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Bcri'Ai.o, Nov. 4. Tlie resul t of tlie election in tliis Stato snot y et ascortained. The indieations nrc tlmt the demócrata havo a lars;e majority for Seymour in New York city, and bnve eleoted n largè numbor-ol Cougresstnen, probably including tho two Wooda. The iiiiprossion here in tliat the State ' of New York has gone largcly oratie. Special dispatcbes received hero ton'lgbt givcs the following returns: IJuft'alo, 1,000 democratie ni.-ijoiity, gain on Linooln's vote 1,400; Albanycity 1,800 democratie majorify, a denioeratic gaiu of 400; Utica 500 democratie niajoritv, pain of 600; Aubiirn gone demoeratio by 500, a gain : Syraouse gone demooratie, gain 600; and Ulster oounty 1,000 democratie inajority, gnin 1,500. Nkw York, Nov. 4. Midsight - Over two Imndred towns henrd from show Wadsworth's majoritj outside of New Yorl and Bröoklyo, 11,000 The 8tato has probably gone democratie bv 15,000 inajority. Special üispatch to Tlio Dfitraft Kroe Press. Bufkalo, Nov 5. Seyniouris elected by 10,000 majority, and a majority of democratie Congress men aro also elected in tho State. New York, Nov. 5, The iiill returns of ibis citv show a total mnjoiity for Seymour of 81,847. Tho Tribune concedes Seymwur's cloc;tioD. New York, Nov. 5. The Deinourits in New Jersey have oarried thu Lower Heuse of (,hü Legislaltirë, and probably the Senato. They vill have ten or twelvu majority on the joint biillot, wliich seaiiros tho eleetion or a U. S. Son a tor, in place of Tbornp pon deceased. TIiüv have also elected their öoveroor by GJOOO to 8,600. Ma or Rogers, Stee!, and Tetry, all Demncra(s, are oertainly elected to Con gress. NEW JERSEY. BuFPALO, NoV. 4. So far as board from New Jersey has gono democratie. New ark, Nov. 4 - Midnight. The State has gono. democratie. Parker is clected Góvernor, and l'erry and Stce'e to Congrcss, botli dcmociats. In the fourth district, for Senator, Linn, Union, runs ahead of his ticket in the towns heard from. MASSACHÜSETTS. Bifkai.o, Nov. 4. It is said that Rice, republican, for Congress iu Boston, is dofeated. Boston, N"ov. 4. The vote for Governor in this city is quite closo, Devcns leading Andrew. WISCONSIN. Chicago, Nov. 4. Beven towns of Walworth county give Potter, repubücan, 1,238. Kenosha county. - Three towns for Potter, 400. About 500 will be bis majority in the whole eounty.' Milwaitkëk, Nov. 4. TLe election in this State is hotly oooteated by both partios The city and county of Milwaukeo will give Brown, democrat, 4,700 majoiity over John F. Potter, republican. Keoosha county ia probably 450 for Potter Seven towns in Walworth county give Potter some 800 majoiity. The friends of Brown claim híj oloetion without doubt, but rcpublicans think the returns from the balance of the district, and the soldiers vote, may elcct Potter MlLWAOKEE, NOV. 5. The city nd eouaty are largely democratie. The Legislaturo will be democratie, which will lay Senator Doolitüe on the uhelf. The democrats have elected two members of Congress. lirown and Eldridge ; the republicana, Rloan, Cobb and Hanehett, and one is vet in doubt. ILLINOIS. Chicago, Nov. 4. The indications are that Arnold is eleeted in this district (Chicago) by about 1,500 majority. Chicago, Nov. 4- 11 P. M, The election p;issed quietly. The voto polled is la-ge The reported majorities from all the wards in tho city give Arnold, republicana, for Congress, three hundred and forty five. His majority iu the district is probably 1,300 to 1,500. Returns from the State aro very meagre, civing no indication as to the result. Öppingfield city gives Stu irt, democrat, for Congres, 413 majority ; Allen, democratie candidate at large, 200 Kankakee county givcs Norton, republican, for Oongress, 1,000 majority. Galena gives 300 democratie majority for ihe State ticket Returns from seventy towns in different parts of th State L'vo Ingersoll, republican candidate for Congress at large, 3,300 majority. Special Dispatch to Tho Detroit Ftec Press. Speixqi'ield, 111., Nov. "5. Stunrt's, democrat, for Congress, majority in the district is at least 1,200. - The State ticket is nearlv the same exeept n Sangamou whioh gives 900. We have reported oiajorities from twenty seven countics and the demoeratie gains tbérein are over nine thousand. - 'i'ho democratie State ticket is elected ; also both branches of the General Assembly, as well as nine Congressinen. Chicago, Nov. 5. D. Harria, democrat, is clected to Congress in the Fourlh District. From later returns the republicana concede the election of James C. Allon, democratie candidüte at large. Nothing from the Seventh. MISSOURI. St. Louis, Nov. 5. The radical emancipación ticket in this county is undoubtedly elecfr-d. The vote in the First Congressional District is very close and cannot be decided till the ariny is heard from. Blair'i friends claim his election, but the radical republic:ins (ny the vote in the army will elect Knox. In the Sceond District, Blow, radical republican, is undoubtedly elected by a handsomo majority. Returns from the interior aro meagre, but the emancipation ticket is probably clected. St. Louis, Nov. 5. In the First District, Blair, claims the eleotion by 2,000 over Knox, radical. - The race is closo between Claybank and Charcoal county. The army vote will decide. KANSAS. Leavenworth, Kov, 5. Scntterircg returns from this Stnto indionte tdo election of the entim repnblican Stnto ticket. Millor, lïopresentalive fur öongresfi, is probaWy elcted overPairott, Union, and Matliias, lernot-rat,


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