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DiL. SMITH'S ÜNIVBBSITY frJ&tjm 11 v„ Al Smith M. D.. Inio Prolesnor of Materia Medica nnd Tnr.St Pilis are preparad _by ■,UUO, lh. gh wouid say .o itic thai [,,,macy sack wmiun hnt wil by ts rritating effects u„on , oilermg il cm tl..? Pili, he wc u, 1 i i _on_ bc(orej bu( QM (h_{ ffl iliestomacliandlmwcls crenie dieeng vnerc i w!l0i.esysietn n.ilU. salutary and """ lh iis ' f0UI n rcsearch and invesíigá'tion, direcled (o the Pa He would say thai lus has w SI ?'" f medicinal substarrces, and tlioir ndapuu.on (o il.c rcinovir! .1 difeMe, and ihgpTO e,ul, oríüe.e labor,, ho is now io gu-e lo üae # P?i.íR ÍSirínS TeWtríbVe stówanics. whïch s os near perleciion .es care.ul iiOáÍvl1 exn..iman.s! can bring it He would s.y ,o i'hys.oans, as welj a oiIkts, try .lus pul: it will nót cc 01 of thc füi,owing dSOnscs: Móus ínterít i peculiar!)' adapted ló the cm an I prever, i n Complnin.s, Sick íreadnch. mitrn.n, and Rernutant Joven; Fever "ntfhgne ,Cgnfr Intcrnal ",1,F Cohc, Aciditv of thc Stomach, IiK-ipient Diarrl.aa , IJ '"al,d 'fhcy aro mild. yet ceta, n ín ihuir opernu-he-, a cathnruc, apene ni, or al eral ve, [.y ho ,enls of theae Klla are insm.cM, SÍÍSsSS s5f P Cpö may pechase then„ that they shall have [ncir inoney rel'undcd. ' TESTIMONIALS ÍN FAVOR O F uníTersity pills. TESTIMONIAL OF DR. LATsDON. Monrok, Michig-nn, June 12, 1844. -r, o t toi-o rrnícli nlca=iirc in bearingr testimony to the efficacy .oí your f hOm ÜM WEññ %] $$ .o, ,m __ ._ „ i?nr „nirds of s.manths I wos cruelly afilicted with Fever and To Dr 2SS3íS nothiñg ihat gave me permanent i length howSB re'eSy .ave _ecn as "-- TESTIMONIAL OF DANIEL GOODNO r T hnrpbv certifv ihat Dr. Win. M. Smith has been my Family for fouryears I nerehycertii} ujaii ,,- 7rnivprejtv pj]s in his prnctice in my family vvith nnparalInst past; rhat he has used m ver . y Win n P lion n th_ leled succe_S; ana I thmk thctn 'iel G00DN0W. Unkeeper, Macomb-Sl. House. TESTIMONIAL OF D. S. PARSfe; fio5sS?SSfe Send rrStes as pasable, ; OF MESSRs! NOBLE AND FYFIELD D„andl,nowthathc ■ .s a m J0 9a macv fh the W.lloughby University of Lake filled the JÖ2tf2i2Wrotee.nd Faculty, as well a_ to the IPSfi L bis Pilis, tuey are ,Or exc.,nces , ■ ,n „, B. F. FÏFIELD. Monroe, Mich., JuM '9'}0NIAL OF RIAL B. CHASE. U%M$?mM i 'b%ï7 ;jr used thern many limes smco' „„d with greát succes. The, aro thc best pite I ever W b_ LL gg Shiawassee T-oL OF MBS. ABIGAIT. C. WRIGHT. . ES.' rS_Ü_l thcsPale óf all otbers-their effect ,s jD,.,,, "„"__. iSf J?Hl'.nLN!4LowCTTown,and Wíl. S. fe J. W. MAYKARD, Uppe,


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