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NPEER'8 SAMBÜCI WINE, l'URE, AND FO.UR 1'ICARS OIJ1, Of Choiee Op.ov+o mlt FOR PHYSICUNP' USE, f"OR FEMALKS, WEAKLY PERSONS & ISVALIDS Every famüy, at this season, should use tho 8AMBDCI WINE, Celebratrd in Europe for its roedicinnl and beneflcial qualities as gentlc Stimnlullt, Tonic. Dluretic and Su d4rifict higblv esteemed by eminent phyfiicianf}, used in European and American Hnapit&ls, and by some of the flrst fanjüiea of Europe and America. :il ' ' ■' 8 A TCKiC, It baa po equa), cvusing an nppetito and biliUing up of the systPm' being entireiy a pure wine of a moBt valuable fruit. ■ ' AS A DIÜRETIC, It impartí a healtliy aotion to the GlandsandKidnya, and Urinary Organs. Tcry beneficialin Diopsy, Oout.aUa Rheumatic affections, SPEEB'S WINE Isnotamlitureormanufacturedarticle. but is pure, froto the j uice of I li e Portugal ambuciis grape.cultivatcd inNew Jt-r,.-,.-. M .m i.., : byf uemistaond Physicians aB posscssingnipdlcnl prnpeniis superior to anv other Wine in use, and au excellent artioia fcr al! woak and debilitated persocis, and the aged and iiifirm, impioyinfc the appetite, and bcneíiíing ladies and cbildren. A LADIES WIXE, Because t mili not intoxícate ás other wínc, &R !t _ contains no mixture of spirits or liquors, and a admired foritírioh, peculiar flavor, and nutritivo properties, impartlng a liealttiy tone to the digestrve orgiin, and a blooming, soft and healtby skin and complexion. E EEFEE T.Ó A fer veil known gentlcu.en and plieicians, wbo have tried the Wine: - Gen. Winfleldfcott, U.S. A. Dr.Winon, lltli st., N. V. Gov Morgan, N. Y. State Dr. Watd, Nnwark, N. J, I)r. J R. Chilton.N. Y.City. Dr. DougUertj, " " D. Parker, N Y. City. Dr. Parish, riiiladelpUia Dr8. Darcy anrl NichoU, Newark, N. J And muy oti.ers too numerous to publish. ■Ktf-None gonuine unlesa the mgnature of "AIJ'KKU STO:R, Passaic.N.J.," is over the cork of each bottlo. JKJ-MAKE ONE TBIAI, OF THI3 WIXE. For Sale-by Maynard, Stelrtjln Sí Wllson, 4nn All''-. Trade suppliod in Detroit by H. & L. SïilOaEAÜ. A. SPBER, Proprietor. VIN'EYARD, Passaio, Xew Jersey. OFFICE, 308 Broad%Tay, N. Y. JOHN LA TOV, Pai is, 834mf( Agent for Franco and Germany. RISDON&HENDERSON BUCKBYB CRAIN DRIUL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufactured at Springfie'.d, Ohio. rpHE VERY LATEST IMPROYEMENT, and better than X all others; adaptec} to bówing Wlicat, lïye, Oata, Barley and Grasa SeeU . %tst. It has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Wül sow all kinds of Grain and Graas Seed. 3d. Never lunches the Grain Uh. Never breaks the Grain. Wh. Som Qrass Seed hroadcast beindjthe Drill. 6th. Has high wheels and long Hoes. 7th. Sas long and tuide steel points. Sth. lt has a land measurt or Surveyar. 9tA. It has doublé and single ranc drills. lQth. It has a sel adjusting s7iut off slide. It is neatly and svibstantially made. There s taardly a Drill offered in tbc market tut can )oast ot niote or leas F1RST PüEAtlUMS. They are nbout as ndiKCiiminately bestowcd as the title of 4' Professor," which is sometiroes applied to the "fiddhr" or " bootMack." They cease to convey the idea of meril. The Duckeye Drill has boen on Exhibition at quite il number of State and Goonty Fatrs, And without seeking favor at the hand of any Committeê, l}ás received its full share of Prwnlumi. TESTIMONIALS We give the foliowing oames of a few Farmers in tlpd . i-!..;iy w jo havebought and used thiíuckeyeDriU : Cudfre.v Millcr, Scio. 5acob Polherous " Jacob Tremper, " Thomaii White, Northfield, Jótíñ Brokaw, " ('hri.;tian Kapp, " Edwar'l lioyden, Webster. James Trcailvcll, AnnArbor, Daniel U'lJara. " " JdhnG.Cook Lodi. O. A. Marshall, L. Edmon's, Saline. George Cropsey, Green Oak, Liv. Co. ïït are also Agent} (of the Ohio Reaper & M&wer, acknowledged lo he the very best n use. We are jnst in receipt of 100 Grain Oradles y hïcli we will spil Clieap. AIso alargeaasortment o G-rass And the largcst and best selected stock of BE1STT STUFF FOR CAFRIAGES ever bef ore offeretj in thïs market. Weairiu keepalargeand full NAILS, Í3LASS, PÜTTY, PAINT, and UNSEED OIL. A complete assortment of STOVES, TINWAKE, AJJD EAYE ï'ROUGUSalways on hand and put up at the shortest nutice. RISDON & 'rfENDERSOM. Ann Arbor, June üOth.1862 P5'tf W. S. SÁÜNDERS c fiere bis Homestcad For Sale, Will be in Ann Arbor the last week in Sepiembor, Prloo Llz3lc31 Termal Can be ohtained by calltng at thü Ofce. 1862. NEW 1862. WINTER COODS! MACK & SCHMID are now reeeiviqg a Largo & Attractive 5tock f á tapie and Fancy Dry Goids, LIDIES' RKES9 GOODS, FURS, OLOAES, SHAWLS, feo. in great variety of the mos esjrable stylea and qualities. A good aasortment o{ ItllBBQNS, TRIMMINGS, QL0VE3, HOSIERY,&o Also a choleo stpck pf goods for Mens11 We ar, Ladipsf and Ch.ildren's Shoes. HATS A-lNflD GAFS, presla Grooeries, C ROCKER Y, éc, fc, vhich wiil al} be suld at tie Lowest Oash Prics. MACS 4c SCHMID. Ann Arbor, Nov. 7, 1862. 878tf "Proyide for r Family." KNICKEBBOCKEB, LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Western office, Kingsbiry Ulnck, Randolph St-, Chicago. Assets Jan. let, 1862, $276,223.44. Policies are issued upon thft lives of debtors,and for all buin.s purposes, eitlier for Ufe or for a term of years. on as favWable terms as by any oth'r Company. Married lad'ea mij i' ib'f'e the lives of their husbanJs, according toalaw of tl.V íu, v.riag 1.e amoun', of the insurance to themselves or theif childrea, free from the claims of their hunbamls' cveditors ; also, warried ladifs can insure their own livc-.s fur the benefit of their chlldren or trustees. Policies un lïves are issued for acy sum not exeeeding $10.000. By the terms of the ihartsï, this Company la prohibited paying mo.e than 7 per cent. annually in dividends on its capita) to stockhoklprs ; and it receiveR that aum in interest for the use qf it capitul, the surplus being dividfcd uiiong the Mutual Tnsurers ; henee it will appear that it combines the advantages of a Mutual with the security of a Steek Company. Whtn the p,'eraiu.ii amoun'.-.' to SO or over a note my be giVÈi for foúr tenths 'of tjid anlount. Ratos as low as any otlTer good tompany. ■Now is the time of sicure ft eompetency for j.iyu familv should death üni'. your humestead encumbered and busines, involved. Mtal Peo. F.SxiFreü.S.'fjr. B. F. Johnson, VipeTresidcnt, and Manager of Western Branch office, Chicago 3B. B. POND, Agent. W5I. LE77JTT, M. T. , Medical Ksaminer. Br. Wra. B. Huyd?s DENTAL REMEDIES, , ARE 1 THE BEST IN THE WORLD, ! i i INSDRING FINE TEETH è A 8WEET BREATH, i . AM Curing Toothaehe & Neuralgia. Do ""ou v-!sb tobe blessed with and admired forPKARLTWin:8oua Ttl-TH? Usp Dr, ff. B. HPRP'g l"NKIVAI.I.EO TOOTil' PO-'N'DKR, warranted free frum acid , a lkali , or nj inj ur'ious su'bstanci!. ' l'rice, J5 cents per bux. 3_ Beware of tha ordinarj' clieap Tooth Powdcrs wlijch whitejx but dostroy. Do yq visll t9 tic certain tbat ynur BRKATn 8 pure, swect, an'i aarOBable to huebaqd or nifc, lover or frieodsf Use Dr. HÜRIJ'á CJIíEDRATJSp MOUTH VVASH. Price, 38 cents per bottle. Tliis a8tringent wasb ís als-T the best remedy in the worldfor Cakker, Bah Biieath, Blekdixu (iCMS, Soee MOUTH, etc. It has cured hundreds Do von or your children snfler frolü ToOTDACnEÏ Get Dr. HUftb'S MAJJlO ÏUOTHACHE UBOPS. Price, 15 cents peí bottle. Ayoufflictelwith NEURALGIA? Cet Dr. W. B. IIUKU'S NEURALGIA PLASTE1, The most efFectiye and delightfulrcmedy known. Tlioy do not adlicre nor blister, but sootlie ond pl'ínR pain away. Try them. l'rioe, 8 and 37 cents. -iMaiied on recei:it ol iirice. Dp you wish a completo se{ ot DENTAL REMEDIES and n Tke.'.tise os 1'kesekvixg Tebth? UetDr. HURD'S DENTAL TKEA.-ÜP.Y, the neafett and móst valuable prssent th.1t one friehd can maké to another. Price, íl Sént by mail on receipt of pnce. For sale at all tht best stores throughout the country. Cachos.- As thprc are dealers who take artfantaj!? of our adrertisemenís to rapóse uriou oustomers 11feriorp;eparatiis, it w necessary to insist upon having what you cali for, und you will et tbk hkst, thorougly tesled, and prepared by an exponencud aqd scienliflo Dentitt Treasurcr of thoXiv Ymk State Dentist a j sociation, and Vico PrtoidLnt of tlw New ïork City Dental ociety. Addrúss WM. B. HURD & CO , New York. ti, Dr. Hurd's Dental Remedí s ars for sale in Ann Arbor by Stbbbins & Witsox, Eeeriiacb & Co. , and Grc.vii.;.ij k (ícllbk. $60tf Píotice PUR8UAKT to the provisions of Sec. 8 of "An act to establish the Detroit House of Correction, and authorize the cunfinement of convictoii persons therein," approved Maroh 15, 1801, the Board of Supervisors of the Count of Washtenaw have contraeted with tlib thoiïzed agent of the Common poiirjeil {tf tlie city Detroit for the c6nflnemen(, in su'ch House of Correction "of any person or persons who may be sentenced tp confineeiit, by any court or magistr'ate in sak! county. for auy terra not less than sixty days, for any crime or misdenieanqr, not muiiabable by im;-,ribonnient in the State Prison." Sach contract is to continue in forcé five years froin ihe 28Ui day of Dctpber, 1862, unless sooner tonüiur ted in aecoidance with its own provisi.ons. The aUention of courts, justk-es cf the peáot-, sheriffs, and constables is cihepted. tp soes. IX. and X. of the act aboye, i DANIEL X-VÉAKÖSr, Agent of Bcai'd of Supervisors Ann Arbor, Oqt, 28, 186S2. 876v4 ÏGË. ICE. 1CE. 1 WO CLP reRpeetfuUy acnouoce to ajt ray former toraira ani f rienda that 1 shall fillray Ice hun dui'iiig the cuïcing winter, and would be glad to furnish i 'eifV, aficall perrons waal ing ICE durin the Boason f 183. Qn account of my men going off to war and leaving me, and viuious diffijcultiea, I was objled to stopcirculatlng my Ice wagons a Bhort time soooer than I ehould , ot'ierwiïje have döné. HfNtlttt Ti hope to bo ablo to ! Bupply alliiersouB as long od. withas MÜCII ICE y TBEY MAY WANT. I I willfurish families with 20 fta por iiy, Spturday 40 K,s. as folbwa: Duriog thé months ofMiiy anl June 1 per mnnth npd balance of seajon at SI ,50 per month: Hotels, Saloons and But„ber shops, will be furnished a ijeretoforej at 20 ets per 100 tbs. S7Bwf) CLEMENT E. THOMPSON', I Ayer's Sarsaparilla,


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