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Cape Race, Nov 24, Tbe stearuship Arabia from Liverpool the 15tb and Queeustown the lüth, passed tfiis point this moruing, and was boarded by the news yacht. Tiio linglish goverument has dissentod fvoni tlie Frenoli prqpotgal for mcdiatibn. ïbe London Qazeltc publishes IQurl llus sell's official icpíy dated ííov. 13vb. It recapitúlales tlie circular of Drouyn D. L. Huy's prcposina intcrvention. It recoguizcs the humuiiu views and benuvoloiit intcntions of tbe Emperor observes that the concurrence oí Hussia wouid be expressly desirable, but that up to tbe present linie the Russian governmeut bad not agreed to actively co-operate, although it may support the andeavors of Eugland and Franoe, Earl Russell theu eomineiided ilie decisión of her MajestyV govcrnnicut as followa : ■'Ater weigbing all the infartation. receivod from America the goyermüont is led to conclude that there is no grouod at the present moment to hope that tbe Federal Government wou.ld accept tbc proposul suggosted, and a refusal from Washington at the present time would prevent any speedy renewitl of the offer of the Qovernmeut " ïherefore he tbinkg it better to watch carefujly tbe progresa of opiuion in America, aud if, s tbere apponrs reason to hope, it may be fqund to have imdergone, or maj undergo any chauge, this Government may then avail themselves of sueh chauge to offer their friendly counsel witb a greater prospect than uowexists of its being ac?' CL'pted by the two contending partios - lier Majesty's Governiuent will cominunicate to tbe Freneb Government any iutelligeueo tbey may reeeive .froin Washington or Riclunouij hpur;ng ou this important subject. The London Times editorially observes, of Lord lu-'sells dispatch tbat bis arguments have hei) !)ntipp.ated by the pubün apd that this is tbe Dcst pioof ol tbeir soundnoss Latest. - The Australasian arrived at Queenstown this afternoon. Earl RusselTs dispatch produced dq effect coinuiercialiy. Tbe Ausfvalasian news of the eleqtion was recejved after business hours. France. - Tbe Ifonitettr says the answer of France and Ru$sia is an idjourn inent of tbe American question of mediation. Itadds: "If our inforinatioo is correct, the hesitatiou of Euglaiul and Iuasi noarly reaohea its liinits. Tbe recent elections testjfy the piogress of peace opiuion, wliich appuars likely to comluauá a majority in the net Oougress."


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