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attjeStíoív CÏ.OTHSHKS ! JUST reecivcd ai tho Genend Depot, for Eli e sale of Clothiers Stock, Mnchitiey , ly Bluffs, &c. &c, No. 139. Jcffcreon Avenue DotroU, Uio following large. wctl aátfttrtd, and oareMty aelecied stock, vi: 1UU bbls. St. Domingo Logwood, Cut, 5 Tona ' " i" Súck, 150 bbls. Cuba Fustic, Cut. 5 Tona " . . mSuck, 50 bbls. Nac. Wood. ■Clupped, 50 " Lima Wood, " 30 M Red Wood, tf 120 ;' Ground Camwood, 10 " Qnorcitron Bark, 5W lbs. Nutgalls, IU Casos Extract ot Logwood, 30t1 lbs. Lac Dye, 2 Ceroons Spnnish Itidigo, 300 lbs. Sumac Sicily, 3 Caslvs Maddcr, 3 Casks Blue Vitriol, 5 C isks Alurru 2 Barrels Rod Tartar. 2 Barrels Creatn Tartar, 3 CarboysAqua Fortis, 5 " Oil Viiriol, 3 Murintic Acid, 500 IHs. Virdigns, 50 " Block Tin, . Teasels, Twine, Copper Ketilcs, all jixes, Parson's Shcaring Machines, Curtís' " " Screw3 and Press Pintes, Cranka, Press Paper, Steel Reeds, Worslctl 1 1 mrness, Tcnter Hooks, Ernery, all No's.. Olive OiU Cloihicrs' Jacks, Sattinett Warp, Clotliiers' Brushes. Shuttles, Pickers. Card Cleancrs. &c. &c. The above, witli a variety of other ortrcles beloning to the trade, have been purchnsed this Bumnior by the sub3cri!)ers from ManufacturerndFiwt Handsin the New York, rhiladèlphie. and Boston Markets, and cvery hing having res ceived his personal itópection, be can thr utmost confidence offer thcm to pnrchnsers as tht bcst and mosl co-nvlct stock in the country; and as it is his ñxed determination (by the low rates a. which he will sell) to orevent tho necessity of our Clothiers and Mannfa-urere leavmg the State tomaketheirpurchnscs, he wouid merelv mÏ to the trade. O ALL, examine the ?oods and asLuin pnces before you say you can buy ChBLl S contract for CARÜ1NG MACHINES -ade intatest. Sírn of the Golden Mortar, 139, Jefferson Avenue, ri7-tf.]TO THE VÍCTOR BELONG THE SPOILS" ALTÜOUGH niany preparation i in the Torm, of "POPULAR MEDICINES," have been before tbc public, to givc rchci and even cure the most invetérate discuses, ycr Dr. SUerrj.uGH L0ZEfiGES.. cure the most obstinate cases of Cough in a few hurs. Tbcy have cured a larse number of persons who have been given up by their Pacían and friends, and many who hava been ledueed to theverge of the grave by spmmg blood consumption and Hcetie Fever; by their use have had the rose ofhcahh restored to thehog gard chcek. and now live to speak Jortlv_thé praises of tlus inraluablc medicine. Dr. feüerman'5 WORM LOZEJSGES" have been provedin more than 4O(';0ü0 cases to Se infalliblè, in fact. the only certam WornVd stroying medicine ever discovered. Ch.ldren ïül eat thetn whet, they canno, be forced to lake any other medicine, nnd the benefit den ved fon, the adminïstration of medicine to t hern in th.c formis great bevond conception. 1 hcy havs never been k-iown to fail. Dr. Sherman s "CAMPÍIOR LOZENGES:" relieve Headache. Nervous Sick-headache. fal pitation of the Heart, and sickness in a very few minutes. Dr. Sherman's POOR MAN'S PLASTER" . is acknowledged by all who have ever used n to be the beet strengthening Piaster in the worid. and a sovereign remedy for pninsaiid wenkness in the back', loins, side, breast; neek, limbs. joints, rhcumatiwn, lumbago, &c. Be careful to procure the above and all other medicines oi Maynardy, and you wili be snre there wul be no „ústakeinquanñtyle. MAyNARD Ann Arbor, February 5. 1844. 41Xo ClotMers,"Maiuiffecturers and Merchants. THE sul-scriber is now receiving at his stores, 183 and 190 Jefferson Avenue. Detroit, ho following carífully and well selected stock )f Dte Woods, Dtk Stuffs end W oolkn Man jfactuher's Machisf.rY. - - . 55 tons Fustic, Cuba, Tobasco, Tampico and Carthngcna. ,„-, 10 tons Logwood. Campeach, St Domingo and Honduras, G tons Nicaragua, Bonair, Coro, Hache and Lima, 3 tons Camwood. very choice, 180 barrels Logwood, cut and ground, 130 " Fustic, " 100 " Red Woods, " " 120 " Camwood, " 10 " Qncrecitron Bark, 45 M Allum, 42 " Copperas, 30 " Blue Vitriol, 23 " Madder. Ombre, aad Dutch erop, 3 " Cream Tarter, 2 " Nutgalls, 3 cases Indigo, Bengal, Manilla and Gua tímala, 2 Lv Lac-Dye, 20 " ext. Lkigwood, 2 ' Grain tin, 300 pounds Verdigris. j5 Carboys Oil Vifriol, Spirits Sea-Saltsand Nitric Acid. ALSO,Copper Keltles and Ckthier3' Scrcws, Tenter l'.ooka, Jacks and Brushes, Press Papers, Cari) Clcaners, Weavers' Shears. Nippers tind Burling Irons, Comb-plates, Pickere and Bobbins. Wire. Worsted and Colton.Harness. Steeland Cane Reeds, Broad Power. Hand Looms and Fly Shuttles, Steel and Copper Mails, Emcry. Pasons' Shearing Machines, 4, 6, and 0 blodes. Allen' s doublé and single Carding Machines. I Michino Cards, Leicester, The above goods have been recently purchasd directly from the importcrs and manufaciurers, Exci.usivr.i.y for cash, and will be sold at the New York jobbers' prices, adding 1 ation only; and in consoquence of the decline on many of the Amerieau rnanufactured articles. will, in many cases, be sold at fifteks peb cest LEss thax FOUMER prices. Thirteen years experience in the Dye Wood business enables the subscriber to say to his cU6tomers ihat he is prepared at all times to warrant hts goods of superior quality. P TM CO. IT. KA TON. Dye Wood and Dye Stuff Warehouse 188 and 190 Jefferaon Avenue. Detroit. The Ann Arbor Journal, Ypsilnnti Sentinel Pontiac Gazette, Flint Deunocrat, Adrián Expositor, Marshall Statesirvan. Niles Courier anc Republican, Gazette. Michigan City (Ia.) anc vhe Enquirer, London, (Canada,) will each pub Iish '.he abovc notice insido, to the amount o Uree dollars, and send copy of notice with bill to subscriber for paymen. 17- tf.JEROME M. TREADWELL, ATTOItNEY AKD COUNSELLOR AT LAW, And General Land Agent, WILL attend to the sale and exchange of Lnnds, payment of Taxes, and reüemp tion of Landa sold for Taxcs in Jnckson and adjolning countiee, examination of Tilles, Conveyancing. and all business portaining to Real 1 taie. Otfice in the Cpurt House. Jaokson, Michigan. ■ 17-if.


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