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Report Of Superintendents Of Poor

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Utider tbe provisions of the Stattite re quiring the Superintendente of the Poar to report to your Board, we rcspecifully a. wit tlie tlic fullowing : The n'hole ainount of iiulchlcdtiüss iucurred Uuring the fiscaj yer is íiG,396.54 The uinoiiiit ineurred at tlio County House i.s as folla ws For Merohatidizc, 1,208.98 For Provisión, 941.40 For Repairs, 289.70 For Kceptv and A'ts, C95.30 ' ' '. For Medical Services, 75.00 For Priuting, 3.00 Total, 93,213.50 The expense incurred elsewhere tlian at the Co. House s as follows : For Témporary Relief, $2,775:04 For Transportation, 70.88 For Supei-visor's Services, 213.62 For Burial Jjpenses, 123.50 Total, S3,TiIÖ4 The item of temporary relief has been in-, ourred in the different towoafaif and. citie us followa : Ann ArborCity, 1,019,83. Aun Albor 'J'own, 179.2 Ypsilanti City, 386.51 Ypsilanit Town, 17.25. Sylvan, 107.29Scio, 79.73 Saline, 122.9 Northlield, 141.50 1 'or, 7.25, liridgewater, 20.00 Munehester, 43.5S Pittsflold, 15.00 Augusta, 4.72. Total, %,77-ÓM As the Board of Supervisor failed to raisc the usual contingent fund lastearil will be neecssary for this Board to raise the whole amount of $6,390.54. The whole nuraber of inmates at cotnmencement of the year waa sixty-oioe. . There have been reeeivcd during the year, one hundred and fifty-four. The number of inmates at the present time is fifty-seven, The average cost of each persons supported at the County House, exclusivo of the product of the farm, is ninety-one cents per week. The present number of insane persons is fourteen. The number of deaths that have occurred at the County House is five. On settlemeut with. the County Treas rer wc find a balauco in bis hauds due the county of 13.66. The farm eontaios one hundred an4 twenty acres of land, of which ODe hundred. are improved. The products of the farm for the last year are us follows: 300 bushels Wheat, 050 " Ears Corn, 120 " Oats, 4 " Beans, G " Onions, 250 ' Potatoes, 32 Tons of Hay, 277 lbs Wool, And a good supply of fruit and vegeta bles. The stock upon the farm consists of 1 Span of Horses, 1 Yoke of Oxen, 5 Cows, 2 Yuarlina Heifcrs, 81 Sheep," 30 Hogs, 1 Fut Os. The estimatcd expenso for the ensoing year is $6,000, All of whjoh is respectfulIv submitted. P ARMENIO DA VIS, A. BELL, BEiNJ. W. WAITE, Superiotendents. Report aceepted and adopted.


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