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Dispatph to to Associated Press, N ew Yoitfc, Nov. 23. The Herald has a Fornandina letter of the lOth, giving an aooonnt of the bombardment of St. Marys üy the gunboüt Mohavvk. The troops laniled and wei-e tir) on by the rebels. One man was wounded. The rebels then nmstered Btronsfly, whereupon tlie Moháwk fired shells for twenty minutes into the town and stopped as afenaale, bounntí a flag of trucc appvouütteci the ship. Á Lieuteiumt went ashore and met her. On Lis retuni the ship hanled QJft jntendinji; to return to eruandina, wlien the rebels fiied a volley of waskevvy at the sliip, wl:ieh then return ed, lay abreast of the tvyn, aivl kfpt uu a lire for an hour and a íialf', pe'ducang half the place to aslies. Almost eyery house is injuied. Previous to iii'hig the secong time the Captain invited all tho voifl(jn aboard his ship, but tliey dcelined. Xu giins wero aimcd at the house in which they unsconsed thetnseivea. Nashville, Nov. 24. Thcie is a rebel brigade at Shelb} ville, under General Johnson. The Union men are makiiig armcd resistente to the consöription act in scveral portions of Middle Tennessee. Ten thousand rebels are at Tullahoma. It is rumoree? that the rebels are oarrying siege ccims to Murfreesboro. Tbe rebel .torce bet ween ChattallOOga and Murfreesboyo is said to. be sixty thousand. The rebel are removing their negroes and property South. Four Union men were inurdered in Wilson county by guerrillas. New Yokk, Nov. 24. An order was received at Hanisburg on Saturday, froin Washington, that no more substitutos in lieu of drafled men will be aecepU'd. The opinión is exr pressed that it v be covintermanded, although this impreesion ia not general, refused tp treat with the Federáis, and ordered all the women and childreu to leave the city, as he [utendcd to hold it with his torces. Nassau dates to the 1'4'tb instant, received in Charleston, announce the sinkingofthe steamer Kolsie. from a colusión, when fifty miles fi-om the coast. The Kelsie is one of the steamers built expressly on the Rivor Clyde, tp run the J31ockacle,


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