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Napoleon And Slidell

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Pavií (Noy. 4) correspondent of the Lontion Star. Some jouroale have spoken n a tri umphunt tone of the presentstioo ol Mr. STidell to the Emperor. Thev alludo to t as ene of the most important incidonts that has of lato oceurred in the politica! world, and profesa to sea n t a sign tbat the South vvill bo recognized by the Frenuh government. JJut therö is little reasog fordoing so. The Coa{pderate (Jomrnissioner was accorded an interview with the Emperor at the oit-repeated requePt of a gentleman who enjoya the iriendship of his Imperia) Mujosty. I am in a positioo to state that politics vvere not on this oyeasion alluded to, by either the Emperor or Mr Slidell, and tbat the latter was received in the presence ol geveral persons. A gentleman who cannot be mistaken en the subjeut, assured me last night that ihe Emperor conjined hi msrlf to a íoiCjto a Jew formal and polite tentences, such as he addrtfses to all who are presented to him under ordinary circumstances, and dismissed the Southern emissary a few mom"nts a fier hie iutroduction. J5@ Gen, Andorson of Fort Sumptef faflDL, jas been nssigucd to the command of the troops an.d fortificatipps sijtrrouiidiDg CovingtOD and Ifowpoit, Kenluekv.


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