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GREAT. GJREATER GREATEST BAÜGA.INS EVKU UFFKIiKD : 1859. 1,-1859. Iu tliiá City, aro now being offercd ut the ; CIIEAP,CU)CK,WATCII, & J o xv o 1 xy Storo THE Stibterlbor wouldeny tn lY.v. citizonp of AnnAr bor, in particular, mtd r, nsat oi Wa' hionnw Countv inecnt-ri]. ihat hubnsjuat lMt'OKIT.D DlRECTLY frum feOnÖP&'.a Trotnendous Stock of Watcheej Alj of vbich h'ï binMsliiqt ■ !l than pan bf; boufffct wcñl ot Uw Vork 'Uy. '■■"i. Vtcc Cylindèr Irona 80 te 810 do do Lover do do 8 to 21 IIuiHli do do 1 ! to 33 '!" do OyUndor do do 9 t o 2t Oold WatehesfroTi 20 to Uu Í 1 nyu í'.ái. ttm CELE BK ATE D AMEWCAN WAT CUES,1 wblcli I wTïi iêti ttt $SS'. ËVerya'tcE warraottd to : perform wWl, or the mony refiiaded. Jfjwi !ry, Piatcd war. Fancy GchvIs. Gold !''n, MuaicHlInstruuieiita nui trings, ! CntWy, &c„ :md ;;i .'ei a vnriet.y oí OTytbinp ostral ïy kr;t yjew plors cap bc boQgbi for tlm next ninoty days nt y uur OÏÏN P B I C E S I Privona !-uy:iiv m.ything nt thU wrll Itnown efftabUsbme ut ertn rely upon ir; tting goods exact'y aa . prpsontf-d, ortherooney rcfunded. Oailearly ml secure the best borgaina ever ofiercd in tii City. Oro word in regard to Repairing : Wo nrr prepared to m$kp nny repnirs onfino or comtnon VVnifhPB, ovon to m-iltinec ct the entïre watcb, 1F nncessnry. Repairing of CJocks nd Jcwrlry as uaunl. AIko t'if maünfttctiiriPt f KIN'iJS'. lï]{()0Cfï8, or anything des íred, fromüalífornia Gold onshortnotice. Kneraipc in allita branchesexnented witbnent. nt'ÈS anddipntch, J C. WATT?. Anu Arbor, Jnn. 28th!B59. 7Hw Important National Works, ruUitn-.i by D. A.PPLETOÑ & CO., 31G AND 348 BROADWAYNKW YORK Th1 following 'vn-i.:s nre cjtto Subserilow in any pa] f of tho miitry, (apon rcceïpi oí' retail pricc,) by majl or expn1 ■ . j repfti ' : TUK NKWAMHUI.W CYCTOPaSDIA; A Popular píctionarj t Ueaeral K.mnvlolfí-. Ivlíted bv Gbo. Kü ■■■.sa. Jïaxa, aided 6y a anmeiouV select corj in all btancbos of Bcionces ,ri and Uterature. Tbia work la bèin ; o aboiH ÍÓ l:irgc octfi.vovolumea,eachconl4iuÍDíí TöOtwo-Colami papos Vol, i., ii.. in., ïv. v., vr, vu., vin., & i. arenov ready, eacb contalniñg nr 2.5O(iniiL-iii;il Hi cles. An addltíonal rolóme wül be pnblished once in KbOllt thi'r'O miKilli-i. a Clotü, ,3; Sheep, É3.&0; Half Russia, $4.50 : . ■ :' ; .. iibouf be dr sopi ■ wil in ut lioiu i'L'dan hensivf butsmi .-l, iVeofrom personal pirjuo and part; prejndice, freab mul vet arcurate. It ís a statement of all (nat ís knoxrn opon every impuriiüit topic wlthiD the soope of liuiü.ui intellfgence. fevry important article iuif bas beeu peciatly wnftèb foi lts pages by men who i autboritlea apon i lie topic fin wblcb they ipefiK Th&y are re quired to bnn? tkM suh.íct up t,i the presen! moment; to rtatejust bow it utaDdü now. All the sf:iiistical inforniation ia from tinlaled report HigcograpWcal accounts keep pace vnh the latest explorations; blstorlcal mattere Enclude the [ustvtews; t)ie biogpapliipft) tioticen ds ak nol onlv of thedead batalsoof Qving. it s a hbcarv of twlf AURlDGEÍfEXT OF THE DEBATES OF CONGRESS Being aPolitícal H CTnjt&j títatcsj from tlie organization of the firsi -n-sir: !7h" t O 1866. ' Bfliíedaml c 'n: !■■■ I [Jon. TlIO Hart lti:y?oN,from i (t&tk. Tl e wurli will be cocspleted in 15 rovl octavo roíame)1 ■U "are now ready. An'adl ditional vmIuikl1 'ü bc publislu-d ooce ín threemontbs Cloth,! teèp, $3. Half Mor.. 14; Hall ('air. 3-4.50 cach. a way of rnocrRTG tiiegyclopoia ordebaks Ponn a club of tour, and romit thepriceof furbooks, yill be sent at t)c i'Cüiittèr'.s expe c&rríñgé; oí t'or ten 1 1 ivon copies will bf our expenw Pot carriage. To AgAlèt4. Xo n', ; ii:y ïn-wiird 1lií exertionfl of vgi'ls. Av .r,v,sr waxtko IN TinsOm-NTv Ternas mown on Application to the Publishers. Anu Arbor, Marcb, 1859. 6902fljiit -, v Bev. TflOS, M'riüiit, agent at Kinoe SiSmfthfi Üook btore, Ypsüinti. Blackwood's Magazine AND TUE Brilish Reviews. GREAT HVDLCEMEXT SUBSCRIBE! PREffllUMS aad REDaCTIOlvS. L. SCOTT& CO-, N'EWYOÜK, continuo to pubiisb tin followinfr leudlng lïritisli Perodicols, viz: 1 TflK LONDON tUARTKRI.y (ConsarvatiTe). 2 THE KDLN'BUÍÍGU Ut.VIlfW (Whig), TIIENORTII BHITISH RKVIEW (Free Chnrch). THE REVÏEW (LÏberaï) B BLACKWOOD'S KMNIR'IÏGH MAGAZIKR (Tor.v). Tbe present íritíc:il state of Europeas afifeira witl reniicr Iho.e publicatioos unusually interi the fortlicmniüg yo;ir. They wíl! ocenpy a inkMir gronnd betiveen the bastily Britton npws-tt''tiis, crudc PpeculaJtiontf, and fiyíng rumora Qf the niy Journal, :ni'! iini' i u-i' Tome of tiiti future historian. yni tvu afler tlic . ment of the politica] eventsof the time shaTl have papsed avay. It Eb to these Periodicala tbaf readers must look for tbe oly re4.lïy intelliible anti reliablo biatory of ourrptf érente, and snob Uo a4dltlop to theü rell-eatablfefcod Ltterary, scientiflc, and tbeologfcal qharacter, v.c ufge .]i. m upon tji&considti ntion of be vcaHpg public. The raceibt of Atïvaiicc Sheets (rom the puUi-h'.-r yivcs addmouki vUip to thene Ö iuasuiuch ;is Uiey tan uovv bo nlaoed in the hands of subscribersubout as 80bn as the original eilifionp. TËRMS. (Regular Piiccs ) Per anu, Forsnyoneof the four Retlevsi f - $3 Qp oí -uytwo of the four ReviewSj S 00 For any ihitc of the tour Kt", iews, - - 7 ('0 Kor all four ol the Reviews, 8 00 For Blackwood's Migatiufl, - - . - '■■' r-i Blackvrood and oné I'f-viow, - - - 5 00 For Black wood and two i;.vi.-.,s. 700 For iilackiyofldand threc Ifcviows, - ï - 9 '10 For Bladkwood an9 tbe fdürReviews, - - 10 00 Money currunt in the State piare issued will be reevhed ál par. POSTAGE. Tlie Postagk to any ay( of the Vnited States will be but Coiita ;l vuur for " Bla?kwóod," and bat Fourtcen Cents a" year for each of tlic Reviews, AtHho above pfices the Periodicals will bc Farnishe'd for ïöO'-i. AN3) ASA Premium to New Subscribers, the os of tlie samo Periódica Is U-r 1SCQ will befurnisheti complete, without nddhional charge. the niniï liphemeral Maprazints of the day. thr--(' Föi iodicals loae little by ag%. llent-t1, a Culi yjeaf of the Nos. for 1860, may beregardcd neany as valuable as for 1863. Subscribo rs yrishing also tho Xos. fr ISfil, will bo BUppïied al l!n; toIIoWing HXTkRMStT LOTV BATJCS. Splendjd Offers for 1860, '61, & '62 Together. Por Bflbkwood'S'fagaziue, the throe years, S" 00 foï ny one Rftview, - - " ll 5 00 For any i no Reviews, " " 8 00 Kur Blackwood and ono Review, ' í( R 00 For BlacSwooÜ mul tv ó Reviews, " " Í9 00 Tur iliicr Reviews, - - - ' u 1100 1 .n I '.!:l--1 vood and three Reviews, " ' 15 00 For the four Rèrlem, i' " 13 00 For Blackwood and theiour Reviews, " 1" 00 Any "f the above works will also be furnished f o JV? Subscribers for the y rl85o- , 8, an I !', At Oue HaJf the Regular Subscription Prices. Thus o Nao Subscriber may oljtaín the Reprints of tht FourBevlèws an3 Blackwood, Seven Consecutive Year for $37 ï ! ! Whirli isbut Itttlfmore thèn tbepriceof the original works for one year, As we. shall never ag.1!!! bo likely to offer sucli iodupe ment-; .-is tliiHt! her'e pWenföd. Now is the time to Subscribe ! ! ijf lít'inittancos must, in all casis, be made rfíffcí tü tkè Pubüshers, for al these price.3 110 comiuistjio'i eau boallovi'ud to ugents. LKON'.Al'.DSrOTT &CO. rso.iwGMdstreotNewYork Ann Arbor Marble Works. II AS on hand a fine aSSOTtment of American aud 1TAL 1 A N MA. Li B L I nhiclihe is prepared to manufacture into II E A ï) ySffiaT""" ' "f STORES T O M B WS SkltïÈ TA ULES nalltheir Taricttosand iu a VOUKMAXUKE manner TTavins had considerable evporlencp. in the bmiaest he flatters bjnualj tbat be will be abletu piense all wUo me with their Qr,ers. Hin pvloai L O W AS THE LOWEST, those vrUh&ne any thing ïn 1117 line ure leflpectful Inrltsdto oall C. BATCHELDEB. Ann Arlu.r. May 20,1861. BOlt' TO LET. Tuk BMSK ÜOUHE BirtHÖtrn iww uwiupbri by OId&b Ilawkins, Kiiq ., on Detroit street, Aim Arbor, pos. ''M Ino lal of April iril atoxes fttfd r')O)n in Buchoz's Block to et togoqd sícady tena ais ata vlt luw reijl , unmfldlae ,i. Inquireof Ano Arbor. Mareb Í8, XS6I. tj


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