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P1ÍINTING OF ALL KINDS E { N"eatly Executed AT THE ARGÜS OFFICE. , VE ARE PREPAUED TO FILL ALL J S ORDEKS IN TUE LINE OF PRINTING' j AT THE MOST 1 REASONABLE RATES. fi; We hftTC recently purcliased ol IVU-Q-G-IES ROTARY CABD PBESS, . i and h ai.W tlielnt'st styles of Card 't'ypc, wliich eoablüs us to prjnt NVITATION CARDS, WEDDING OARDS, V1S1ÏINQ CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c. a n the neatest style, and s ohnp as any iared to rint TOSTERS, nANDBILLs, BLANK3, f LILI, 11EADS.J CIRCÜLARS, PAMPHLETS &c, BOOK BüiDEEY I t is ín cïinrgc of a FIKST CLASS WORKMAN, LEDGERS, ' RECORDS, JOURNALS, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOKS OF ALL KINDS, RULED TO ANY PATTERN And Manufaoturcd in bbsï sttlk at ; Ne-w York Prlces, Periodicals of all kinds BOUND IN ANY STYLE. Old Books Re-33ound. All 'Work warrantod to give en tire satisfactjon. E. B. POND, Prop'r. Office and Bindery, cor. Main & Hurón Sts. THE GR RAT CAUSK Of HUMAN MESERY! Just Published, in a Sealed Envelope. Price Six Cents. AI.ECTUREBY Dn. CÜLVERWELL, ON TUF. OA0SE AND CURB of Sjn'r:ii:itorrhoca, Constimption, Mental andPbysical DcUiliiy, N:eivou; DMK, BpUpsj, Impairol Nuttitiwii ofthi'Jiiotly, Uaultad. WcaknoHS of tht' I.hnbs and the Baok; Iqdiapoaltioo and Incapacity tosturty and Labor, DullnM ol Apprehenston, Lor of emory.AT ersion to Society, Lovo of Solitmie, Timifljty. Belf Diatruat, DiztbiAM, Bedaohe, AfTections oï the Eres, IMm" pies un the Face, Involuntary Emisstoa, a ml Pexunrl In' capacity, tho Conflequenc8 of Youthful jndiscretion, 1 &c. &c. $&, Thís admirable Leef nro dearly nrovcs tiint tho nbove enuruerated, of ten self -ittllictcd evila, nay bo reH.'vi-l without dangerous surical operation, and ahould berend byeverj youtb and evcry maij in the . land. Sent undpr soal, in a plain envelopo, to anv addrese, ■■ ■'■'ij t of hu cents, or Iwo postage .stampa, by t addreftfilng, i DR.rHAS.J. O. KMXH, 127 Bowory,New York, Post Oflice Box , 4586 ■ , ,____ 1 WILLIAM ACTON. OITY BILIPOSTEK. Orders left at tho Argus Oifice promptly attended to. PIANOS, PW rho wtoh to buy . Piano if tliboat maker #11 Ih slitiwn how tli-y can savea handaouu --iüii , o the [Mtrohiiso (f tiioy addxess 1'iano, care Joy,i'ok .V c'o Pufetlahcn' .Aijonts, Vt-iv y. r!: P. o, 81 tt


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