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MDiiACE WATERS, AGENT 3 3 3 I! r i) a (1 w a y , Ndffïort I lililí -lui of iïiiflc Klid ."lusir Boolca .n ;i:ai.j:r in Pianos, Melodoons, Alexandro Orgnns ürgan AjoorilQ8, JiL&i'tin'e cclebratcd iind otheP (Juitavs, Yiolins, Tunor Viols, Virrfmoellos, Accordeons, FlutiflOS, Flut, Pifes, TrianglcsC'lnri Jpetyé, Timing Foi ks,1 Mpee aiulTTninmers, violin Bows, oost It alian Stiin Iuetruments ['di' B'andf, Piano Stools, and covers, and all kinds of' Musical [natruments. SS lx o o t TWC u S i Ci Uni'a Unnliit'fl i h. Ui 'M. ui It.n.l.s i 'liuili n-:-■ii.ui.m; UlttN ptljier, ati'liii! .uU.iul' llu. . A t t hcLowcst Prices. New Pianos, At &1Í5, " I, ■ lp to $500. .. in 'i'6 lip to Í1B0; Ivew Melorleons, S-i-V i,.$10rt, nü'l np i.rn $ÜJ ■ Lip i topa , 91 CO ■ ■ '-■ !7fi .' 376; A liberal flUcaunt pmen, Churches, Snbbatli Schools, Seminaries . ÏJUe Tiaúe supph'cd at the ush. -t.;ii. 'l'vHt ïmonlaïs of tho Harare Waters Planos Kiid Molutïeoiifl. Ji .lm ITcwt-tt, -f 'Vrfliii-i-. Ymk. who has had fine f fbe I!. ■ . nrrltcsas rollóos; - "A frifii'l of mine wiaheume topurchasea piano fot her. She ■ l one you sold me io ■■■ mber, I8óf. My ii:i:i' I In thjfl .!m-c, nii'l I t!.n.:, 1 can utroiln''-1 onfl bf ivo more; the$ vill bc moro popu. Inr fehau ■■■ m ike. 'J have two of Wa (era' Pianos m qss in ourFümi. PfiVy '■'-■ üf wbicb bag b tn scverely testcd f i ■ ■■[ durability." - Wood & Grijfcory, Monta Cetrr "'■', '■'. "H, Wíití-rs, !■:.■!.- i-kak SiR: Having used oneof raur Piano Fortes for two past. I have fonud ita verv superior TnttruiMnt, Aloxzo Gbay, Principal Broöktyn Heig hts Seminar y . "Tlip Piano I reccived from you continúes fi piv6 kntisfaotloii. i regard itaflono ofihe besi Instrumenta in the plae." ).i ■■']. !,, i UAljKE, Cftarlcstojt, Vu. "'Iho lllo(lon has safely avrlvd. I feel obKffod to you fory our liberal düeount." Rev. J. M. MtCoRMick, "The piapo iraa daly reoeived. Iteama in pxc'llrnt conditioiij and is vi-w much admired i,v mv mimen ut fnnnly. Acci;' for vuur pplppt&ee -." - Hobbkt CoÓPKB, IVA rr en hum, Bradjned Co. Pa. "Vuur piano pi . ■ ne in our coiin1y.",-'I'i!OMiis A. I.atham, CémvbetUpi Ga. . "We aro rery m I toyoii Wr Imvlnp sont, aach a fine iiistrumcut for S250." - BlLUfK,HsXJ & Cüa, Jinjfalo pnn7rr,ii. uTho Etorace W ateXS Planos ar knowo nwamong tlie vory bo-it Wy aro enablod to -p-;ik of í ïi ?-o inairamentti with copfidence, from persona] knowledge of éxcelleni cable quality." - N. Y. Evan&tliét. ' Wo cm gpeak i'f the mcrlts of fhe 1 forace 'iiters pianos front personal hrnowledge} as boing the very flaesi quaütj1."- ChriHtian IaW.Rirnctr. no? íire qnÏH of the b.est and mosi thorbughly ueasgneq mate la). We have no dolibl thatbuyi irhaps botter, at tbiuthan at any otherhouse in khé Union.1 - Advocate aid Journal. los au'i melodeona challenge con wiih the flnefil made anywhero in the country.'1- Hvnit Journal ílHorace Watéís1 Piano Portea are of full, rich and . . : l-N. V. Musical Revem. ';(),,r ■ ■■!!■. V;i1i'!v BtOTB tin? vorv Emöni of SfusiC nnd of Pnmos to bc fesnd in : ■■■ 1 5ta.teo.and we urge our sontaern and western to giye liira a cali wheneyer tkey go to New York." - firnhaM's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. SabbathSchool Bell. 100,000 Issred In ten Mcmths. rri:i npr ■ ■ "f 1hisbool bas iiiducoil the pubüáhi :';J now tane&asd hynjos toits pte. without exti , ;i1 on tin' cheap eütion1 Ad "■■.- and byma may be round: - "I otigW talOTftni) (n,other;' be iv gopd ri'üvl, tOjdeod I ffifl." ï from the BeH,Tre Kuagat thSund3 School Anniterláry of tlffi M. K. ChuTClial raeat appl The Bell oocteins nearlj 20Qti ■ hymns.and ís one of thE bes1 collectlona ever issucd. ■ e Ie Klfganily boupd embossed gilt, 25c, $20 per ioo It has boen intruduced LQtoman.v of the Publ c -'■■:'- ola. o is puMislied in smal] tnimbirs euljtl'l Annlversarv and Smvdaj School Maaic Böokfc, Nosl 1 , '-, 3j fc ■1, n order to ac ' 53 her Uondred N'. 5 wïll soonbe Usued - commencpnicnï t book, Also, Revival Music Books, No, 1 & , pripo $1 it 2 per 100, postaga le. Moretháti 800,000 ■ ttikB have i een ssned the paai . cJ the demand srapidly increasin 1'ubli.shyU bv H0KACE '.VATKRSjAgnt, 3 Bfóadwftj} N. V. Publised by Horace Waters No. 333 Broadway, New Y'ort Vocal,llfflnd Wnnls ciin never dti1;" ;'TUe Anirel.' t(il.l tpe ::i;:' (Wíld of tjïfl Wrst;" "Thovghta of 0od;" -{iv.. i:: Mountoin Homej" H Dáy Dreáms;" vir..';. ■ . ■ "I'm ifftb lliw still; ""iVtnamrs;" ■. ■ iio darilng like mine:" "Satah ïafno Lee(Ever of thee;" 'Tm leavjnf? thet in Sorrow;" "Bird rf Eteautj ""Home of our birtb;" "Grave of Rosabcl,'' and '":iia-. ':L'ly, wal:e,,: p'iióe 256 ench. .■.-,■_ - ' 'Palace Garden, nr Blsgfng lïird ■ " ": bel SchottlBch;" 'Thoroafl Baker' Sohottteche;" lPiccQlominl r.ilkri, 80 cents cacU. Tin abovepieeoflbavebeantjTui Polka;'3 "Arabias Wai cry Marca ,ÏJ tlie yery lantt; "VaBaovianaa Donlella llazorka; "Rea-W injt Polka?1 "Crinoïii ■ and "Lancéis Qua drülo,' ; nlrllle;" a Cuadrille," 35ceach. Uaoy of these plecefl are ] layed by Baker's oalebrated Orchest ra with greal a] Xlailed freo. A largo lot of Foreign Jlusic at half pnce. Pianos, MeloU'is and Orgaus. The Fl ns, i'; r depth, purity of tone and dutabilíy, are unaurpaased. Pripee very low iecond l lui'i Piniin-, and Melodeons from $'25 to $150. Muslc and ilusícal Instrnctíonfl "f all kinds, at the lowest prloes. HORACE WATERS, Agent, . V.w:iy,.V. Y. Testimoniáis; - "The TToract Waters Píanos ave known Mami : . tb ivejy bast.1 - Evangelist. 'Wecan sneak of their meiits fro personal kuuivledge." - Cltnstian Iv'rttrgrjiper. "N'othingat the Fabr Jiaplayed greater excellence -" - Chnrckman. Waters' Planos anl atfclodeo&s challenge cömparison with the Inest made v.vw. ín ihv country.' J - Ham .lourntl. il'Jtf ,. . - _- - LOOMIS & TRIPF, Succe-isnrs to Ohnpin e Loorais.andChapin, Tri pp A Loomu ■ - ...o-' ■■■ THEabove flrm of Loomis & Tjlpp having purchaítet the ■ ■''■ fbrmer companiea wil: continue the buainesfl at the oíd standfl.where tln-y wil! bc ready, on tlio shortest notioe, fco lili all osclers in the line oï Castings and Machinery, in the most workniiiiiliki' ni;inn"i', 4nd on as libera .■■ othèr shop Inthé State. AmontHe1 vari Ou artielesmanufacturcd by us, we would enunicrate STEAM ÊNGINES of all kinds; Mili Gearing and Fixtures, wrouUt anti .-il the varions eaatings for making and irépè.U'Ing Horse Powers & Thresbing Machines Huch ns aro ut pronent, or have fiinncrlv lv-i'ii i:i se in thii part of the State, a well as all ihii v:u-iu;i.s kinds of s and machhie work called for by farmers aud mechanica inthia aectloii of tho country. of ali the vafiouq mit'-rnn, up in sizesand pricoa, wlllbe keptconstantly on uatidj got the most modern and' improved ThankfuJ fob fermer patronage tottjeold rirms,we would soücit a contÍBuancefrom kl frlondsand airial by all wishinff foiauythincr in,our lineöf biwiness. LUÜinS & TR1PP. AnnArbor,May 18th, 1859. 697tf THRESIIING MACHINES. rATKN'TKO AND MANUFACTÜRED BY H ichols & Sheppar d7 Batlxe Creek, Midi. Improved for the Season of 1862 In tliis Scparator the'jraki ssepiratcd from tlio straw rf iii'üii.L'i!iii-ri, that toss tbc staw up and ,i". .1 ffitïi :i -'m ■'■ i. -ri motlón fpom the Ome ït fóáve the oylindor until it pateen to tlwatacker, and tlie graln falls thrpugh a bot toni made ot eist, clear from Ine Btrajw, aod th(! tifthft grain bottom aró made to ilbiwte nx wring ba3kwail and rorwüiil. whi'-h wiiiks tlii straw io tho stacker aml Uil ixi-iinto tliii sic'.ls. 'i'he. Hopertodty of tliis ujaoliine over ;ill others consiste in it-i i . i feo! Bflvatlon'tíoii oí Qtaia '-rouiStraw, Crent nmipUoii v. having oo ptekers ilr beatva to clog up. ánéleM maoblnery thau aay ot her machino nbw made. Crcit cnp:ioij.y. as it wilt ooi wasto whon crou Perfopi rli'ainT, haviiiLC l-'u gfl Belv6fl Duin :tny other. iliali , betlftll ODOfitniOtftd; BimplB UW ia rabie. Pcnnpylvania Iron Ilorse Power. Wnrrnn1-'Mo ! Uie Iji-t, lJin-0 Pqtt'or n use. Mde mth wood oi Iron fíame aa preferied Famt . tier ol Michigan I We offer you -..-! thanPl'.ts', llall's Fowlesvüle, or auj machine built uu Lhair prinoiples If you ntteiul boying a rodclnne of any klña get a patnphtet of us or our A ent, and satlsfy younelf,- I'aniphlet sent ftco. Cittl and see, or a1rws NICHOIS & SIIEPPARD, Btfttfe f'i-crl:, Michigan, Or M. ROGERS, or MYKiiX KAHil, Agente, knn Arbor; dr 1. V. Wak; ■ fi50m3 Money to Lend. XCAN FÜBNKU MONBTÏ on rijni(t)lj íitims and "'::o'ldF:ll"""ï""7i;.,!;Ai.. Ano Artor, July 93, 1853. '■'-'-■


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