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Good Butter In Winter

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A farmers wifo wiites to the Americtm Agricultura! itl, as follows : For the benefit of my lady friend, I will give my experionoe o{ tweniy five y en re n making nearly as good butler in winter as in si'mmer. ín tho llrst E lace, vo snppose the cnws to bave een fed on good feed, After tho milk has Sefin stramed, put it on the stove to hent, eiti'or in pons or ny oiher wny tliought proper. Do ci t make it too hot or the creatn wíl! not; it muy tli 011 be placed in n clean cellar, lito t'rom vegetables or any thing tbiil will giva the ercam nn unnatural taste, orin a cupbonril tvlfn a cnnvns door, in :i inoderately warm room it in too Kittuí' placo, it ahould not bo put in until the dtsnsn hT páíSed olí', o!lnrvise the ehetves wiil be iibic lö OVftUÍS. 'lha milk slionld not stand Jongwr in wintor , than in slimmer, or the buttcr will bfe bitter In 30 or -19 iours the milk khould bo skitnmul, if n'a cool place sonner than if in a warm oné, It' tho rnilk is thought to be too rioh to givo i the p'", fot it stnri'] longer, and iiíe the cieum that rises un it for shorton inir or in snme otber Ihan íor butter. If the inilk lias been !;,-, .t in a warm, taku the ci'Rarn to a vvarm ronm a ilay or two before chnrning. If j'ou uish tho butter lo 1 ok and taste 1 i U o rass butter, grate orange carrois, pot BQine hot water or tnilk the pulp, Btrain nn(t add it to tbe oiüatn, which should be a litlle above (!0 vvhon you com rnenuñ cli-vning. A common sised tciicupful will color six ponndft oJ buttur, After churning, Iraw ift the butter-inük, put oold water in the ohurn, and churn a few minutes, and ií r:i:in nged rirjiit, you will n ver fui! oí havlng {jood botter. I rejoice that the prejudiue agair.át washing buttoj' witb ffstrm wfit'ir. is slo.vly passing a',r:y. Heat ing the niilk, f believe is au Êngliah method, and ougljt t he inoru rally pruotlced, theo tiioro wo;ld not bu so imich poor butter in tho tnartet. mJ - " k k lana


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