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The Barricade Of Paris

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In the description of the barricades . of Paris, during the revolution oí ' 1818 Les Miserables becomos : y qni]h'r arul pmverful. Taktj this specimen, wherein M. Hugo describes ' the barricade of thü Faubourg St. ! toine in 18-18. j 'The barricade Snint Antoine was monstrous; it wfli threo glories high and geven hundiied Jet long Itbnrred from ono corner tj the oli:er, tha vast amoutn of tho ]?iiubouig, thut is te sny, threo ftreetaj ravined, jigjzed, iio'lchcd, abrupt, iptepttxj vyjth uu imrn'jnso rent. buttressed with rnouiidti. vvliicli Rere themselves bastions, pushing out capes here und ihore, stronglj supported by the two groat ! toiie of houses of Fuubourg, it wee lite a cvcKipean epbankmtüit at the oot of the ten ible square which aw tho 14l1i of J uly. Nineteen barrioadw stood at intervals along the streets in I the ronr of his mot her barricada- - Merely from Beoing it, y iblt i, tho Füubourg the iinniense agoniung sutfuiing whic.h liad reached that extreme tïiomunt when distress rushes into catus Irophe. " Of what was this barriendo made ? Of the ruins of threa story house?, torn down ior the purpose, said sotne. Of tho prodigy of' uil pus.sioua, said othpi 'a. It had the woeful aspect of all the Works of hatred - ruin. You might fiiiy, who built thut ? You imght also say, who destroyad that? It was the Qjproviiatipn DÍ uLul'ii;i(in. ilre, that door, Ihat graiing, ihat ebd, that caseiTient, that broken f'urnace, that cracked pot. Biirg all - ' hi ovv on all - pu.-h, ii 11, dig, disronritle, overlurb, tonv dosvn all It was tho c .lluboraüon ol the piivemuct, I he poübie, the timber, c the hon bar, the chip, the brokbn square, the stripptxl chair, the cub ( nsge sturap, the scrap, tlio rug and the - ] maU-irution. ' " It was great a:.d it was 1'iltle. It was the bottornkd pk parodiad upon ! Ihe epoi by chaos come again. ïhe ' inass with thfa atom ; tho sido wall ' Uiiown down and the broken dih ; a ii.enacing frateniiüatian of all rubbis'n. Si.-yphas had in his ro:k and Job i bis potsbard. Upon the vhole, torriblö. It was the acropoüs of the ragamuffins. Cart?, pver:urnc1, roughonad tle slope ; an im.nense dray, was disI ti:ure, crosávyise, the, axle pointirjg to the sky, and saemad a upar upon thal tumuituous fuoade; an omnibus, cbx'urily hoisted by inain strengt'n to j the very top oí the pile, as if the arohi'ects of'that would adt1 suucinasa to terror, presented ta unharnesed polp tp lflíÁf)YVP hurses of the air. _ The barricade Saint Antoine made a weapon of everything; and that civil war can tbrow ..t the head oí society, carne f rom it; it was not battle, it was parqxyïarn ; the carbines which qeft-'nded that slrvinghr.ld, amons whioh were scne blunderbusses, scattered bits ol j del ware, knuekle bones, coat-buttons, : even tabla easiors, dangerus tiles on apcuunt oí the uopper. Thm barriaade was furious; it threw up to the ülouds an inexpressible clamor ; at certain mopent, delying the army. it covered with multitude and wt, )eat; a mob of üarning heads crowneci t; a swarming army filled it ; ita crest was thorny yjth muskuts, witi) .gworüs, with clubs, with axe?, with pikes, and with bayonets; a huge red flag Huttered in the wind; there were board cries of command, soflfje ol attack, the roll of the drum, the sobs of women, and and the dark wild laughtoï of tbts süirving."


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