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The Draft Inevitable

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(tov. Bi.aih Iris fixed; the time for the draft to tnke place. He sa.y8 that (ion tjip fïüfh day of J}epp)itic} nt'ift, thedraft will couimeiiee, aud proceed until the requisite number ig obtuined in all those towns and wards which sliull ihcn be f'ound delinquent." This is definite and. not to be misunderstood. It is, thereforp, time for our friends in the several towiiB aud frarcU to cast about tbein. - tf they would avoid tho dnift they must do so, aud that imir.ediately. Let tbc oitizens of eacli towuship tuke the matter in hand at once, and offer the proper inducoinents for patriotio young m,en, to eulist either in the old regiments or in one of the new regiments now íbrojing. Thriro are two or three iufantry regimenta no,t jet fvill, alsq fpur regiments of cavüliy or uiountod riflemen, and besides, a regiment of sharp-shootcrs has just been authorized. Tbc olJ rettlments are also wanting uien, aud if yon go into thom you vvill be sure of tried offieers. Let a united effort be made to 611 the [ quota of Washtccaw cqujity ar$d ayoid the draft The Governovs Proclaniation will be faund iu auotber column. in - in L2L We are not at all disposed to complain of the halt made by Burnside at Frederieksburg, and of the time gran ted by him for the removal of the omen and children frora the city, even though the rebels may have improved it to strengthen their fortifications aud bring up re.enforcements. In fact, we think ho knows best, but then, we espect that the (t on to Richmond men," the same who olamored for the removal of McClellax because be halted before the fortifications at Yorktown long enough to bring up and plant his siege guns; because be didn't rush iuto llicbmond after the battle of Fair Oaks; and because he gave the rebels time to bury their dead after the bloody day of Antietam, will of course demand the head of Buunsidi!, " in a charge " Or, do "oircuaistances alter oases?" LE X 11 the proeliunation of Gov. Blair, relativo to the draft- r-see another colurrjn-- he savs: " From the lat to the 16th days oí December next, volanteer recruita will be received for old regimenta only, to serve nine monthss in pursuance of the Act of Oongreas." We like to have mon enlist under deratandindly, and would, thereforo. be glad to have the Governor or some one else cite the " Act of Congress " that authorizas the filling the old regiments with volunteors " to sorve for nine months." Section 4 of Act oí Congress, npproved July 17th, 1862, provides " that for the purpoáe of fjlling up the regiments of ïofantry now in the United States service, the President be, and he hereby if, authorized to accept the services oi volnnteors in such numbers as may be presented for that purpose for twdve months, if not sooner discharged." Is there any later aot of Congress reducing the service to nine months ? In the samo proclamaron thö GovernoF also says : " Recruits will bo received for new regtments now forming in the State, and for all the old r,gimen(s now in ihe fiêïi, mitt!, antfirnJluding, the 29th day o! December noxt. These must be en Usted for tlit term of ihrce years or during the war." Doss not this, conflict with thn paragraph first qnotefl ? The order issued by the Adjutant öaeral in October, announcinjr thut if the quota was not filled by the tirst of December, voïuntears woula bereceived for nine, without limiting the short term to the old regiments, did more to stop enlistments than all other discourngements cornbined, and it is now trim tbat we havo ordera that aay what is tneant, aud ati'sast do not conflict yith th,enase'vos.


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