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Answer To A Fair Correspondent

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- A lady aks us whether vve think ;in iction fnr b enrh qf [romíse of' rmir riniri! 'Min he sus linc-d nffiinst the vvritar fif the foFf'iwioíj verses: " Anapi ! Vnoath whose fqlcjed wing Mv soul Would rest. Be mine, tar lo ! I've Uoaght the ring, And all tlie rest Of those h'uie treasures and etcétera Wliicli every one who tries his statej to bettPr lias !" We doul)t the nucess of an nction for brench of promise f mnrrlaa, bnt n more ftlnrinj; cane of " breach r{ prome d poetry" never parxiö under nr observution. VW ' Lnst snmmer, in (he heighth of mnsquito time, tl. e l'ttle rasnuls pvwntjced their songs nigiitlv, to the annonnre 'f everv one. While nr little (firl, Et'ie, then nbnut fiye years olcl was beinji piit to bed, her iiiother Kaid to her : 'E'ti', ynu must be a gond i'irl nnrï then nt night when yon ara iislccp, the íing(js vsiil come xt)a watch ar umi ytir bed " " Üh, yes ma," s:'u Eltfe, "I knnw that. 1 henrd ihcm sinoinp; nll :irnund my he:id lust night, and lome f ' them bit me Ino !"


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