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Hospital Anecdotes

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-A few doys hice, aa a clergymau of Nówport WM iriiittBg tho barrncks námimstving pif tual ooníolatLwi to tho sick and wouudW, ho remarked tQ the nurso - a lady - as standing by, thaf. a ccrtain man waa'a very siek njan. '-yes," said the j "a very siek man, and sifel from a good causa, too. I tll yon what 'tis, Rj"- ," sha üddod. -'when a soldier dies in the service of his country, tho Lord snatches him straight Vp to heaven bojfore the duvil knows anjtbing about it," The same geiitlemin ia bis round;, found another an who was very aick, ari'r] wislrióg to " test a question," Jsid to him: "Suppose, sir, tliat yoij shoijld recoive a message from Gen'. MeClulhui that ho needcd ypur assiitance ti go into KiühmonrV.J" Elevating his voice to the kijbost piteh of which he was cap.ible in his weakenod stat;', üe replied: " icll bira I'in ready." EhP Men are getier illy like wagons ; they rattle proel'1' . '' ' iksa fcb9 ÍS E in them.


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