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The reault of the official canvas in the several oounties of tbis Congressional district is as follows: Granger. Lonuyear. Calhoun, 906 Eaton, 390 Inghant, 21 Jackson, 70 Washtonaw, 397 467 1317 467 Majority for Longyear, 850 Tli ese same counties gave about 5000 majority for JjIncoln in 1 860. S3T The telecraph gays that the Secretary of War has instructcd the authorities of Pennsylvania tbat no moro substitutes will be reoeived for drafted men. If this rule is made general, it will be produetive of much ill feeling. The newspaper publishers of Chicago have unanimously agreed to ini crease the subseription price of their dailiea25 por cent., and of their weeklies 50 per cnt. Tiie ncw ratea are for dailies, $9-; tn-weeklijss $5;weoklies, $2. - Aeonvention of all the faily newspaper publishers of the Northwest oonyi.-iii'J at Indiapolis on the 25th inst., and a geneval and uniform increaie of prices will probnbly ros'iH, ËtST Lates! reporta s;iy tbnt llic rubela havo couccutruled 7f.,0UÜ men ut FredricksbvlTg to dispute the iidvance of Burusido, aid rpnior saya tie cMny of the latió i-i ín oen s -quenco of tac; prcarrapgcd .umis of otlier folump? on Uiclimopd. Tlie Ricliiiio.iiditi's are said to 1)9 greatly alanned. LjS" Andkkw Uühí, oí 'i! oity, Cielito Mir,LixGT'iN, of Yjisiluiiti ; and D. C. Fknn, of Chelseá, have roceivcd tho nppofntment of Doputy Tas C0II9O; ors for this couuly ; and wc supposo are r,eady to receive green back's from the peoplo and grant liouuscs for all ooucciviiblo purposes. III U! " LíL" Congress will convene in rtgular ?eiioii qn Jlouday next, and already the ïu'wspapera aro Rpoouhttiig upon the prubablu contenta of tbc Presidents message aud the various Secretarles' re-, ports. We profcr to " wait ar.d gee,1' LS Tke diiiiu'r to Randolph ! IioaéJiS, given ut the Fiunklin, on Fridny night of last week, was largely attundod, and a good timo was had. Wc were unable to be present, and have not beon iurnished a report.


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