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Fredericksburg To Richmond

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Froiti tlic.N. V. 1'oRt Fn-iloiiriburg is di-tant sixlyfive t::ii. s froin llic!inio:)(l, the gonl of liorn sicle's efliirtH It u connected wiiti the Ct:ljyl capital hy u railnmd, wliioh be;i; .'Y:$ :i chmh'o line it Haiiover Jnnclioa, t a t'",ty tlirce milnn from Rioh mond. A.I tb. i.).(.i.i)i u ruilroad at GorSouavüIo ulsu ' ciets. ilanover Coiiit-llúi]c, wbeui iuitdü v,a,s fuiiglit dünng the Poiñrisíiíúi' o unpaign, s i no of tliuso trucks, hImwi vyii iküiv'v firalalj This une ih the extensfoo ' tho Vii-giiiiii Cüiitnii Itailruiid, und the Conrt-iloi)e is iliütuiit eiglitesn miles from RicIwnoDd and ten milos from the JunoUon. Tho ri'.ihoad betweon Fi-odoiick:?,burg un] the JunotioB crosses ihe Muttiipony }livuY at Milfurd, thirtyBöven miles lro;u Frudi.'iksburg. It. {trowes tho Piimunkey, on ihc line of Hunuvcr and Caroliuo cannües sotne. twenty-five rniles irorr Kiclunond. Il crosses a number of Biiwllr watpr couises, but these are the two most cons. derable Bln-ains whose passage can bo disputad by tho eueiny. 'ihere aro severul coinmon roads leading from Fiiide.ticksburg to the rebel capital ; ind our armv cao ad vanee, as far s Üi Jiincüon, in at lenst four oolumns, one in the railro;id und three on p vallei common roads, not far distant irorn each other. These roads converge toward Hunover Court House and JuDction; and Irom these poinls two ro ds - besides the ruihoad - lead toward Kichinond, and meet ut Pretinm, a village some seveu miles from the capítol By vay of Fredericksburg is the shorteat land line (rom Washington to ttich.moud, and the easiest and cheapest f(r ni)'ilying an army. Suppiiw will be sent by water 10 Aquia Orek upd thence by railroad to Fredeiicksburg; and if the (Jiinstruütion Corps of the army repairs the below ihat point, they can be forwarded f'uriher by the sanie cheap and speedy co.nveyanc.e. If we ould count the rata ot progress of the arrny at ten miles ii ila,y, it voujd reach Riehmond in sis and u hajf days, ere no enemy barring the way.


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