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Mr. Weed's Mission

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York correspondent of the Philadelphiu lnquirejr writes : " It is a well ascertuined fact npw, that Mr. Thurlow Weed is going to E.:rope on soine sort of a governínent wission, all tho reports to the oontrarv noiwithstanding. He wil] probably sail ahont the lOth of December. The particular nature of liiserrund, of coiirse, is a profoujid secret to everybody but hirtuMtlf and the governmenl, but there ia goud roason tí) believe that lie is espepialjj jqstrijeted to keep an oye on the Englist) shipyards, and report what vessels are there in preparation for the rebtls.- He w;ll also be auth:)rized to go as tut hs St. Petersburg, and eonfer wit'n the Czar on mattorsof mutual national interest. These statements are madp on the authority of Mr. Weed hjniself " ËfST Sepesh fcmale p;itriot!sm in Butler county, Alab:ii)ia, has boen displayed in a noteworthy inanuer. Misa A. Dunl)am, finding that she could not buy shoos, with her own hands has tanned sjiins and made ghocs for her motlier, three brothers, dcorepit father, and herself. Miss E. Fickling, a girl of nine years, has spun a most beautiful article of fine cotton sewing threud., upon (i conimon spiuning-wheel. L3 Gov. Jayne, of Dakotah. Territory, says the Ind.ian massacre? in Minneeota and Dakotah have bcpn fully esti! ma.tcd. He believes the uumber of persons' killed will not fall short of opc --5 J5H3T Tlio pooiv st kind of whisky i Belïiug ut $40 a gallon at Hully Springa, MiSS. Eucoiu-agrti" for temporalice soficties (j KïL" Tlie $000,000 of , per cent, war bonds of Riiodo Island, ha,vo btton awarded to parties in Jioston, at 8 per. cent premium and upwaïd. Uood fogr. patriotio " liltlc Rhody."


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