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Retaliation Threatened

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feo the Jíov ïo;k jyorld. Washington, Nov. 21. A ruport is eurpent here, and very generally believed, tljat Qea. Lee, of the rebol array, Las reoently addressed a formal conimnníoation to Gen. lialleck touehing the proposed issue of an emancipation proelamation on the íírst of January next. The poiut it is said to con taii) are as follóos : First, the unwaivantable nature of the proelamation, so far as the recognized pjeasures of military wafare M concerned, The faet is pointed out tba in no work on military law is the iustiLation of a gervile war rccoinmended, in dorsed, or even mentióned ; t'iat, being outsidö out of military law, the Southern peoplu are justified in regarding it as CODïing uoder tho brutal and savnge expedients of a barbarous people, and reBeuting it a3 sucli ; that tha enemy tbat will use it does an act as unjuatifiable as the poisoning of wells or of food, the maíming and raurdering of prisoners, and the ovjtraging of woinon. On this grouud it is dsmanded that the proclumation be withdrawn. Sccond, it ís fürther urged by General Lee that in case tlic proclamuüon is not withdrawu the Confedérate military authoritie8, sorely against their will, but strongly in the justice of their position, will be compelled tó retalíate in the terncat manner upon all the Union prisonora that fall into their hands. Acüompanying this document, and addressed tQ other members of the government, it i stated that a letter from a high member of the Confedérate Government is now in Washington for uuembers of the Oabinot, arguing the question aa to the propriety of recalling the objectionable proelamation. Notwithstanding these Communications, it is still asserted here that Mr. Lincoln is deterrained to adhero to the proclamaron, and to carry out the radical programme to the bitter end. Ge? West Tenníssee is aow nearty free both from the rognlar rebel arrnies and gierrilla bands.. Tfi last vestige of the latter were routed and cïriven in oonfusion across the Teunessee, rear Fort ileary, a few days ago, by Gen. liansom. The ïuipresaion prevails at Meinphis that cotton will no Qorue in there as rap iu.'y s stoamers can be fuupd to bring it away. - i i i Min i r-m ïgjt. John Ross, the Uead ohief of the Chcr-okess has had an interview with the President to meet the necessity of scnding troops iuto the Chcrokee territory. - IJe declares that the Cherokees avo layal; but they had been deccived by Albert X3ike, Gov. Rector and Col. Cooper, whp tiold thein the Uuion was dissolved 3C Ohio ís the greatest wool-growjng otate, New York and Pennsylvunia next, Michigan ranks fourth. New Jersey raises more potatoes than any other ctoi. kjt tiwo to qno._ E The Garibaldiana who were e. cently aranestied are to be sent home to thoir families at the expense of the Italjan governraent,


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