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At Galesburgh, Mich.. on Wednesday, Oct. 29th, of typhoid fever, KATE A. McCOLLUM, wife of Dr. A. L. Flint, of Chicago, aged 29 years. Mrs. Flint is well known in our community where she grew up lovely and beloved- the charm of a large circle of friends, who will liear of her sudden death with feeüngs of regiet for one cut down in the midst of her days - the dear dutiful daughter, the aftec&ionate and cherished wife, and the faithful mother. God our Fathei' sanctify this viitation of nis providence to her bereaved, family. Tho' slricken they have hope, for she wliom they mourn is n.Qt dead, but a,live again, through our Lord Jesus Christ, whose disciple she was, auil with whora she is now exalted to a house not niade with hands, etcmal iu the Heavens, Cox. Ann Arbor, Nov. 4, 18G2. " Leaves have tlieir time to faU, And flowers to wither at ths n,Qrth wind's breath, And stars to set; but al!, All seasons are tliine own, O, Death." Died at the residence of her father in, th,U city, m Friday, Oct. 31st, at four o'clock in the" aftemooD, FLORENCE CORNELIA, daughter of Alpheus and Lucretia W. Felch, in the eleventh year of her age. Her illness was short, of typhoid character, with disease of the brain, which told froi the first tliat she raight die; and we watched her hoping almost till the last, tliat Death hal not been coinmissioned to set his seal upon that brow of childish beauty She scemed too fair to die. Gentle in disposition and aniiable in character, she bss in life's beautiflil morning boen called to him wluo. saiïl '■' suflèr the littlo ones to come unto, ipe." But slie leaves as a blessed consolation to the hiearts of those who, weep for her, confideuce that "it is well with the cblld." But still 'tis sad, 'tis very sad to see tho lightgaout iu the morning, or the flöwers plucked before their richest blootu. And so, while watchiug b.y tUat cpuch of death in silence, and in tears, liow thin the curtain seemotl that hid from us the spirit world, and how we longed fchat angel hands might stay the reaper, and he be bidden to pass onto one whose "ripe hours were all gathered in," anci who, weary with Ufo, and laden with golden Oars, only waited lijs sickle; and leave to. loving hearts this young, this cherislied one.- But the angels ""were silent, and the reaper pausei ín 'li ihebidtlingof the conqneror; not as the King of Terrors, bat as an angel of deliverance, so gently was the earthly tabornacle diasolved, and freed spirit delivered to the hands of waitiug angels whose voicasoould almost bo lieard, as soft and Iqw thay ?ang to her welco p il spirit the praise vf Him wbp giïeth us the victory through o-ur L,ord Jesus Christ, and ylio ha.s brougUt life and immurtality to light through the gospel of His son. Wesp not for lsr hermemory, is the shrine Of pleasant tlioights soft as tho scent of flowera ; Calm as on windless eve the sun's decline; Sweet as te sog QÍ birds among tho bowerf; Rich as a rainbqw with ita hues of light; Pure as the nioonshiqeof an autumn night; Weep not for her. Com. OP Thcrc are 30,000 blind porsons n fireat;i. A uiovement is on foot to givo theui pcnnaucnt euiploymeut.