, whiel], if he follows for a week witiiout swearing, entitles him to a B3LT Mrs. Upright, wifa of Mrs. J. Upright, of Rockford, sheriff of Wiiine bago county, Illinois, ha.? eight sous in the anny, fighting the battle3 of the Union. She has also three moro left, ready for the next Cfxll for voluu teers. - Ta there anotUer ins'ance of sueh Üpright patri.'tism - eiglit brothera in thu army - auywherc in the Loyal States? t A very happy and deserved rep ralee was givun by a lady in Richmond not long ago. Ás sho as paling the stnjet, Bho was met by a young man fnll of bad whiskey, who ia f tagrering past, Ktepped on her dregs. Turning to the lady he remarked apo'ogetically, 'Hoops take up too inuch roorn," to whioh the lady quietly replied, " Not so much ás whiakej, sir," and passed in,


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