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Fortifying Below Vicksburg

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gL. Louis, Nov. 24. The Dtmor.rat haa nformation that the rebels re now busy iorlifying Port Huilson, La., ono hundred apd fiiiy miles abovo Nuw Orleann. The same engineer uho lakl out the werks at VicUsbui-fr, hu just completefi a plan of fortifieationH at Port IJudson. Ten or twelve guns nre nuw in position. In two weekh lrm the present time Port Hndson will be na stroqg as Vieksburg and prove a seriou bar to the ascentof Purrngut's ñeut. Tho rebels are now running steamboaU from Port Iludson t Lake Provideiue, a distanco of thirty unies. - They are also running boats on Red River, biinging immense supplies of cattle from Texas, and largo quantities of milt from tlip new salt worka on Red River, about fifty rniles abovo ite mouth It is stated their works produpe 10,000 busht-ls daily, uil ol wljiuh are sent East via Viekfburg. üáe object of fortifyjng Port Hudeon is to prevent tho Federal ioroes from reacliing their salt worka.


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