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Items For Soldiers And Their Friends

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Sflnd yiuir suldier a little pareul of Payenne pepper uid anothor u" cloves. - Tlie Goveminent rationa iudurla 'jn urn nia'ies and nn condimenta tu' Mtt, nnd tlio moderate use of thes teuds to prevt'iit scu-vy ;iii(l tn keop tlio in order. Add alwo a littli pnper of lurk spur seeds. Spirit or bolltng water in whioli 'hey Iinvi' been snukcd will 'ffectuallv dcyfroy lice The wlvile mav go in a letti-r undor one postago Hianip. - W o add, let tho recruit soe tlint hts rule of pneking e, iot liow nin-li lio eau gpf in liis Knnpsack, bnt liow little. F'ienu.a will pro-s manv Huncrs upo" yon ■ liicli n il:iy's inarcli will provea barden Take witli you onlv tliose artioles wliieli you connof do without Gen. M:in?fi-ld went tbrmiffli the Texiean War witb thfpe hiokorjr shirts nnd his blankets. - Au onnee lieeomes n pound townrds tlie end of n day'g mareh. Look to your foet - cut your nails nnd oom - wear aeamhss wonlen socks nnd rasy shops. Batlie your (eet evo.ry dav. Wben you lialt, lie down. When you camp. eat and go rieht to sleep. A little pepper in the inouth will prevent you. froni fallinL' asleep on vo;-r p'isí. Á fit? pi'pper in stntrnant wuter win prevent bowcl enmplaifrt, Don't ent, wlien on the marol), all yo.''r rntions ai; onre Onrry a mail vial of b,rnrly, hut don't uso t excfpt wlior absolutely necessary. When wounded it mny preserve yottr life, tlicreforo save it for au emerjrency. V lien goirifr info action dont tliink you are a coward beeause you trenilile. The prnof of couraire is that, nntwirhstaiiiliiiir ynu know and fucl thp dangr, yet you fitca '■■ BniïV criuiiililiï, lmt make the b st of pvervtlii"L'. Bi' clioorfnl iihder difficjn!tie-s. Abovn all ho spiriinally preparcd for life or di-iith. If you ure not one aireadv, alfow me to invita yon to bocome n sddicr of tlie L rd Jesus Christ. 7ou hnve piven ynuiwlf. a living sacrifice. for '!.'■ vdemption of our nittion. May its blessingg attend ynu. Make a rielier pift of lif-art and life to hirn, who, above all present relations, is worthy so priceless in offering. God grint that imnior tal hnnnrs await you n ]jis service.


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