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Population Of The United States Fifty Years Hence

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who lias paid a good deal of attention to the statistics of this country, has publisheda table in the National Intelli geneer, showing the probable increase of our populationto the year 1901. He makes it 101.553,377. or about fifteen times the present number. Mr. Darby says of this prodigious number: "Even well informed persons, bul who have not paid particular attention to the subject, may be excusably startled when they read the future increase andenormous mass of population stated opposite the year 1901, at the foot of either column. The tables, however, contain internal evidence of accuracy as far as the nature of the case can admit, and especially by showing that, in the previous half century to 1840, the population had more than quadrupled. Further, that the so established increase was made under difficulties. some of which are altogether removed, and all lessened in their deteriorating effects, whilst on the other side facilities of transportation by land and water, by steam, roads, and other improved means, are multiplied and multiplying beyond all human anticiparon. The once terrible danger of savage warfare is now only matter of history. In brief, I the elements of civilized life are indefinitely increased in number and power."The Puulding (Miss.) Aurora sayd that negroes, [sla ves] were hired out at ihat place on the lst Jan. at from $95 to $125 for men peí ycar, and $75 to $100 for women.


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