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Ol Wïldep, in no addrepa fcofnrí the Poní i!d,''ciI S'iéie'y i') Boston, lajd down tho (ollowing principies: Tbc !u!ti:.t'nvi of fruits, ns n ?c:enpo, is oiia of tlie most n'ert'wt'njt d deligStfiil tliit lias ever occupied the atiention o' i ni. Constan vigifaVree is tho prino oí' eupori'ir trees and fi'uit The cu:t v rnr upist n-Uzo the f:iot thát withuut eare uiid s k i 1 1 he c:ituot hopo for micc ss Tlie íiiccss and prngrew of Anie'irai PoiAnlocy must rc-it ma'mlv upnn tho t:;troducMnn of kinds, raised from seed upnu our owh siiil Wt iini-'l aim, fiíft. at i strong hardv, robut liaHt i'i 'Iih (roo. Fur fruit we nhnuld select t lióse tlint bear anuiíil crops, and como early [uta b.irinr. Tlicre generil Iw that limita gomf fruit to sniall s:z s. Uiidcr jiiilicinus troatmcnt al! varieties are iiupruvcd fiio"ess airead v attained, lmds t t!io belief thai greater suíicess is attniuüblo. It is propBr i'iilti vation that has bn)iirlit tlie Dtlawaro grape tu ts vrurldwiili- pelebritv. TIuí vear 1861 ivii almost a fruitless one. Tlie provinus Autiiiiin lial buen n ark"d itli an early and vcrv severo frost, K Ui-t. 1, I8'íi), ihe moreurj iiiai'kul '2 1 degrees, frm'zing applusoii tho trees mar Bston It was colder than miv otlir l st if October on rec-ord - Fi'b1 n;iry 8, 1861, tho mertury marfend 25 dejfr btilow z tu. Tliu previoiw day waa ini'd. o wa iluliilitt'nlly wirii), tlie theruKHiieter inarking 75 deg. M'mvh ÍS, it marked zero. Tliesu unu8uul extremes du.-ftrnyed tlic fruit 'Top, and the troe.s in gome nstaiipcSj .liovving what oiio-' uru li.irdy, and tb;it aomu peftr t reo are m re s i thau -mno :ipp!e. The Viunr f Wii kfiold L ihh Borne ?0 Jersey. Urbaiiis c and Belle Lu erative, prod'.Ced abundinlly in LS(51, whiltí apiiles, and most o-lier varietiea of pe:ir fided. Tliu iIiiiví1 nainod pcars liavc produotíd fruit ann.ual'y, winlo upplu( Lave t'üiled liuniy linios. Upmi llie nh.-prvafinn of ability of different vaneties l í lieat and uold, tlie progress of pomology einiL-ently dupeiuls. As to tho meanfl of protooting nur friiits fri'iii iijmy from tlics" j vieiiiultí3 of,.w ithi'i', wo ne d moro Ifuowledge. ■ Experiunee ti::n-hes us thiit sbcltor and aspect hice a powerful intliunee. I aiu mero it"d nioru üonvinoed of tltu import:iliC(i oí a.-pecT. No oiio (au doubt the benefit f shelter froui üunvnts f fivrcv dry ing wiiida. We 8!u t!ii líiátor líourre p.sar in bl )ora beforo'oa lv v.irieties, yet thu lutust to ni i ure lis fruit. The fr lit of tile S'. (Termain peir was fino near línstnu fitty yeara a_'o. N'ow it in ui outcast; yet tho foliago and wood appear ln-iltliy. The Van M"ti León la Clero tree, on tlie ot'ier limd, is'v di c.-ised, yet frcquently p roí! ucea I ' ■.: utiful fríiit. T.h'.-íu aro mysteries wiücli we do uot :r present o.Miiir. hend. No dcpartnii'i.t ut' tlie p itt inigist is of nsor ittpoi t -11100 than tüo vineyard. No otlier i'riiit, at tho predJiit m mient, asakonS so dot'p uu interest i;i our eountry an tha grape. No e, [ imagino, is inore iiitiül i'fly cinuetcl witli the t'uturu comiiieree or ve!l bisiug of our eountry St,rA[igo tliat i fruit of siieii intiij lity and excellence sli mld uot !i ivj reoeivcd mor of our at'e .tinn. Of all frui's the rnpe is the most 1 cellenf, d'-lioi nis. salutary 11 t.s us s. It is ii' the vegotablo k ngdoin wliat g!'l ia in (hu mineral, . 1 1 1 1 nimi in the animal. Whe.i P.ovid.iiico dosigiis the r.ipid prognes of any iudusrri-il art f'or thu wuü'.iru nf mui), aiti'iitiun is siuldenly tUrnél t'nvai'l 't, aínl a oew enterprisu mil zi::i! is awukoutd in its dcvelipiM-jnt Tlms in the ninu eeufh Cinturj tho iritr.-i of L"'ii m nes nf U-ilifii!l i:i itlld Anst!p;:!i.i aro i-i-uiuv-nl, iiiid the iiuiuuíiáe deposita ot' co il au I tho fm itlim of oil in tlwi' hos (ira ;i!'OiliseovcrL'd, just vliun tifo nc dt'iilHinia tliei" u.'j ) wtth thu cultivation of t li o grapa i:i uur land, a fru t sa univorsilly md hihly approciated in t'io olil wn'ij; yei liere t has been dHjowed to sluinber uutil ho ticcigslúií and tho demanda of pioresaivê c'uiliz itinn requiro t ' i o viuu to miiiUtcr to tho fa t.s of tbt1 coiDiiiiinity. We lieht've tliüt tin; (jrafie is dusti'ie I H bcrnnii', in modern 'iines, na it uertuinly v:is nf eild, one of t!iL' ]-i i"i.rt't anil most iinporfiiiil of (mr crops U'hon shall havo proiluced vaiiittits fUitiiJ to tho vari'ins lati' of our country, appropriatc fur cailv use uiid fur lat-o kuoping, adaptod for dryin into ruisins, fur other cuiiuary purposos, and fur the inaiinjnctnre of the vnrious kinds of wjne, rc ihill begin ti rcüFiza ih" yreat valuo. of tho grnpc - iuï), parliap, in its futuro uses to that of the uppie." Jliffjigan fttjjtn.


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