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Ó. Bij X aft m U nowrecemng ft largo ind Wafl iselected as?. ;j rimen 1 of C1cc!ïp, Watcfces, i I JEWELEY, m f Silver and PMted Ware, ö TABLE AND POCKET I C3 m_T TBC ML -33 JWt -"I7 ; RAZOílS and SHEARS, GOLD PEKTS, r Musical Instruments, Strings 4' Books for Instruments, ï1 SJïÊET MUSIÓ, n CO11BS; and a great variety of p T'-AJXrKEE 2SXOTIO1STS, ScCJ. it He would oall particular atteutiou to liis Iarge stock of !j 8PBCTACLHS, p Goírf, Slbxr, Síí., and Plaud, viti PEKISCOPE GLASS, tr d a superior ar ticte. Alao Huntington it Platt celebrated CALENDAR ClOCK! d suitable for Offices, Counííng Rooftia , HalU ot Dwellings. i These docks are reliable time kcppera tmri Calendar al combined,and require the winding of tb time inore menta ouly, to secure all the rtquired cliangea at mid night, showing the day of the week the montt end "iay of he month, incUiding the 29th of February of Leap e year. Uisgoods are raostly of recent purchat f rom New York and the manufacturera, and v i II be sold to suít the times. Persona hftring difficult wntclii'3 to fit with glasses cao be acconiodated, as my stoel; is ltirge anO complete, P. S. Particular attentïon to the of all kinds of fine Wat ches, such as D Makïng and Setting neiv JöWölfl, Pinions, Scoffs, and Cylinders. Alm ' CLOCKS, te TEWELEY ' neatly repaired and "warranled, at his old standeast side of M,ain Street. 0, BLISS. Ann rbor, Nov. 35, 1801 g26tf "Provide for Yo r Family? , i5:3sriaisCEií,39OC3s:Eií, UFE ISÜRACE ï MPA Y . Westeyn oGice, Block, Ruidolph St.; Chicago. Assets Jan. Ut, 1862, $276,223.44. PoHoteg are iaauetl upo-o the live of debtor.8, anl for all bu.sine.s jurposrs, tlher Ufe os fas a term of f year. on as fuvorjibk1 tflrma as by atiy otlur CompMÚf, Marrifíd ladina nny lasare tlie Kvea of their basbanas, according to a law of thc State, sec uring the amo un of the invuranco to tlieraelves ni their chiMren, fv p froiu the claims of tlteir hmbanda' creditors ; atío, inarrífd ladios can insure thoír own Uves for the benefit of theiv children or trustees. Policies on lives are issued fur any som not exeeedlfig $10,0,0. By the tcnnsof the efaaftofi Ihti CoiDpany ia prohibí - ted paving raoie than 7 per ct-nt, ami ially in dividendo od ít.s capital to stockholder.s ; an l it receives lliat sum a in interest for the use of it s capital, the surplus being divided among the Mutual Tnanrera henee it will ap' pear that it combines tlie arlvantages oí' a lutual willi the fecurity of a Stock Company. W 'lien the premium amounts to S40 or oyer a nole iriny be given for fonr tenths of the ainsunt. Ratea as low as aoy othergood aonipany. BjgNo Ís the time of sjcure a competcney fot youi family sïuuild denth finrt your humesteád encumbered and busjnegf i'iyolved. EUASTCS LYMAN, President. CEO. F.SNUTK„-,Pvi'. B. F. Johnson, Vjce Pi-enident, and Manager of Western Branch ofiice} Chicago J3 B, POND, Agent. WM. LEWITT, M. I). , Modieai KxafllinM. Dr. Win. B. Hurd's DENTAL REMEDIES, AKE THE BEST IN THE WORLD, IXSCRIXO FIKE TBBTH & A SWEET BREATH. Curxng Toothache & Neuralgia. L f Do you wish tobeblessed with and a dm i red for Peai LYWiiiTKancl Sound TKKTH? Use Dr. W. B. HL'RD'S UN KI VALLED TUUTII POWDER, wairanted free from acid.alkali, or auy injuriouy sub,stance. Price,3ó cents per box. :gÉg, BewarÊ of the ordinary clieap Tooth Powdcrs j which whiten but deatroy. Do you wish to be certain that your Breath Ís pure, sweet, an agreeable to husband or wite, Iovlt or friends? Use Dr. HURD'S CELEBRAÏED MOUTU WASII. Price, 33 ceots per bottle. Tbia astringc-nt waah is also the best remedy in the worldfor Canker, Bad Bkeath, Gums, SojtE Moutii, eto. It bas cured hundreds Do you, or your children suffer froip Tootüaítik? Get Dr. HUUÜ'S MAGIU Tüül'HAt'HE DKOP3. Price, 15 cents pej bottle. Aryouaffl!ctcdwith 5Í3ETRALGIA? Get Dr. W. B. HÜKD'S NEURALGIA PL ASTERS, The most effective gad delightful tcmedy known. l They do not adhere nor blister, but soothe aad charm pain away. Try thein. l'rice, 18 and 37 cents.-Mailed on receipt ol irice. DofCdwUh a oomntet srt of DENTAL REMEDIES Lo a Triutki on PhbsBKP Teetu? (ietDr. HÜRD'S DENTAL TKKA.-UUV, the KMft&M and most valuable , prnt that une frieud cap makt) to another. Price, $1 Sent by ïnail Qp receipt of jiricu. For fiilc at all tht best stores turyughout the country. Caütion. - As tbere are dealers who take udvantae of our advertisements to inipose upon their customors iü ia necossarv t insist upon having Wbat you cali for, and you will (kt ihe hist, tl.orougly tested, aud prepared by an expenencert and sdentine Dcntist, Treasurer of the New ïerk State Dentitt's jí sociation, and Yice Preidat of tlio }iew Vork City Dental Society. WM. B. HÜRD & CO , Kew York. X& Dr. Ilurd'fi Dental Remediif are for sale in Ann Arbor by LxiBBli3 $ Wjwos, Kjjekíjaiju j I iiKK.SVfUE & FULLER. Mi.'tf QSTOLEX FFO.M tlie subseriber on SunJay tlie 17th in(-t;int,a light bay maro, ebout 14 U h' mis liigh, al! fuur leg whiti , uhitt siripe In the, IC or 11 years oh) , carnea her head very low u.en travelling. ' ANt, a black top buggy, w'm11'1 n xe.ree, open front, closeil seat, enameJed oloth top, trimmed vltt pKCB anfl yellow (iaroask, sme fadet1., longdasb, un píate, cughiop ap(3 seüt ti'immed wit!1! moreen colureil enamelcd eloth. The man eailecl lïiinself James Colé, he is abnut 27 or 'óQ years oW, wiih UgM liair inl whisker.s nnd Biininier clnthes ; he had. a woman, child and smaU poodle -4og, ith bun. 4. liberal rewav will be pató fr the ihrvMl uf ie tliief and rty, or auy informatip tilat will htafl tu ' huir recove--, y. JOHN BROWjji. Ana Arbor, August 21st. 1tjq. Farm for 5?ale, 1MIK undersignrd offers lor sale his farm of Sp acres, situatedin IMttuReW atiout out nule south ot the Uriivr.-ity,ni:joining thc farm of Jiulge KinRsley;46 aerM undr lmprovment, with 80 acres of foo'l a'm Thcre is a framo house, horse bafn.-Hnd-fjMin bami all oew,a thiifly bearmi orchal-'l, and good water. I? wel! fenced. Forterms anply on the piemisfs. „,..„ , rittae(l, Aub". 18,1863 SvvS66 FJJW'ABB RAN. Nqtice of Sup'ts of Poor. I A LL PERRONS claims tobo auditad Vjf Pearri A of Superintinilenta ot Washtenaw Co. I'gnr II jpieasc lian.1 1 h. ïi tó cithr of the uni'.ersignei on or b,e loro tha flrst Tuesday iu October next . o V , V . 1 , i p. piyis, i?uj.'t.". ■ -- -r :-■ tï I


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