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The Rebels Threaten Retaliation

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New York, Nqv x-2. The following is from the Itiehmond of Nov. 22nd : Exkoutive Office Riciimond, ) November }7th, 18(52. ) To Iení. jTolmr.ij CnmipaiidiDg lissÍH.ippi Departinenl. Enclosed you will find a slip from Mempliis Daily Appeal of tlie 8d n-;t., I cnntaining an account, purporting to be I j derived from the Paleara (Jio ) tíourier, i a Federal jouniai, of the niurder of ten Confedérate citizons of Mis-ou'i bv ordj)r of Gen. MeNeil of tho United " States army. You. will eoruiunicate .by flag oí truce with the Federal officer commanding thst Department and ascertain if tho facta are as stated If thoy are so, you will deiuand tlie immediate surrender of MeNeil to the Confedérate authorities and if tliis demand is not complied with you will inforrn said commanding ofiioer that you are ordeed to ejecute tlie first United States offioera wbo faU Oto your hands. Very Iespectfil]y Yours, JEFFERSON DAVIS. - MeNeil is not a U. S. offiecr, but an officer of the Missouri Muitte. It i? said President Lincoln had repudiated. his aetion before JeiF. Davis' threat, and ealled upon the Governor of Missouri for his removal.


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