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Sarsaparilla FOE PUEIFY1NG THE BLOOD. -And for the speèdy cure uf iho foljowinic fpinjrialnt&jí ürt-ofiiln niil SciofuloTi Afrclo,iueh is Tnmors. iiers, Sores, ''iriiiuions, Pimplen, i'r.siiilr, Bloteliés, iiuilg, Xjluiu.j, mul all Skin Diseases, OAlti.ANn. Ind., 6t .!i:iif. 1 ' I, J. C. Aïf.ii Sí Co. Uenta: 1 rdsl t my duly lo acknowledge lint yonr Parwipaiilla lo ilouo liir me. líavini; inlioi i tcS u Scrofulou : i. .ri-.n. i hnto hum it iu viirious ways fot jeais. ;- :■„ :,::■ t biirst on; in rict-v r.n tiatiAg and araren fiofnefluieii it tunnV. iuwaid mu] r, ■ ,: ; . . { , ,)l!Lt ),, 'j'wo yean n.uu it luí ■. I .--:- 1 n.i .■■■ and ears wlth i li was pnSiifiií :i,i.i hxttliaouio beyontl descriplion. I trled inatiy ] I severa! physiclans, l.m without inch relief Trom any ti. i fait, tlif Aisorder grew won. Atlength I t" ii-ü.l iu Un ii.,-ni Measengw tlial roo liad i ou altoraüvo (SonüipiuUla), I r] km fioui your reputa' ti"ii thal n.'iy tlihig you m -1 mu I i ■■ gooil. 1 sent t Clnclniialinndgnt it. and raed il tiü il ctu it, as yon aiU j.m. in mm;i11 dust-a of u k'jtsp lODful over a month, nnd nsod ivlniost tlirae . ir itnd hcalU skhi bíi :i kegan t" fbrm umfcr tlio cnb, wlilcli añera wliile fcll i'it. My skln N uow clenr, nnd I know )y my eouc :...:u iu' Bjítetti. ' 1'oii can woll i, -lloví; tkut I feel what I .-un saying when 1 tell yon, tliat 1 Ur y'ou to bfl one uf toa apostlon f tho age, auU reuialu ver gratefully. ïoura, ALïliED lï. TAl.r.r.Y. (it. Anthony' Flrc, Roso or Eij siiicla, TetKír nuil Snlt lUuttni, Scnld Ilcad, ltliigworm, Sorc Sycs, liropay. Dr. Iloliort M. PreWe wrltOÍ rr..n ,-;. ni. N. Y.. I2th Sept., 18Ö9, tluit lm ]u3 ciiK'it an inveccrato caso of nrbícli tbreatuueil to termínate f;itally, by the persevêrhig ne (.fnnr Stirsaparllla, rtnd ;i1sd :i dangeroua MaH'jnmü ISnMhl-j.-t iiy larpro doses of tbs -uno; says ho cuvos tlio commoD IBritptioHt t v t inoust;::ilv. Bronclioctle, Goitrc or Sivellcd N'eck. Zabulón Sloan ■! l'p npcct, 'JVxas wilíea : "TUree bottle9 of yout Barflapavltfa cnred me fróm a Obiir - ji ijideons sivcllipg on the noch, ïrfiieh 1 lmj ñObittd fiom ovl-í' two yeítra." Lf n onlwn DrWllUel, Ovnrlnn Tumor, Vterinv L'lceintluit, Fcnutle JDIscuscs. Dr. J. ]!. P. Channlng, of New V' rk City, rites ; "I moat cheerfully comply witli thé reqüeat of agent in nyingl have foumi jour Si)rMtparill a moat excellent alterativa in tlio nunierous cniuplafts fur whicb we employ micli a remedy, out emeclally lo fírmcuc Biseases of Uio Bcpofnloiia dlnthwlu 1 bave enrod nmny invoter- ( Lom orrboea if L and wmc vrhere tbe coml'lniiit was catisotl by ttlceration of t lic ulertcs. The iilcorstion itself -.ï:if Boon cnred. Nolltlng witlijn my kuowledgo oquul.4 it toi tiloso lómale deraugonijeDts.11 Ëdwnrd S. Marrow, of Newbnry, Ala., irrites, "A danproná ovarían lumorón one of tho lómales in myfamily, whicli liad iU-fl((i all the remedies we cotild cnipl-iv. lius nt laogth boF-ii complefcoly cured by yr.ur SxtnotofBarecqiaillla. Oiir pliyeidan tltouglrt nolbing.but extirpatlon eoulil afford relief, bilt he aUrlred tl, e hlal of yonr ParsaparOla aa the last reaort beforo cuttlng. míil ii pmved 'fTectiiuI. Aficr faliinyonr remedy t-ight wockq uo symptom of tlie djsease re&iaiB." Sypliilis anti Mciruvinl Dlsrnsc. Nar Ori.eans. 2ilb An-nst. 1S59. Dn. J. C. AlER : Pir, I ebeerfully comply wlth the reÏuest of ynur gent, and report to you somo of tho eflects have reallzed "'!: your Sáreaparllla. I have cnred with it. in my practico, mot of tho compl:iints for uhicli it is recomniended, and lmve futind its effects truly wonderfiil in tbia cnrt of Fettereal and SleX'. curial Dismie.' One of my patiënt had Brpuilltio nlccrs in bis throat, which wero consuming his palnte. and tlie top of his motith. Yoor Sarsaparilla, eteadllr tnken, cured liim in fivy weelis. Another was nttacked by seeondary Lyinploins in hix nose, juni the nleeratioil had calen away a considerable part of it, bo thal 1 belieTe the disorder would poon reacli nis bralri and kil] hini. lint it yielded to my adminiBtmtinn of yuur Banaparflla; tho ylccis liealtwj, uijd ho is wcll ftaiu, nut of poprse witbout sonie disflgurittion to hls face. A woman vbo had beon treatcJ for tho amo disorder by inercury was suffering from tbls poisou in her bones. U'hey hau Ijocotnö so sonsitive to the weaibar that un a damp day she suffered azcruciatiDK pain in her joints and bones. Sho, too, was cnred enúrely byyour Saraaparllla in a few weeks. I know fioni ita formula, which yonr agont fravo me, that tliis l'ieparatiün fiom ytmr luhi,lalorv must bu a great remedy; consequcntly, these nuly remarkable rcüults with it have not suiprised me, 1 iai niully your, O. V. I.AUTMER, M. D. Itliiuiiintism, Gout, IiiveT Complainti IrfBEPENDKNCE, Preston Co., Va., ttli .lulv, 1859. DE. J. C. AïLR: Sir, I havo beon afflleted iili a pninful chronic RlieumaCism for a long time, which baOled tho skill of physicians, and slurk to me iti eplto of all tho remedie I could tind, until 1 tiie'il your Sarsai aiilla. Ono bottle cured me in two weeks, aud restorcd my general healtli somuch that I am fnr better than beï i attacked. I thiukita wonderful medicino. .1. l''lt!!AM. Jules Y. Getcbell, of St. toni, v.rit. s: " I have heen afflictsd for yearswith au afftclionoj Uit J.i-n: rliich destroyed niy health. I (ried t'very tli)ng, and every Ihlug fuiled to relieve me ; aud I have heen a brohen-down niiui for Eome years (rom no other cause tban deranganent uf Vit Liver. Mybeloved pastor, tlie R r. Mr, i:py,advUc'cl me totry your , Sarsaparilla, Ijeeíiuse ho said hc linew ycu, and any thing you made was wovlb trjlng. lïy tho blessiug of (Jod it has cured me, and bas 80 purified my blood as to lnake ix new man of me. 1 feel yonng ajrain. The beBt that cap to said of you is uut half good euough." Sclliinis. Cnncev Tumors. Kninrjrement, Ulceralioik, Caries and iLxfoliution of tlie liones. A grpat varicty of caaes have lieen reportad to ns whero cures of these, foimiilably complalnts have resulted from tii ■ tis? of this remedy, bul our nrtt berewlll not admit them. Ëomc nf theill may be found in our American wliieh the agents below nauicd are pleased to finnish gratis to all who cali for them. Dyspepsln, fleurt Dl'rnsr, Fits, Epllepsy, JÍIeluncUoIy, .c uraliia Many remarkable cures of these affections hure been made by the alUTative power of this medicine. It stimuïates tho vital functions into vigorous actio, and thua overcomes disorders which would be stipposert beyond ita reach. Sucli a rewcdy ha.s long been k quired by tho necessitics of the people, and we are confident that this wi! do for them all that medicine can do. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Fon THE RAPID CURE QF Couc;li-s, Col cis, Influenza. IIoarBcness Crotip. I!i oiKÏ.it is, Im-ipient 011buinpiion, mul for tlie Relief of Consitinptivc Ia tienta In aclvaiicecl Stages Of tlie Dlsease. Tbis ie a remedy so uuiversfllly known to eurpnss any other for the cure of thtoat aud hing compliimts, that it is uselcsB hevo to puhlifih tltc ovüleBce of its virtucs. lts unrivailod excollenco fvr coughs nnd colde, nnd ita tmly wonderful cures of pulmonfiry discase, have made it known throughout the c-ivilized nntions of tbe earth. Few nrc the conmmnittes, or eveo fnuiilieB, anioiir tin-m who havo not some personal experienco of its effects-- sonio living tro]hy in tlnir mfdsi of its victory over tho üubtle aud dangerous disorders of the throat and lungs. Ai all know the dreridful futality of these disorders, nnd as they know, too. the efl'ects of this remedy, we need not do moro tlmn to nssure them that it has now all the virtuee that it lid have when making the cnros which havo won bo strongly upou the confidence of mankind. Prctpared by Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mas. Au i . i m_ Maynard, Steblnns & Wilson, FARRANO, BHELEY & CO., Potmit 809yl J ïï. BURKII.L, Travelling Kent. NEW GOODS For the Spring, 1862. o HACK & SCHMID Would respcctfully aimrnmce to Lho Citizens of Washtenaw and adjoining Counties that wc are novr receivlng Direct from ilic Eastcrn Mar7cets} A full and complete supply of Staplo .xxcl E'ancy DEY GOODS, Ladies' & CMldrans' Shoes, GKOCEKIES, CKOCKERY, &c. Pm-ohaspd by one of our flrro for cash, and notwithBtadicg the hárd tilftcs westall continue to Aiiú. Weekly Aildiiïons To our stock in order To. Accommodate our Customrs! with overything thoy may ncod to a;k for. H wc wUl pledga oursclvcs io sell as chcap AS TIMES WILL TEKM1T and wWch is alvrayi M .s XjO"w as th.e Lovest. At fhe B&me thnfl wehopeour friends nnd custoraera uilitx'ar iu piitul tbat the tïmes coinpel us to sell our joods For Cash or Ready Pay. Ann Arljor, March 28, 1861. 846tf Fruit and Ornamental THEES, JT 31.O-W PEICES. mHESÜBSCKIBERSarenow preparad t, n-cniye w1 ders for all HM of Ftarl and Ornamental Shnii. Plant, Floweraatid Vrnesof .■■. ■ ■ an,l f"i FaU ..f U-'i nd SBrilM }Z Wit have a large stock now gröwing, aña 't' " ' '" ínaka Urge üvportatloña fi-i i iea ""'"■"l t.,AnnArbor,SIlch. DoBQISj CAllI'v & 00. A.m M.; Juno 9t ! J3tf


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