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Condition Of The Rebel Anny

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The destiuito condition of the rebel anny is the bnnlen of imny complainls. Ono of the Georgia papera calis upen the charitable to proride olothing and phoes, and another saya: " The colleetions ol 'material here aod thero, and in srnall quantities.seeins a íedious process of providing clothing for our troopa during the coming winter; and ftfíer all our efforls the supply mav fall Bfaort, nnd many brave men be lolt to suffer. Stül it is our cnly tnode, save one, and tfiat h.y no meanp a peaceful one. Ytít we-iugard it as sarest, for it je clearly withiü rifif reach ;. and though it tuay cost some sacrifico of lift; und treasure, the govornmeut will be well coinpensated tor the expenditure. "Our plan is to draw upon the enerny for Bupplioe. With th" proper efí'ort we can take tbe great C'ininerau! emporiutn of the West, Cincinnati, and it will furnish íabries sufficiecit to m.-ike coiníortablo evory man ve havo in tho field. The idea ot respecting private proporty is now obsolete ; at leaBt it should be eo, for the enemy has long siiicü thrown it aside as a useless moral abstraution. Un the other hand the present condition of our armv will justily us in appropriüting for their comfort uil the means that, by the fortuno of war, may fa'.l into eur hands."


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