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DO YOU IIANT WHISKERSt DO TIOV WAhTA MOlSTACHKt EXCELSIOP. ÏNVISORATOB The w.irH renown-.;. i .-i. - - II, e orlr nrtlcle nf the Un ever ogend the ptvplcof Uic UiH.-d'.-: .. Ti bor nicle u the oaly onc ■, ■■ by he Frtuch ; in LtMM uuü Pari-s it ií in ure. THE EXCELSIOR WiiJSKER, INVIÜOTtATOR I I Isa Beautiful, Booimnrfcñl, Sonthlnj, yet st'isn'atlr t Compoundj áoti)K urt ií lr magic upun tb( ro tu, cnu-; ing r. beautiful jfo.h ni Luxuriant Bnril. II ritJiUv to th 11 caro Baio.víss, and if applifd M cordmi? to directlon, i rill caus to pring up ín tmüt spots a fine growth of coft fresh u.ur Tho Oelsbratcd EXCELSW It IN VIO O ?.; TOJi ís an ind!penbl Artlc} '.;■ otcjj Ocntlrmcn' Ti.ll , and after one week' use thoy wciilú bo', foranv c.Meration, be witinut it. Ih aborc Mielo wlH ( turn Four to Light Weeks, briugoat a tji:k .t ol ',Vu;crr ouKTAcn. tbi subscriben o.-o on'v Agcnts ít :ht rIkjyo r. lele ia tho L'ni'.cd Slatef. Tliay woultlalso aunou,oce to ;)u dmMBj ln' , ate ag'.'fttfi Lbr . ' Napoleon's Hair Toilet! The only article ever offered to I he Fionih ]ople t) '. ! jtildcrcL íTRíicarüAini i'üc abure Toilet ucinit miufaci tor tbc solo benefit o Loulu Napoleon ! uL[t, , articé i: indíi p( a&aMe in Uis Toüet roí m. I The su!;ribers leeling cOr.flJc-Dtthnt tliis TnlW muct necespnrily tfttr the place of allofhc-rs o.vir oíRreri ty i thy public. thejr tke Ijicasure ín t'Kpreí5-hiR tbcii coM.1pocc m the article, g.iining it from practi-al u THE NAPOLEON HAIR TOILET Wil! CcR2. "HUIOirr HiiiB in Soft, Sil ten, rio hJm Corlh , that wiJl remain iasbape for one -iy ur nce wík If ñ - sired, i.r íny longur perwd, if ího directicgs & ttictlr follnwod , wliicb are very siraplr.' and cn.s . Tliis Hair Toilet doos not in any manncriníorf(?rc Pi-.1 tho Natural Sqflnaí of the Hair. It neitlier scoroltnordreslt ; but give ihe hair n sort, thrlftT "cor anee. It alao previa.] thc hair fr m W.llig i turninggray. THE NAPOLEON iïAIR TOILET Has been befaré tlio putj'c but a ?h timo, sud h kI raad; been tested by ovr &m tUoasnad Piwons ( i) they tcstify tiisr. the Napoleon Hair Toilet is the rn ut BoiíuUilcr overoffered to íhc Amirieon prople. To prevent Toüet 1rom being countfi 'oited of incita tedby uiiprincipled persona, ve do not uffur.t foraaliat nny Druggísts in the rniíoi State. Tlierrforo si; Lady or Uentleman who deslres íjuft, í.uxuriant linir andCurls, an'l, Soft Whiskers or MnuMache, ci a procure the Invigorator ir Toilet, oither on'',lri u, dollar eucloaed in ■ letter, wltb.tb.elr aJdroan. AJdre?s, G . F. SPENT & CO., Box lB3,ColIinsvillo. Hartford Oo. . Cwna And it willbecarefully aent by return mail. ' DR. HOüFLAND'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, For the Rpeedjc cups of Oeughs, Eol2s, Influenza, Croup, Mífíríe Bronchitis. Pncuvionia, Distases of Üit Botefe, arisir.g j roto Cold, In:;ipiení Cnniumpïon, aníljen the rtlitj and if al all puasibLe'j cure of l'atients in adíaacsd sUira of Uis lalttr uiíxase, rllUKBalsam'c Cornial ís cntuely a Tíjctable proilucX tion, combiningtlieheiiiing proporties ol the Blsam, TCith the invigoratinsr (]ua!ithí3 of a Cordial, priducinga so nf-lladaplid to tbe purpoitrA intended, tLat Ulereare butl'eiv cases of diieaFe whlcli u-iil not, at in early perud, -suecumb to its hcalingiiutl life giving proportie. For ages, has the trealment of pulmonary disemes oceupiori the greater poiticn of the attentíon of Uw scíentifle of the medical wt rld, but none acquired more eminence m bis treatraent „of these diseasea, tban thr celebj-aíoll'rufsiai.. l)r. lloofland, the o-ignatoi oí tbo Balaamic Cordial. Ilis lile ivas devoted to the prodmtion of remedies tliat would stand untivalled. How well be lias Raceefiócd, ihe American .copie are able to judge: and we poailively aaert, thal no preparatior; thatuattei ,. thcm, bave conferrel thes.n',s auoiuit o( tsu;iit m; uíJiíi ;ng humanity. (,r liave eheited so piany esisnnenijlijj itoni allclMM 1 of soci5t', as thevemedJM of ï)r. líooauti, prepared hv Dr. c. M . Jiirkson fe Co,, of 1 h.iUMMpk.1, The Cordlalia designed for a class of ülspwes hiore genera) and roore fatal hin any other to whira tlm peopte of tin'i Country :uc subject - íliose vpiingiBic liiui a "tUgkl cold." ïhat eminent anthorilv, lr. Bell.sajs: "Iwiil notsy that Colas are to uur i'iihn'. ■' itants wbat the Plague and Yülow Vntr to tbose oi other commies; but. lean aver conlklently tbal tkr} usher in díseaso ot grentorjooinnlicitr ai. morVilrty tban theselatter." EnPirehf Yegetabh. ifo Alcoholio Prcparatlon. PIÍ.. IIJOFLAND'S CFl.EÜR.'.TF.D GERMÁN BITTERS Prej . PR. O. M. MCKSON h ('O,, Pïïiradelphift, llatnili c LIVEH COMPIAIKT, tTt&TÁAa JAUNJ Ht'L,Chnnic or Nei vous Debilitya Uíamvs ni th ! all diaL-.s finsing írom a ñisurdercil Liver or 6tomj ch, Such ea ConstipAtíoA, ïaracd Pilst Fuínesi or Blool to tbe Hoac, Ac'dtj ■■: ú- 8toma,ch, Nausea iiAriburn; Disgust for Tood, Pulneas cr welgL. d tbe tomach,our E , Snikin or fiuttcriog ai íhe l'it of the Stomach, Kwiipinipg oJE tle HeaiJ, i-íurried am'. Diffioalt Btüftthing, Fiattering at ilip Hea:f, Chwing or-Suffocating leiibatlona wh?z ia a Ijiog VVe, V'1" nesa ol Vision. Dotfl oí wi . . ■ .-í_g.itt Ktver ani Jtull l'ain in the H.-al, DcOpieccy ojf l'crspivtion, Vellowness of theSklo and pjrea, Paio ia U;c fíi le, Iíiick, Ctiest, Límb.i, &c. Padden Flus!, .-sof Heat. Hnmingiu the 'Flesh, Tonsfant gjaginiogs of eril, aoü gicpt IMpvt'síiors of Sjlints, and wili positivelv provant YELLOW FEVfcA, B1U.I0U8 FjmCR, te. fb Proj lUng tfae attemion o,f the public tg is prepart.pp, doei so witb a fetí tf the u'nioi oon$4ncein'ÍCff v-rtcesao adaptatiun to the diseá.K-4 íor vhich it ia recorjrj ftUnonew and iictried article, but oiw thaí lias stood the U stof a Iwelve 3'f-ar:t:ial íhe Araoi'can pênp1o,ftnd íts reputation and faie are uurivll-.! by any similar preparatums extant. The testimony in its íavorgUen the mosti-rotainont and woUfeiiOi, Hhysicians and individuáis in all partsof thc cquntrj i$ immense, und a car ful pcrural of tl:u Ahnsnac, poblifihedannually by the PropHetors, aud to be had gfati of aay of their Agenta, cauuot twt Hfttisfv t'ie uiiüt ekepticp.! thnttlrs remedy is leally deserv!;:g the roat ceh'hrity it hasobtained llend Ihc Kvltlcur trom J. flewton Broicn V. O. . Editar QÍtfi Jcc.kpcdia of Religious Kvowledgt. AHhnu'íh nntdisposod to fkTcr or iMommtnd Patent Mediciiica Ín general, tiwoggh distrust of their ingredients and efiV-cts,! yet know oí no suiTicient reaaon why a irán raay not testily to tUOiem-üt La beJieves himsolf to have rocetved frota any simple p repara tion, in th hope that hf may IIuie contribute to the b.enefit of others. IdothisUio more rcaGily in regard to 'Iloofland'i Gorman Bitters," preparod byDr C. M. Jacksoii, al this city, because 1 was prejudiced aainst theja for year?, undev the ímpression that they chieüy an alcohol ic mixture. 1 am imlebterl lo my friend fïuhurt Shoemaker, Ksq..for ihc removal of this prejudice by preper tests , &nd for encouragenmotto try thrm, when auíleríng frOm great and long continued debiliiy. The use of thvee bottles of thefte Bitters, at tho beginn;; of tli present year, was follQwe'I by evident relief, anld restoration tu a desrroe ( i bodily and mental vigor wmehf hntl not felt forsixmonths before,and hadalrar'ít despaired of regatnfpg. I thereforothanl. Godamy fricnd for dUictlngnicto the use of thcm. J. NKVÍTON BR0W1HRead what the eminent Glasa Manufacturar, JOHN H. WIIITAT.L, says of the BALSAMIC CORDIAL. DE, C M. JiCK0.x- BpUd fVtsndi Ilaving for long time been acqainteé wíth the virtnes of thv Ha1aamic Cordial ni Courhs. Coldá, Inllamroation óf iho Lunge, frc. I tliua frcely bear testimony to its eölcacy. Porverlyeara IharenQvwf been without i, a my fiimily H alxogives -.ue pleaauro to state that I have used it withenti;v Buccesi ha the Utmct of 3onrcl Complaintí Thy friend tru'y. JÖHV M. WHITAÍJ-. irífth Mo. T7,1Sí.3, Eucp Street, above 4th. Phila, Thesp medicinos are for sale hy %11 respectable DrupffUtá and dealers in medicines in túe United Statos, BntOh rrvint:e.s, and Wt st Indios at T5 conts per bottle - Be $ureandget the genuine, wit)i thc signature of C. M. Jaukson on the wrappor of etich buttlp; $11 others are counterfeit Principal Ofllco auJ MauufacÍMiy) 4- Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 83üyl ftDCi nCld MALE orFEMALE Agenta OUU ilUU TO SELL LLOYD'S NF.W BTEEL PLaTE COUNTY COLOREO MAP OF THE UNITED STATE?, CAÑADAS, AND NEW BflUNïWlCK. From recent survey, completad Aug. 10, ; cst $20,00) to engiave ii and uneyear's time. Superior to any $'0 map over made by Colton or ïitc'ell, aud belbntthe price of fifty ecuts ; L70.0CO ñames are engraved on this map. Kis not only a County Map, but it is alsO a COI SXY ANÜ RAILROAD MAP of the United Status and Cañadas combined aonegiviug EVÏ Í'.Y KAII.ROAIJ STATION and diitaaces betweco. Cüurauít c any wontan nr man L3 && tt fax, nl will Uk back all mapa that cunuot be sold u;] rofvad tlio muney. Bead fur SI worth to Iry. Piinfid lostructlons huw to oanrasa v.;?. (umlsoed all onr fcgun'S, Wholesale Agenta fnr our iíap in, frery State, California, Cunada, Englaná. Franco an-l Cuba. A fortuno m y be mude aitlí a fciv hundj dollars capital. No Coinpetition. J. T. LLOVÍ, No. 1GI Brodway, Now Vork. The War Department uses our lUp of Virginia, Marvland, au.i l'enns] ; .-,.- oot 6100,00o, on irUch marke.1 AHtietaiaCrcfk.tfbarpbbuis, Williamsport Ferry, Rborerwille, Eío!and'8Fori,and all othera on thcl'otoi:kh aaJ every place in Maryland, Virginia, and I'cno ■yiranta, or money refr.ndfdLLOYD'S T0P0GRAPHICAL MAP OF KívvH CKY, OHIO, INDIA.X %, aujd ]LLi:VvIS. isthe only authority for iivn. BueH al the War Dcpartiuent. "Mooey rfünded to any one Gading un enor iu it. ' Prics ÍO cent. From fhc Tri tune Ang, &. "LLOYD'S MAP OF VffiyiNIA, MAftYLAND AN"V i'LNN'-JVI.VAS'IA.- lliis Mapisvorv Uvpre ; H cojt i but 25 cents, and it is the btst w-Vcj ca e pty chased,' LLOYIVSÜREATMAPQ TlE UIS3IS9IPFI RJVEB- From Actual Survew by Cps. Barí aud YVm. Bowí, MissisM'ppi Riyer Pilóos ftf St, Louis Mo., huwa overy man'fl plaatatjon and owner'è farm frorn. St.. Louis tn tne fiiiif of Mesico-1 S50 miles- every sand bar.Iilnod, tovs, Undiusr, aad aü places üü niilei b.i,ck fiom tbo river, colorad ín couttHeí. and States Price, tl insneeU. Ú, poikfct ferm, and S2,50 on with rollers. Keady Bept. 20. Navy Detrt-om, Wmsiwotos cept. 1?, 186 .) T. Llovd- Sir: Seod me vour Mhp of tbe Minhissijipi Kivi'r, 'vi th price per hundid, copies. Rear-Aduiifot H. Pavis, commanding t]e MiíiMSsippi svaadron ís autborued to purebasa a.s mauy as are rj quired forthf usp of th-u MjuadroD. 873w3 GIDliO'N WFLT.ES.Sccictaiy of thearj. Ayer's Sarsaiïarilla.


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