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A B compiains of C D for the non-payment of fifry dollars balance due, (on noie of hnnd, book account, woik done, breach of contract, price of a horsp, or for nny other matter, as the case may be,) after nlhvving all credite, for wbich, by way of compromiso, he offers to take a judgment for the sum of forty dollars.' "A B complains ofC D for the non-payment oí seventy-fipe dolare due him for damages (done his cropa by C l"s cattle, or by eutting hi timber or treeg by C D, or by C We takingor retaining the cattle of A B, or by C D oalling A B a thief, or tlmt he had been guilty of perjury, or any other crime, or any other matter, or they briefly describing i() A B by way of compromise offers to Uke a judgment for fifty dollars' A B complains of C D for wrongfully keeping him out of possession of (east huif of south cast quarter of section one township three south of range six east, or other description,) and asks iheaid of the court therein, to obtain the possession thereof ." A B complains of C D for refusing to fulfil an agreomenl, to convey to him, A B, (vil lage lot number 160 in Ypsüanti,) for which C D has received payment in full, and prays tbe aid of the court therein, to compel C D to mke a deed of said premies." A B complains of C D for nol marrying her, according to bis ogreemenf, and claims damsges to the amount of five hundred dollars, ofTois to tnke judgment for two hundred, rath er than liügafe." A B complains or" C D for not accounting for all the properiy which cnme into his hnnds. aa guardián of A B, & prays that the same may be enqmred into. and that jnstice may be done in the premises. "A B complains of C D who is a tenant in common (or joint tenant; with him, of here describe the premises) and prays for the apapointment of commissioners to divide the same belvveen them. and put him A B in possession of his portion." A B complains of C D, who is a partner in trade with him; and who refused to settle, and divide the property (or refuse to give an account of the property sold by him,) and pra}-s that the sime may be enquired into, and guch remedy applied, as the of the case, and justice may require."A B complains of C D who, under a pretcnce of license (or tille; is culting down and destroying the timber of A B, who prays the aíd of the court, by enjoining hm, C D, until the right can be legally determined.' A B complains that C D is an importan' witness for him, in a matter now litigated, in which E F has an interest, and that C D is oíd and inferior, (or n feeble hea'.th, or is aboiit to leave the connty,; and prays to have him examined for the purpose of perpetuaüng !iis testimony." A B complains of C D, a defendant in ex eoution and says the sanae has been returned nnsatisfied. and that he has reason to believe that the said C D, (or other person naming him,) has property, (effects, or credits, as the case may be) sufficient to satisfy said execution, and prays that the said C D may be ex amined under oath touching the same." SUMMONS. 'State of Michigan, ? p8 County. S ' By the people of this ftate, you are summoned to apprar before E F, judgo of th county courl, at his office, on the first day of January, A. D. 1845, at 10 o'clock, A. M., l answer to the complaint of A B. who (here insert in few words the nature of the claim, and if such claim is nccompanied by an offer to take jtidgment, let the sumnions conclude ns follows:) and who claims dollars, Bnd offers to take a judgment for dollarp.' L. S. G. H. Clerk. ANSWERS.C D answers the complnint of A B, anti says that he is not indebted to him for more than fifty dollars, but lo compromise, will confess a judgment for fifty-five dollars:" "C D answers the complainl of A B and eays, that he never signed the note mentioned in the complaint :r' Or "that he paid the note (or account) to one E F before it was transferred to A B;" Or "that he had a receipt given by A B in full of all demands;'' Orthat ABdidnot fulfil the agreement mentioned in the complaint;" Or "that he never used the words as stated in the complaint;"Or "that his cattle did not, to his knowledge ever do the injury complained of;" Or "that the property which he detaius ffom A B is his own property, and not A B's;" Or "that he, A li ncver paid for the village Jot cloimed in the complaint;'' Or "that the tule m the premises claimed by A B is not in him, but is in on.e E F;!' Or "that he is not the partner in irade of A B, but does business on his own account:"O "that he has expended all the properfy of A B, in raising and educating hini, and s prepared to make it so appear;'" Or "that he admits the truth of tiie facts, as stated, but eays Ihat A B has transferred all his riglit and títle in the property to one E F, ] who has granlcd license to him to cut timber or wood.'1 Form of enteiing 8uch further facts as may be elicited on the examination of the par■ tíes. "A B admits the pnyment of ten dollars by C D at one timej and of iwenty dollars at another time;' "A B anmits that C D was in possession of the property at tbe time he purchased it, and claimed to. be in possession undec tille lrom' E F: "A B admita that he sfnick C D first, and cxiuses it by th& threateiiiner position ofC C EVod that it is his signatire to note and that he had the money from A B, but in Biste that A B agreed ihatif hc pnid the interest punctunlly, he would not sue il;" UC.D admits that his cattiu werc in. the ficliof A B, but says thcre is not such a fence around the lot as the lavv requires.' ♦'CD admita that is the partner of A B in tmdc, ind that he solil onc hundred dollars worth of' joods to E F, and now holds anote for r. but miáts Uiat thcre is nolliing due to A B." C D admite that he proniised to marry A B, and that a doy was agreed upon, but says iliat he had aftcrwards heurd reports which, iL true. he was not willing to fulfil the agieement, being fraudulcntly obtained." INDICTMENTS. ■'State of Michigan, ? sg County, $ In thenameof the people of the State of Michigan. A B, of i is accused, on the pref-cninient of üie grand jury, ofthe eminty of of the crime of rmirder, cnmmitted by taking the life of C D, with a deadly weapon, in the town of , is the said couniy, on the day of , i the year 134 '' ag'ainst the people of this statp, and againsi the peace and dignity of Ihe snme. A similar form miybe uscd i:i nn indictment fir any olhcr cnme. And when an ofFence compris rs different degrees, the ir.dictment may charge the same in the altema'-ivc. Sec. 81. The fecs of the jndge of the county court, under the provisions of thisact, shaü be as follow?, viz: For every caus? entered before hiiii in which a judgment shall-be entered without a trial, the sum of two ollar?. For every cause tried befare him, the sum of five dollar. Such fees to be toxed in the bilis of cost by the clerk, and to be paid by the party rightfullv charcable therewith.Sec. 8L. The clerk of each county conrt shall be alloweil for taking the testimony in writing on a trial, the sum of ten cents for ench folio fonhe first ten folio?, and the sum of seven cents a folio for all over that number. Sec. 83. AU other fees shal! be regulated by (he h'.vs now n force. Sec. 84 No account sliall he charged or allowed against any county i.i this stute for services rendered in any cause. Sec. 35. The office of associale judge of the circuit court, from and after tlie first day of January ncxf, shall be abolished, and all laws ia reference thereto are hereby repealnrl.Sec. 56. No cause shall be appealed from the circuit jndge to the supreme court, which was originnliy commenced before a jnsticeof i he peace, and the circuit judge in deciding such cause, may tako into consideration tlie proceedings had before the justice as the name may appear from the transcript shall have been brought before him on the nppeal. Sec. 87. The judies of the courts, the circuit judges, and jnstices of the supreme court shail each on the first day of Jantiary in each year, make a fulï report of all the causes triecl before tliem, lo the attorney general of this state; and such reporte shall contain the nnmber.of cases setiled without trial, the number tried, the number of causes tried by the judges, the number of jury triale, the number of canses appealed, and the number reversed, on appeal, and in reports ir.ay sugge?t any amendments, which in their opinión, wuuld improve the judicial system. Sec. 8ñ. The attorney general ehall on receiying such reports, put them into a proper and convenient form, and cause the same tobe print ed for the use of the legislature, accompanied with 6uch suggestions, by way of arnendments, as he shall deern necessary to simplify and perfect the same, by the removol of all obstacles in the way of a speedy and economical investigaüon of all canees which may be Jitigated. Sec. 89. This act shnll take effect and be in force from and after the firsl day of May next.


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