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The Confederate Losses

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From tio Richmoml Dispatch, Nov. 19, The correspondent of the Savannah Repiiblican gives the fullowing as what he believes to have been the losses of the Confederates in the battles nained : Our loss in killed and wounded at Fort Donelson may bc roughly estimated at 8,500 ; at Roanoke and on the Nor tb. Carolina eoast, 600 ; at Elkhorn, 3,500; at Shiloh, 10,000; at Williamsburg, Sevcn PiDes, aud before Riehmond, 20,000 ; in the valley of the Shenandoah, 5,000; at Cedar Hun, 1,200; at the second battle of Maunagsas, 6,000 : at Boot.ston and Craraptou Gaps, 4,000; at yii:irpsbur.(?, 10 000 ; at Corinth, 4,000; at Perry rille, 3,000, and 5,000 for those who.liave fallón at outposts, in skinnished, &tc, Thfistí figures, added together, niake tliü enormous sura of 75,000 ! Of this Du.mher it would be safe to say that one third.,. ar 2:3,000, are now in thoir graves, having eiiher been killed out right or dWd trom their wounds. Quite as many-prcbably more - have died from siekuass. ïo this k"hould be added 25,000 mors; fap those vho have been mairaed and whose liQaUh bas been ruined for life. Thus, ovir loases in teD months of the present year mnj be estin;at?d at 75,000 men, who have either perished or have boen disabled. If tLe whole truth were known they woujd probably reach 100,000 by the end of the year, for the deaths fro:n disease in the hospitals, in cainp, and at home generally excecd thor.e in biittle. For every year the vjar continúes we must exptct our osualties to be quite as heavy as t'iey have feeën, the present.


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