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How They Fire In Battle

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Yuu wonder whether the regiment lire ruguUrly or in vollers, or wliether each man loads and Gu'S eg fast aa hu 0:111. That dependí upon cirpumstanees but usual; ly, except wiii-n the erieiny is near at hand, the ri'giineiits fire only at the couimand oí' tlioir qffieers, Vou liear a drop, drop, drop, as a few of the skri);,ers fire, followed bj a r:;.ttl and a roll, whic!) sounds lik.e the faüing of a building, j'istas sonie of you liave heard the brick wallstunible at i fire. Sometióles wheu a body of the cneiuy'.s cavalry are sweepili down upou a rogiuei)t, to out it. iq plebes, the men form jnto a square, witli the oflieoi's and iptisïcians in the centro. The front rank stand? witli baynuet. charged vvhile the seeond one firea as fasb as if can. Sometimos tbey fonn in íbur ranks deep - the tyo frotjt ones knceling with bayonet cliarged, so that if thu onemy gliouid coiuo upon tliem tliey woulij dasli agaiust a picket fenee of bayonots. When thsf form u this yay, the other two ranks load and fire as fjigt as thcy 0:111. Then the roar is terrilie, and mmiy a horpe and ï'i 'er go dowu befqr.e tby terrible storm of bulletg. BSSu A betigar irj.New Örleins approacbcd a well-dressed oitizen and held out bis band fór altns. The citjzen offured hinj a Confedurate no:o. Ño, sifiJ the ijor fulluw, tafcip.g a mournful gijrvey of his own ailapidated dress, I }ye i,oo many rags ahvady. 8áás A :ian ia I lie lie:il tljiesi and the happisst wlioii he tliiuks the least, either of health or liappiucsa To forget on ill is half the battlo; ït ïmTt --i.' vrk


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