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A Keen Reply

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cnsidenil!e l:ii'ty, hid boen id;im in injí wii gre:tt em netmiss t he doctrine ií Vox ÍOPULf, Vox Uki against, vl;ose tnlunts t'iü nul uriwii'ihv tlie fuinjlv tu w 1 1 u: h she ja)cngu(l. Ai hist ihe rts;ic;her, t p::t in end to the cn;iriiverfy, put lii irgi)jnt;(it D U)f chupa of :i diotuin, iinlM:id - " I !l-1I yiii] bister-, the voioe of tht peoi]i; s the voiue 1 Gnd '' "Yiíw," shu replied, mildlv, " it cried Gniciíy hiin ! cnioity liim !" A more idinirable iruwor uas, perhaps, nevel' (fivt'ti t A Worthy fcu.jur uiio thorough ly detested tnxen :ind tus collectors. WHgonca cnllod on by i (?o!lc'or ;i sec und time Ur rnoney, for whic;h f)'' liluid the reot'ipt. md ;is ho Imd loid ijje toiy to llH fiiend : "Wel!," Huid ;hc nicinl, "what did you do?1' " Di'i I whv, I reiimntriitucl witlihim!" 'nd to 'wliat effect ?" Well, I don'l ""' t'i what fcffuot, but the polcur was bciiit IV L3 It is ensier t sati? fv thd firs' Tfyiire desire ttian to BHtisfy ]l thut (dllow. f" A man s vuliiei] as he maken himself Vuiuiible. kp Tlii' h ii'ihsioDö s tlie coniei ti:iB ol' iho Ropuhlii:. S Theru is no wrtk-iiedness lil;e sell ivjironch. .


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