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Nashville Nov. 25. Some four bundrod of Morgan's Oavulry loft camp seven milos irom Lehanon, to attack the Federáis at at Wood's Ferry, on the Cumberland, and were shelled back, with a loss of two men Morgan is reponed to have lelt cntnp with his Wholö forcé íhc sume mght, to attuok the Louisville and Nashvilie railroad. Union refugees irom McMinnvillo sny the emarcipation proclamaüon is generally approved by the loyal men, ome oí them lurgi; slavoholdurn, Cotton js ohangiog hands hore at fifty two and faYty-fivo cents. &:Sr The grand expudition to open the Mississippi, under Gen. McOlernnnd, wil] oongist entirely of weatorn and northwestern regiments. It will embrace ten regimenté írom Indiana, twelve from llliinois, four from Iowa, four from Wiüconsin, two Irom Minne sota, and 10,000 troops novv in Kentucky. In addition lo this fprce, the gunboat fleet under Com. Porter will cooperaie with tho expedition. The fleet consista ot ten gunboats, carrying an aggregate Igl guns. 5L" Tho coat of a telegraphic dispatoh of t(M words from New York to Oregon is $8 70, and for each additional


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