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Y' the .,f ;hc .11 MièhigftB: It is esseuli:-! to 1 1 10 i),.-iiiit:iinr,t)ce of tlio ij oiior of' !',ib 8t;ite, by ipeetltig ita ttbliytiti'MiH tu t lic Fl'coi';i1 govcrutueut, j tlmt t!iü ijuota oí troops ivquiied of Mich.i- iii! (.':li fur six hundred thousaiid men, -hould lic spetdily furnished. l liuve telt ro;it. ctniüdcnce that this niighi be dui.e without resort to a draft. ■ but i wül bc iiü)i.sili]c ;it the rute en listinents hav(i liut'ii mak ing for the last 'innntli or more The nuinher required ; of eauh lown and ward in the State has : now heen ftSfckrycd upon the principio of givmg credit fnr ill rner;(i ís furnished sincfi the fint of July last. Sabstantial justice in this respect h:i8 been done towaids all. To be exiict was inipossible, ftfid to gn back of tho lst of July was Uipracticablc, both because the order of tho Pepretary of War did nQt autborize it, and bcc:uso tfiere was no reliablc record ijjt vhieh snob credit could bc made up wiih any chance of f'uirnasS. ÍÍÍ3, 'UivTivDre, indispensable that the 8e v eral tow.ia, ;vd wards of ciiies, sliould furnish tho lumbpt ';f reeruits assigncd to .thei!), }. tnli', Ü;a oceasiou to as uure the pe.iplc that unlcss the men are furmshed by voluntary eulishncnts thcy , wil] be taken by the draf. For the purposó of still giving abuni dant öpportuuity to fill the quota of the ; Siatc by vol unt ir y enlistraent', ríiUug ! riü be continued :is follows : 1(. Recrijiis wül be reoeived for new ' ï'cgiments now fonning in the State and I for all the old regime iits now in the field until and including the 29th day of De' eomber next. Thcso must be enlisted for ■ the term of three years or during the war. ld. Ftom tho Srst to tlo sixteenth days of December uextj voluntéer reeruits wijl be ropeived, for old regunents only, to serve f or nitie inon'hs, iu pursuanpe of the act of Congress. 3d On the thirtieth da{ of Pecerr.ber next the draft wül commence and proooed until the requisito number is obtained in all those towns and wards which shall then Vso found delinquent. Loss than four thousand men are now required to fill tho entiro quota of '.ue I State and I earnestly hope ,at they will be found to come íorward cheerfully aud enlistV thé war, as all our troops tbus far have done. And I desire thig not so niueh becauso there is anything discredititble in a draft, as because it is exceedmglv desirable that all the troops from Michigan sliould stand upon the same, footing in the anuy. Let the people of : Michigan make one more loyal and vigorous cffort ai:d tho entire number re quired can be obtained, and the high rcputatioii of the State for patriotism and protuptuess will be fullv maiutnined.


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