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The British Press On The Alabama

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The tendency and probaMö effect of Semines' agt (burning the hip Bi-illiunt) however, remaní apart Inna Ii is intentions; Americau .lilors must in fu'uro fly :it tlie aiiht ot' u burning sliip nsteud of hastening to rendcr aid, and the New fork Ohai.itei' of Voii.nieici; s riht in denouucing it as a crimu against hilmanity. The furtber decliiratiou that a hih outrage agaiiist the riglits of ueutrals is comtmtted when liritish and Amerieai; propt-rjy ia burncd tojjetber without adjudication, wiíl alio Dj goneral'y ussentud to n tiiia cuuiitry, not thp (usa ga !j_cause we have biluBrto been the cnief pnifercrs by the bi illiunt fcats of Cantain Sciinnus A goverumeiit cannot bo ansuerablc fur even' pal ry infr;iction of obligatiüii to whioli its subjects umy be ten pied by isolf interest. But hore we have uothiug less than a regular dockyard establishment in full work, uiaklng a navy to be used against a fnendly póWer, after we have declared our neotruljtj We put it to her Majes y's governmeut wheiher, for tlit) honor of Majesty, it ia not bound either to tenniuate tliis illegal staie of things, or witljravf the proclaïi'OU, HOW ÍIIP ÜABAMA WAS BUILT. From th Moinmg lar. V hilo that vessel ivas in courseof conjtruction at Birkei'head, the American Consul at Liverpool irado a representado on the subjocl to the custonis authoiities. Nothing came of it ; and furtlitT represeiitations yere made, v-.ü bt iit'Te, to the ijoiird ef Trade This ppoviug iuelfeetual, iho opinión ot' lfr. Collier, Q U , was taken on tin; lawfulness of thu proceeding, under the Queun'a pioclaum tion ot neutral i tj, The ea.ned geutlewoii's opinión was decidedly againsl tiie buildcis or (iwiuTs of the Vessel, was thereforu subinitten to the Foreign Office The h'.w officers of the orown were tlieu co;.nulted ou the nia'tcr, and iheir opinión, we undeistaid, entire'y coincided with that of Mr. Collier. It beca me, thurefore, the duty of the government to ergvent the depa;-tnre üf the Alabarna, out by tlie time tliis decisión was atrived at she had lfft the Jlersey, and perhaps commenced her career of dejiredatiou and destruction. Títere ure uther significant passages in t bu same paper. We quote: NINE I1EBHL SII1PS. It is kniiwn, bowover, tfyit at many as nine othíf uqijXi ure being built or eqwpped n; Briiüh harbori for the service of the Confedérate, [f tliey vveio to serve giiuply and strictly as vessuls of war - if tliev wui'u to bu employee! n au atte;pt to bro ik the bK)C.adu. to recover New Or luaiis, to figlit tlie Federáis in the Soutbcru rivera, or otlier legitinmte arts of warfare - lliey vv-iuUl, nevertheK-ss, be suojeot to trreít a id lictontion They would eoiuo clearly w'.thin tlie prohibition uf auts tendiug to aid and assUt uither bulligerent. M 1


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