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! fprórf potito - Tlie 'greát want oí' a oertain remedyíbr ihe cura of Coughs and Diseases of the Lungs, bas been suppliedbyHOOTLAHöSBALSAM! IC COKDIAL. Kead tlie advortisemcnt 111 HQOtber column, J Seeawoman, in onother column, picking Snmbuci Grupea for Spekr's Wine. It ia an ulinirnble anide, used in l.oapitftls and byfirst-clns. fnuiilies ia Paria, London, and New York, in preference to oíd port wine. It i worth a trial, as it gives great stUfcetion. The Douglas .,. mti'Tlic diploma of memterll[ of the Ilouglm Monument AsS1.c:lt,o,,, beautifcii.v wntnni o rt!, '""" ■" l'.v twclvc inchcs in dimensión i now rcady for diatributionto Mib.crii.Msto the ■mm To a11 persons forwarding to the AnoctetleB One Dollar or moro will lc sent one of these Diplomas, properlj executed. Toeontrirutorsin the suro of TWO Dollars or morp -ill je furoishrí (rtrrmoc!j, bosidi-s the Diploma, a beautiful Hiperial size STEEL EMGRAY1NO OF JUDOE EOÜGMS, 21 liy IT inches, publisbed by Marsh, Roñe i Co. Contributurs In tlie sum of one dollar wllj bocome lifó BMmb tn of the Douglas Monument Association ; in the sumot tiventy dollurs, honoiary mfinl crs ; aud iu thc sum of one hundrd doltorn, honorary life melnbers of the Board of Trustees. Local reeeivors Ín4 BOlieltOri for oontrlbutions are bcIng 8 u tliorizpd ia the lnyal States. I'amphlcts and c!rculars containing the Orgnnizjllion , Constitution, By;jaffi[ and the Appcal of the Asaociation, will be sent to all who wil] forward thcir addreM. Communieationii ihould be directed to the "Seiretary D. M. Ass:n, Chica go, 111." All cditors who will insert this card in their daily, weekly or triweekly issues three months, ivith an occasional notice to advance tlie object in view, will have for warded to them immediately Diplomasas Honorary Liie Members cf this Association, also tt copy of the above Portrail, upon the recfipt hy the society of copy of their paper contaiuing this announeement. WAI.ÏKR f). ?CATES, President. Ijonabd W, Volk, Secrclur;-. 85Cm3 A CARD TO THE LA DIES. DR. UUPOiWS GOLDEN riLLS FOK FEMALES. Infallible ín correctln#, rogulatins and removing all ob ■tractiooB, firora whatYer cause, and alwaya Buccesful as a preyt'iitive. The coxnbtBAtion of ingrediente in Dr. Duponco's Golden Pills for Females are perfestly harmless. Thej have been used in the private practice of Dr. Duponco over 30 years, and thousands of ladies can testify to their great aud never failing suocess in almost every case n correcting ïrregulanties, reiieving painful and distressing menstruation, particularly at the change of life. From five to ten pills will cure that common yet dreadful complaint, the Whites Nearly erery female in the land suflers fr m this complaint. The above Pillhas permanently cured thousands, and they will cure jou ifyou use tlicm. They can not harm you; on ihe contrury, thcy remove all obstructions, re store nature to its proper channel, and invigoafe the vliole system. Ladies vhpse he&lth will not pertnit an increase of family, will find these pills a successful preveutive. Iridies peculïarly situatod, or those supposing thepiselvea so, should not use these Pills during the ftrst three months, as they are certain tq produce iniscarriagfe, "after wbich admonición" the pro. pftetor assumes no responsibility, although their mildD9B8 will an injupy to health. The ingredients i-mpninj the .ibove Pil}s are inade known to every Agont. and they will teil you they are safe and will perfirm all clainjed lor tuero. Price $1 per box So.ld in A3ffl 4RBQR, by STEIïHlNS & ni,S0N, Druggiats, W. A. HTTNT, DrWgiist. Ladies living at a disiance by sending them $1,00 through the Ann Arbor Postoffice, can have the Pills sent (confidcntially) by mail, to any part of the country free of postage. N. - fïacare of a base counterfeü of these Pills.- You C3.U buy the counterft-itarticle at any pricefrora 25 0 76 cents t box (dcar al that). lAfttm your lu-es and ioalt:i are f tuu ïnucli v..lue f bc trilied with, besides boing Imposod apon with a vorjthlesa irtxle. Theccfore, .ny one offerin you these Pilla for len.s than $1 a box, avyiil them aayouwoüld poison. Thcy are bogus. None aregenuine uo!ess the name ui" S. D. HQWTS is on every iox which bas recenüy beeji a,ddei, on acpount of fhe lUabeingcouterfeiied. Sow alao. by KlHNBii 3MTTH, TpaÜMiti. ];1,ISS & IÏEECEJackson, andby one drugpist in' every village and city in the Fntted States, andby KARRAND, 8HEBXEY & CO.. Genral State Agent, Detroit. S. I) IIOWE, ÖoleProprietor, 86"yrs2 Kff Vork, 'MPORTANTto FEMALES Sip THE HEALTH AND LtFE OF WOMAN" Iscontinually in peril if she ís mad enough to neglect r maltroiit those sexual rjegularities to whicb twoiirrlg of hersex are mote or less subject. DR. CUEESEMAN'S PIIAS, ptvpara-l from the same rmuhi which the inventor. ruHNELIUS L. CHKESEA.N, If. 0, of fork, has fop twenty yearg used icceiïsfally In an extended private practice - immediately elieve without pain, ail diwtuvbances of the periodical Uchirge, whether ansing from rIaxatlon or suppresnn. They act like a cbarm in removing tlie pains that cccujpany diftiauft or immoderate mer8truation, and re the only safe and reliabl? remedy for Flushes, Sick eadache, Paius in the Loins, Back and Sides, Palpitation f the Heart Nervcuw Tremors, Hysterie, ftpasms, roken Slep and other unpleasant and dangerous efFecls an Linnatura] comlition of the sexual functions Tn ie irorflt cases of Fluor Aïbus or Whites, they nlfect a leedy cure. To "WI"V"ICS and. IVIVTROSre :-C.CHEESKMAN:SPIl.Lyare(iffcredas the only safe means of renewingiuterrypted nienstruation, but . LAO1ES MUST BRAR IN MI1VD There is oñecodi')on of tké female sy stem in whickthi 'Hls cavnot be taken wi'hout prodiicirtg i PECULÏAR R KSÜLT. Thccondiiixm raferred to ia PREÖNA NCY- he. rcèitlt, MI5CARRIA&K. Such is the irresistible ejidency of tfte medicine torestors tke serual fwctione to Mriml eanridori, that eren the reproductive power f -nature cavñot resjst it. JtfXplicit directions stating when, and when they should 01 be used, with each Box, - the Trice Oue Dollar each ïox, r.ÖHtaining 50 Pills. A valuable Pa uphlet. to be had free of the Agenta. Mlls sent by mail promptbj, by enclosing pnce to any Agent. Sold by Druggisis general y. a. B. HUTCHlNfíP. Proprietor. '20 Cedar-St.t New York. For Sale by MAYN"ARD STËBBINS & WILSON , and RLXVILLE & IULLLR. A GEM FOR THE MILLION. MME. DEMOREST'S RUNKING STITCH Sewing Machines, F RICE FIVE DOLLARS. o PRACTICAL, rapH, efficiënt, and durable sewing machina, adapied to a large proportion of family ewing, or for mnnufacturnír purposos. It is highly ornamental, and so lirht and portable, (we'ghíng leas lan one ponnd) tbatitcan be conveniently carried in he pocket or reticule, ts (ipcratinn is so very simple that it requires but a liht dt'gr' ■ of jiuljimfiut to useit BJ th'1 siinplp turniqgof a crank with one hand, and guidingtlie work with the other, it silently yet very apidly with i common needie makes the running stitch exruïtly tikL the hand sewing. only mopo perfect and rettular, It will hem, pather, ruflle, ahirr, tuck, run up bri'a'lths, etc, wil h a single or doublé thread on any material adapTed to the running 8ttch, from the liglit est nnd tbiuneHt up to two thicknesses of ordinary silk or muslin. The thinnest; Ufually the most dijKcultto itltch by other machine84 being sewed the easiest.- For ladips' and chüdren'a apparel, and othar articles mad,1 of light fubrics, it ivili therefore be found almost iaTaln&blff. It is attached to the table like a sewing bird, and hnving no ten-ion, and requiring no lubrication or chango of stitch, ís always ready for operation, and euch a marel of siniplicity that a child of six oreight years can understand itimmediataly, anduse it successfully. It is Dot at all hable to get out of order. Each machinéis put up in a neat box, accompanied with full and explicit directions, and twenty-üve needies. Sent to auy address ir the United Stats on receipt ot an oi der, inclOKing the amount, or may be collected by Express on 6 very of the machine. Ubcra! arraniiemente made for agencies. Every Mother. Drcss Maker, Milliñer, and Lady should have üae of these machines. Ad-i:. MME. DEMOREST, (S68tQ 473 Broadway, N, Y. JVotice. "PURSÜANT to 10 provisions of Sec. 8 of "An act to establith the Detroit House ol' Cprrectiou, and authorize the onfinement qf convicted persons therein," approved March 15, 1861, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Washtenaw have lontracted with the authorized agent of the Common nóuncfl of the city Detroilfor the conlinoiijcnt ip such House of Currection "of any person or persons who may bo sentenced to confinernent, by any ppnrt or magistrate in said county. for any term not less than slxty days, for any crime or misdemeanor, not punishable by imprisonment in the State Prison." Such contract ie U) continuo in force flve years from ihe 28th day of Octaber, 1862, unless sooner terminatediri accordancs with its ovvn provisions. The attenüon of courts, justices of the peace, sherifls, and constables is directed to secs. IX. and X. of, the act abovo cited DANIEL LeBARON, Agent of Board of Supervisor?. Ann Arbor, Ocl. 28; i?02. f76w


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