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A CARD TO THE LADIES. i DR. DÜPONWS GOLDEN HLLS FOR FEMALES. Tnlallible la correcllug. regulating and rcim.ving rü obstructions, trom whatrer canse, and always suceessful as a preventivo. Tr.e combinaron o' ingrediente in Dr. Duponco's (ioldcn Pili for Females are perfe-tly harmlf ss. They have been used in tlie prívate practico of D.r. Duponco nver SOyears.and tbousands of ladles can testify to their great and n.'vi r fni'ii:; mipoíM in alinu-t every euetBcwnctlna n-5:u]ant:. rdimng pinfal and .iistrossitiií TOonstruaiinn. particular i,, tlie c.lmngc of lift. FroBBTv to jon pillswill cure thllt common Jfrt .ireadful complaint , tlie Whites Ncarly every fcnmle nthe land suffers fr. in tilia compbiut. Tlic above Pili lias prmanntly cv.rod tliouaands, ar.rt tliey will cure j ou if you use tliom. Thcy can BO hai m yon; on the contrary. remove all obstruotions, re storenature to its pr.iper clmnnel, and n'ig'irate tlie ivhole sytem. I.adles whosc health will not perrait an inerease of family, will find these pills a succcssful preventive Ladios petuliarly situated. or thosc poílng themaclves so, houd not use these Pilis dunng tho first thfee njontbs, as they are certain to produce misoarriagt, "afler which admonition" thc propritfcrcutUmM no responsibiiity, 'althbugh their mildHU „ill prevent an injury to hoalfh. The ingredients composing the above Pilis are .nade kqown to efery Agent, and they will tell you they are safe and will perfora 'all claimrd lor thern. Price $1 per box Soldin ANN ARBOR, by gTEBmNB , WIIÍ0N. Bruggists, y. A. fcfOiT, ririigïist, Ladies living at a distance by sending tliem $1,00 through the Ann Arbor Postoffice, can have the Pills sent (eonfidi-ntjally) 1V ! 7 Part of the oountry free of pQstage. U B-Betoarc of a base counterftit of thae Pilis. - Vou' can buy the counferíeit .inicie at any price from S5 to 76 cents a box (dear at tliat). Lahiks your lives and health aro of tuo mucb Talue to be triflíd with, besides beine imposed upon with a worthlesa article. Theretore, any mie offcrmg you these Pills for less than $1 % box, avoid them as youwoald poison. Thoy are bogus. Ijonc aregenuine unlcw the ñamo of S. I). HOWE Is on every box which has recently been addcil.nn accpujlt of the Pilis being couterfeited. Soldso, by y ULISS'& BF.ÉBEJaclcson, andbv one druge ist in every village and city in the United States, andby KARRAND.SHEEIEY & (JO.. :;.-..- eral State Agents, Detroit. " ' 8. , ü H0WEi Soierropr!etor, S67yrs2 NüW YORK. MPORTANTto FEMALES THE HEALTH AND L[FE OF WOMAN ís contioually ín peril (f she is mal enough to neglect or maltreat tíiose sexual rrejíuhirHie to ivhich i thirds of hor sei are moro or less sulytct. I)R. CHEESEMAN'S PILIS, prepareí froni the same formula which the inventor. rqjiNBUÜR t: di KAN, M. H.,of Ñew-íork, has for twonty years used aú in unexteniled private practice- mmeiliately relievprwithout pain, all uisturbances of the periodical disqharge. whether arisins frnm rolaxatinn or suppresyipn. They act 11íp ü cliann inremoving the pains that accempany iiiff}Cutt or immoderate mestruaticn, and aro the orily safe and roliable remeily for Fluhe, Pick Headache. Pnips inthe Loln, Back and Sides, PalpifKtion of the Heart Nervouh tíreraor, Iïystcvicn, Spasm?, Broken Sleep and otner unpleásafit and dantferous sffáctB of an innatural coniliriim of the sexual functione Tn thfl woni cases of Fltior Albus or Whites, they "tïect a speedy cure . To WIVKS and TVT ATBON8DX.CHEESKMIN'SPII.I.Sare "ffc-ed as the only safe means uf rncwiüginterrupted menstruation, out. IiAOlB MUST BI5AU I!M MI1VD Tkere is gnefondhiov af tkefemnle system in which tht Pilis r.anñotfy taken wi'hoit producinff n PECULIAR R ESUL't. i'liccmtltnii referred to ? PR EQNA NCY- the, MISCA R1IIAQE. SnchU the irresiMhlt lendency of lic medir.ivc tpresUis (he sernpl ftiaions to a iiormal con'lüion . tliat even the reproductiva power of nature caniLOt rrsiH it Exptirit iircdion staling hen, and when tsfjf sjidüW nol beused. vtthweh H.ix,- the Price One Dollar eqch Box, f.öntaining 50 P'UA valuable l'a iiphlet. to be had free of the Agents. Piils sent b) mail promptly, by enclosing pnce to ariy Agant. ■ "feg, ,,ropriet„r. ■20 Cedar-St., New York. For Sale by MAYNARD SIËbBüiS fí WIJ.SOS . and GRENVILLE & füLI.EU. Howard üussociation, PHILADELPHIA. Forihe relief of the Stek and Dislrcsreed, nfflictedwith V'rnh.nX and Chronic Viseases, and especially fat tht Gure of Diieattn of the Sexual Organr MEDICAL ADVICE given gratis, by the Acting Surgevnï,UABLERKPORTS on Spermalorrhcea.nna oth;r Diseasesof the Sexual Organs.und on thi NnW REÏIEDIEB employed in the Dtapel n soiiua lettel envelope, freí of charge. Tó ,.r ;iir,; -'P8 '' pnstageaáeptáWe. AMre, Dr. J. SKn.I.lN HOÜGHTON Howard Association, Xo 2 8. Ninth St.. Pl.iladelphia.Pa. 8b0'1 I am Bound for 1 GUITERMAN & CO'S ! Dispute tlie fact if yon can, It takes the T A ILO R after all tq give appearance to the outer man. If yon wish to appear well Vou must acpordingly Dress Well. Go to M. Guiterman & Co's., There you will nd things exactly SO. SONDHEIM always ready tP tako your measure, QPITERMAN will sell you (5oops with great pleasnre, At figures LOWER tban you wül pnd in he State, Take heed- call eakly, else you are too LATE. The iNDUCEMBNTS are now greater than ever, Our Cljírks you will find obliging aqd clever. We will show you good GLOTHING of our own getting up, Filling our Store from JJottqm t0 top STUDENTS especially wjll find it to TH BIB ADVANTAQK, For it takes bul LITTLE M.QNEY to replenish. 1500 0VERC3ATS of Cloth, Büaver, and Bear, Warranted for almo9t ever to vvear. COATS of Cloth and Cassimere of our OVVn IMPORTATION, Forw arded througb our New York relations. Frotn Eivgliind, Belgiuro, Germany and Franee, Sueh as you can stanp vb in, or wear, at the dance. Pants ! Pants ! ! Pants ! ! ! Fancy C4SSIMERES and DOESKIN oí everv grade, We e!l them troïn ONE DOLLAR up tO E1OUT. VEPTS, &C, of every descriptioM, You wül tind it so without fioiion, Furnjdhing appaebls F.roin SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. Thi íb all we eav now, Therefore we make our bow. Yours truiy, ever so, M. GÜITKBMAN. & Co., Oval Picture Frames A LLSIZES, STYLEE ana PRICES just received and '"""toHOFP & MILLEE'S. lTO.fce.t, "8tf Grreat Books in. IPress. THRILLING INCIDENT OF THE GREAT REBELLION; The Deroism oí our Soldiere & Sailora, 1 vol., larsv 12 mp, frice, $1.25. The critics and the public aro riglit io prtsuictingtiiiit thixiMll, rÜpllic narnitW, fxWting interekt, ii.d extensivo popSUrity.all othei blatoriea "f ilie ar forthe;Union ■ It tiicme ifill be the hei-uic (lanng.pftllent balr-breailth encavo of our noldwr andaailors, knd ita inciJents will ferm the themoofconTt'rsation at innumerable íireKies for years to come. It will contain. inadJition to iu sttrrlag details, the plnlnsophical Analysia of the Causes of tlio '.Var, by Jonx LoTimup „10TI.KY, O. P , (Vutliof pf "The HÍBe of the Jutch Republic," etc, the dates of uil tiie important events from the John Brown raid, and nn accurate ..nd reviscd account of the principal battles, with engravings. One thitd the proceeils of allSubscriptions sent direct to ub ivill be giTen for the Relief of Disabled Soldier, and all persons who wish a copy of the work, and also ■o benefit the stldie s.should send their nmoe (flfl nddressat once. Also, any oflicer 01 private, or person in any Bection of the countrj.,1iaving knowlengs o( a heroic act 01 stirring iucidmt, vill oblige uS bjr endmR ns an accounlof t. Bookellers,Postma8ters. and Canvassing Agenta will be ft;ri.isl!edv.íthaSubscnpíion8 Prospectus, on apphealon to the PiitlisLern . f&. A liberal comniissiongiven to soldiers desiriog to actas agenta n taingsubacriptiotó, II. rHE HISTORY OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURES, from 1608 tol86O. By Dr. J .Lkandkr Bishop. 2 vols, 8 vo. Vol I. now reaily, Vol II. nearly ready. Thia ia probably the largcst and most important work now n the American We have also juat publisheci new eJitions ol tha following asefuland popular booka : The Business Man's Legal Adviser ; Or, HowtoSarf Condpting Pusiness accoraingtii law (ia expounded a thé Bei.1 and Latest AuthoWtte. 400 pp , hliucp. 1'iicE ïl. OPPORTUNIÏIES for INDUSTRY ; or, A Thousand Chance lo Make Money. Cloth , ïl Tliis lias heen republished !n Eugland. Every buiim-ssrcanand clerk should have ilieschooks. Thcy ivill jj-jy tlie bliyiT a huodred fold. Every parent sliuiild gat' them for theit sous. AU ihese hooks are maüed. pohtpaid, on recept of price. Wü P"í pafticulaf attenüon to mailing books, Wptppiag thew corefully, and will procure and nfl, postpaíd, anj book unywliere, un receipt ot pubhsüers pricü. Address FUE E ULE Y & CO., ggltf Tribuno Buil.lings.íjcw York. THE HOlTEKSEjrifS NEW lURNITURE PQLISH Preparedfroman itnproved recipe ty the PPrict of tin 'Beotiikp. Jonathan' Poush,"s ceitiiicd by all Ihe leading Nev Vcrk Furniture Déniers and Piano ]Vri, í;i!oi-s tp 0 tl.e host in the worlil for ltemoving Bciatche, Marks, and XJirt. and restoring a high and lastrn g'.oas tq al ljinds of Varnishea work, from Furniture to Leathsr. It is cheaper and better than arnish. immediately. and is casily applied. With a ptoo of Cantón Flannel and and a bottle or two of this NBW KcRMTiKK 1'oush. a Hourekccijur can work magie in the furnitnre of a house midkeep itlookniglike new. Now isthütime to "shineup" jour Tables, Chairs, DMu, Pianos, Pictuie Framea. Ca'rriages, etc, and make theja look 50 per cent. better. This is true eoonoroy. For salehy Kuiniture Dealers and Stoiekwpers gm rally.- l'rice 25 and 50 cents abottle. Depot No. 1 Sprvioe bt., New York. Special Agents Wantod. Aúdress. (Jox 1972, New Vork 1. Q ' ' . ' The Hou-ekeepcr's New, Furniture Polish is for sale at Ann Arbor by ' NEW F ALL GOODS! BACH PIERSON Jlnve just opened a Ohoico Stock of WOOL, COTTON& SILK GO O X St foc Ladies' and Gentlemens Wear, also a stock of Best Family Groceries, yvhich will be acid CHEAP FOR CASH. Gold, received at lö per cent. prem. Silver, " " 14 ff P Canada, H "14 " " " Old demand Treasury notes, at J.Q per cpnt. prejn. BAOH & PIERSOK. Ann Arbo, Sept.S2, 1E62. Rifle F actor y! Beutler & Traver, [Succossors to A . J Sutlierliind,] Manufacturera of ODd Dealers ijl Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Ffasks, Pouihes Game Bags, and Everyother article in thatLine. AU kinds ot ZII1F -A.I3E. IKTG (jone at the shortent notice, and intheljest jnannpr a full assortraent always kept on liand and made order. 30, ShppoB Hurun street. Ann Arbor.üct. 8, 13p2. 'atr JNow is the Time. I suy, now is the time tp gettle Accounts. ÍAM detetmined for the next six weeks to bring tlie unsettled accounts on my books to a close. As my debtsmust bc paid, and all business men are matting short (itedils., and nhort settlement, I ain cmnpelledto folio Buit. It you can't pay the money tlown, you must pass yqui note with interest on short time, as I have tódo. No man s so poor fhijt he. cm't settle any time Duriai; the season, I madetuu time for p ymeuts aboutthe iirst of Octobcr, that time has gone by, aoJ but few have responded. Now, io conclusión J gay to all delinquent t, the uxpiratioo of the above sjecifled time, you must expecta visit from a ptopej p.qiserto tender the laat ca... N. R0GEE8. Ann Arbor, October 13, 1862, 2m871. ia-uctioiieers Notice. BYRON CREEN, having applied for a Hcense, t)ow IioWs hitnself in rwttliness to altend to all calis - Having hadexpeiince, heis positive be can give good satinfaction. All calis uromptly attended to. Chaigcs easonable. Appiy at the Frankhn House. BYRON GREEN. fnn Arbor, Oct. 24, 1862. 6"5tf Money to Leml. rCAN FURXISII MONEY on reagonable term nd long timo on good Farm security. r. W.MOP.flAN. A--J Arhcr, Jh't 99. 1!S. S2tf 's ._ cc s R s Ï IS1 1 Cl Isl g O Pi 1 ■ I S f 0 Ö H 1 ü Sa m r tí s 1 I -- ' ■ O j H i3 5 TES BBBBLUON ON HIGH PRICES FOR CLOTHING. HAS COMMENCED AT THE OLD & RELIABLE O L O T H I SM C EMPOEIUM ! No. 3 PHCENIX BLOCK, MAIN St. TAM now opening a large and varied "'tm?'f I ti ■,-irrmirtSumrai' and ii; view ot UieieDellanl custom.'rs at the ye lbweal ; flgure ■- ThÖM in want of a superior article of Cloths, Cassimfres. or Beady-Madc Clothing, -will cali WIYI. WACNER, who haa just retupned from the East, witli a large assortmerit of SPRING & SU MM ER 600DS wiiicli liavebten purchaecd at the late LOW PEIOES! andcanoiferthemat a lower figure tban ev.r before. Ainong tny Assorlnient may fea fouM BROADCLOTHS, CASSIMBRláS, DOESKTNS, VESTINGS of alláescriptions, togotlior witli a superior assortment of Ready-Madc Clotlllng, i Tfr;rj,f""'""csi IjIMWL-Oll , ' ,ü .1. l-i.T.S, ana JiSBliealiemen's Fiiniithiug thnunjeiousotherartides uaually founá in similar estaMsirocnts. As an EMPORIUM OP FASHION, the subscriber flattersliimself, that lii long expericnce and general .ucooo , will enable bim to give Ibe greatest satisfaclion to all who may trust him in the waj ol J" Manufacturing Qarmontg to orde?. WM.WAGNTER. Aon Arbor, Api 1 9tt 1862. 8Stf OIjOItlOTJS News from "Dixie!'? The Rebellion about Crushed ! A,C. LOEB, OF TIIP OtEVELAND CLOTHING HOUSE Returu their sincere thanks to their numerou FRIENpS AND PATRÓN S, For tbe liberal manner in which th.'y have hcretotofore patroniVei thiSfi), wi lieg lpvP 'o announpe that they aie AGAIN ON HAND yf ith a Large and well selectod Stock of SPRING & SUMMER CLOTHING! QENTS' FURMSÍIINI3 GOODS, fíats, Caps & Trunks, vhich tby yill Bell at Astonishing Low Prices ! For further particular Oall &,xi d. SeO for yourselves, and yoi} will npt goaway dissatisaed. A. & C. Ï.OEB, Hurón Stceet, a fcw doors west of Cuok's Hotel. Ann Arbor, May, 1862. 3854 1862. ïeea. NEW FALL GOODS ! Now opening a spiendid stock of New Goods for the fall Trade at O. H. MILLBN'S Ann Albor September 16, 1862 87Otf Deiftand Treasury Noteg For which wg pay GpiTRMAN fe Co., Apn Arbor October 3, 1862, rro LET. THE BRICK HOUSE andBarn now occupied by Olney Hawkins.Ksci ., on Detroit street, Anu Ar'oor, posseBsiongiven the lt of April. Alsoseverül stoiea aiid rooms in Bi'.choz's Block to et togood steady tepaats at a vcry Uw rent,nv3idia4;e posbessioa given. Inquire of P L.Ji.&ÜOHOZ. AnuAïlJor Mrcb M, UU


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