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SCW)FJFê MILL A RE9UI.LONIUKP at tlicirold Stand, A No. 2, Franldin Elock, ■ ut of Bocks and Station e ryy FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, ' S II A DES, ttOELBH COKDS, TASSELS, GTLTCOTïNTOI'S. CURTAINS, IIOOKS AND riXS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &Q, S Ever oiFered in [}s M;irket ! an.l tl.O)1 roul(}6Uggè9t tolhosi! in pursuit faftytWngtri l I SA NT A CL A US' LI N E ihat thcy can a I B Doul)lc (Jhristmas Present ! ' by pw ,-i pncb purchas$r geti an additionul present ftf Jewelry ,'&L., "Rang-ing invalue from 50 ets. to$50. i íftí' Thoytrust thai thqjflong exprionco nsolccting Í -■■nN ;i,i ■ naTkeJ , and vict att ention to the Vano f (ibUmera, majr entitle tbexu to u liberal UlAfe J r Patronage. Aun Arbor, Pre. 5. 18G0 Ï7ïtf j JLJFE irSSUUAlNCE. J Tho Connecticut Mutual Life In.suranca Company. Accumulated Capital, - $3,500,000. l WIT.LINSL'RK LTVES fot any amount nol ■ . ■■■ rtin ÍÍÍLÍKW . n ai í.ü'v orjfor a term oí y ars, qjq ího tai irruís. c N. B Tho Com]:uiy is mroy mutual an the poljcy t bolde; irpMa ove the eaet coat of nnoe I l in 1 bo Bel I lement of their rjyemiu&i U' I U-'K 1' ] IC1ER, il tlofiire.l, !,;,- taking a note for ono lialf the amount, beafibg Interest at m percent, per annuni. Dwidends are DcrJared Annvalïy! J . amount ti FIFTT per ont cfn tli1 - niiutn, oajh ftnd noto, aod M6 ínctcastngthoy may-be j . ■■! ünMiotos. ,. 'r" Tlit' ri'tcs of premiums nreaslow as any oflicr reRponJtlblo Company andthelargc accumulated fund of N $3,500,ÜUü is secure in;iv in1 aew by i $ encelo' the I 'rtingto laV, n f;.lt; in i ' theofïiceof the County CIeik,í;t Ann Atiu:.3g(i J . : GÜODW1N, Prest, : GvYR.riiKi.rp.Pccy. iiurtitiiliirü api-ly la JAMES C. WATPfc 76Lï 1 gi . bor Mtch. _ - - __ - - - - - _ - „ _ __ „. __ --____ j Great Reduction in the Price of e SINGKR & COAS ! Standard Machines . ' H'eii inotï7i io ie ie LVs br Jlfanufuciuring Purposes. No. 1, Stand;. ril Shuttle .Mndnne, ' mcrly sold at $90, rcduccd to 70. No. 2, of smne kind of Machine, for raerly solJ at StOO, reducod to 75. i STXGER'S LETTER A MACH INE Is the best M:ichine in the workl fW I-'amily Scwing uod i Mghi U&Dufacturli Purpoaes: (wan aemmérf) and ' j beautjfuUy urnamented Í50. j The Nos. 3 an are of gveat tipacity and f appp catión for m&nufacturfng purpures. j Oui No. '■ M:ichineri are eapoeially adapted to all ki (tfa 1 of light ari3 licrivy LotthOr Vork, m Carriagé Trim( ming, Boot atul Shoe M;il;ing, Hftraesa M;ikin,itc, eic ; l'licy are (i '-! ro sfzsj and witli i o arm loog enougb to cakunderit andstitch tbelargest'e u-re i is BCarcely atiy part -it :i Trimnivs" ati telling tli:it cannrjt t be better donü with tliein tllan bnnd ; so, too, the 1 sftvirtff ül tiine i"y ffreat. Thetableof - these innflniie-- is 21 inches long, and tb,cshuttle w hold :;ix tlmCstbe usual quantityjof thi'ead. Tholuug ) machine worka as fastas small ones. We would &sk for our Letter A Macliïncs, the olttlattontlop "i' V$t Malfi rs and Dr Miikvrsinil all tbose who wáni M;uliin: for li&htfltanufactufingpurpo$e$. Tht-y embody the pridcïiiii s of the ütandard machines, making Likethem. theintedockedaith.and ure destineü to be as celebrated for -a.mii.v tí atd lighi mftauftfcCturing purppses as 'ouv Btaadard m;tcliinos :■■ for biaaufact uring put ral. We bav ajwayson band, bbmmikg OA0OKa,8iiJCTllirist L1SES AND COTTOS TH K E AD, ON SPOOIB, BKST MACHINK oILÏn bottles,etc.,eto. Wc man . ■■ voW wam all pergbna ueing out machines not to buy anj others. We ' kiiow tlmt fyre npedlps Sold qf tfiê most inferior ' quality at higher prices tbÁn B'eciiartóafor tlie best. The needles fold by us are roftnufactvirea íspecíally for out ma hinee. A bad néedUmtty raider tht bent machine mes: itselts. ' Oar customers may rest a-surofl ihat al. our lï ranch Offices are f urnished with tho t( geouineaetUto " In oase of BWftlJ parchase, qa n#j niftj '"■ eat in postiiEct.' Btainpa, oi bank □ ■ Correspondent vrUJ i apaeja dislínctly . It is all inport&ut that we fthonld, ineacücast. kooit Test OiHro, CouQty,and jtï" A'.l peraoDfl reefitting infomatlon abontSewing Machiues, thoir nir.f, prices, workingcapacitieAaudËQC ; he.-it methoÖBoT purchasing, cuitoLuii. ipg;to .uiv ol" ont Qranfth Offices fora oopy of ' I. IW.' Singer & CoAs G-azetto, Wliich is a beautiful Pictorial Paper tíltirely dsvotedtto tlie üubiect- Itvtiit benuit gratis. We have made Lheabove REDÜCTIÓN IN PKICE3 with tho two-fold view of bencñtinff the public and orselves. Tho publi i . arkiufi ma chines made in imilation of ours. Tbe inctal in them, from [ron. casting fco tfae spiallest peiea, 1b ol póor (jUAÜty, Their Loako-rd have not themeans to dotlieir vrork vvelL They arö bid avray in reerct places, whcre it would bc ImpoBsible to have at tbeir commandthe prper mechanicul applianees. Itisonly by doing ;i preat bnsinesat.and havïngVxtenaivc manufacturing establithnient.4, ïood tesohtim can be made ;U moderatprií-cs, beat deslgned machines, BADLY ÏIADE, are always hable to get out oforSor, and aresure tocost consW :i ii! repaíre : f .■ ii a Ma,chineare : curtamty ;' correct actlon ;it ill rates of speed . Ritnpljofty cf constraotloOj great durablllty, andrapidity of operatioti, with the least tóbór. Machines l" onmbine these enential qualitien, imustbe mude ui' thftbestmotalsnd íini.-litd lo perf ctton. We have the way and means}on a grnd scalo, to tlo this. The purchaSers of machinen, Vhofiedáily bread :i töaj concern, will fitul thatthose bavingthe abovequalitiea not only wovk well ut rpi'l :is ut-li ris slow rat e of speed, p-u t laetlonger Inthe finestpoBsible w orking ordar. (3'.ir machine, as tnado by us, wil] earn more money witli les-s labor tbaoany OLhcra vhöthér m im'tfttion of oursor not. In fact, tlieyare cheaDerthan any tthcr machinesan arift. I. M. ÏNGER & CC, 48 üfi;ul'.v;iy NowTorkj. ffaj Detroit OíTice, 58 Woodward Avenue, (Merrül BtockO SÍltf M. II. GOODRICH, Agent, Ann Arbor, BÖÓTS SHOES MOORE & LOOMIS Are now receivin a largo apsortment of Boots aud SIh.cö aud Tí UB B E K, S I Which they propose to sell 60 per cent btlow former prieef for cash. Men's good Kip Boots, from $1,50 to $3,00 Men's good Thick Boots, frora 2,00 to 3,00 ! Men's good CaU Boots, from 2,50 to 3,75 Boy's Calf, Kip and Tliick-Boots, 88 to 1,75 Ladics' Gaitera, from 44 to 1,25 Ladjes' Moroeoo Booteea, from 75 to 1,25 . And im cndloss varlety of Smal Slioosfrom Fanoy Bnlmorals to Infanta' Croeping Slioos. Wc av olsoMaiiufnctuilng nll klluls of WAEEANTED BOOTS & SHOES. e Mens Fine Frencli Calf Boots Pegged aud Sewed. ■ Bp íivo usa en II betore Burohiiieiowhere. as vparo I odnol to i underoold. J'ávUtl'AIi;i:, visi' ON SHORT NQTICT.JB MOOTtE & IjOOMIS I Main St., Ann Arbor, !. li 6'2Ütf Ann Arbor City Ice House for Sale Clieap. TIIR rabicribei otter i tm mItilB FeeRAtlae, with Sta blm an.lsiin.i jm-;,!, i ;■■ DwgUUig Bonm; ind about DO nero of l:iin! adjoining, togetbor with Horsc Wagon-, Tools, ka. ,Terj i I Hatasi".:dl propoiiion niiitt down nnl the l!ftnee enn vdiiKiu on iiiuo. S'OwÜ CLEMENT R. THOMPSON.


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