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"coiFÑtFbible society. rEÏ'0-!n0RYof lübln-i and Testamenta at the So U 'cittv pnces r.t W. C Vuorheis'. T. D. TOOKER. PREMIUM I'HOTOCRAPHKR. Excliauge Hoek, Ann Arbor, Michino. J C WATTS & J5KO. D KALER4 'n Clndüi, Wtches, J vi-lry an 1 SiU-er Ware N i l. N 'i B, uk, Ano Albur. C BLISS. DEALER in Clocks, Witeie, Jew-lry and Silver Ware Nu. 22, ! B o=k, nn Arb ,r C. H. MÏLLEN. DEM.EK in Ory Gooils, üioceries, Crocker}-, &c. &c. Mn Street. A.rcn Alb ir. B.CH & PIERSON. DEALKRi ia Dry Uoi, (ÍKKWTiea Hinlware, Boots J: Snoes. o., Man -;'.. Ann Arbnr. O COLLIER. MANUfACTUBER aml Aealec u Boutd anJ Shoes, one Juor north of the Pust Oiñce. RISDON & HENDERáON. DEAI.EK3 in H minare 3l"vs. h.m-se furnishin, Tin Wire. Sc , &c , fw Bl,..;k, Mam at. ' A. P MILLS. DEALER in tapie Dry Gil, (ir.jceiies, Boots & Rea'y M Ie Ulolhin;, II ir n -treet. A. J. SÜTHERLÁND, AGENT 'or the Kow Yurk Life Insurance Compuny. OJioe on Huron uiteet. Also on hand i stoelt of the most approve sevin; mvjhiom f85 I GEOKGK "FISCHElt. MEAT Huron S reet- Oeneial dealer in Frenh an.i sal. Meáis, li ff. Mutt.m, l'oik, liams, Pou'try.'l rd, TaUiiw. Jtc, ..e. tíUriÜb'F & iMlLLEK. "TlEALER-j 'n Miicelloneous, clu)l and Blank Booka. i) Sttiouery, Pper Hmgingbjitc., Maiust, lrankln Block HÏ11AM J. BEAKES A TTORNEY unil Counsellor ntLaw. nd Solicitor in Chancerj. Office in City HiH Biock. over Webstei's Book Store. wm7lewitt, m. d. PHYStCIAN au.i Surgeon. Office at his remenee, nurth sid of H icon ötreet. ana second lumse west f Dítírmiii trtet. M. GUITEll.UAN & UO. WHOLKSALEanil Hetail Dealers and Manufaeturers uf ReadyMadi Clothing Importers of Clotha, Uas■mere, Doeskins, Sc, Ho. 5, Phoeoix Block, Main-st. WM. WAGNER. TVEAI.ER in Ready Made Clothing, Clotha, Cissimeres, ï) and Vcstings, Hits, Capa, Tiunks, üarpei Uags, it., ituenU Block, Main Street. SLAWSON & GEER. riROCERS, Provisión añil Commission Merchaats, and AJ Dealers in Water Lime, Land Piasier, and P laster of Paris, one door east of Cook's Hotel. T. B. FREËMAN. BARBER and Fashionable Hair Dresser, Main fitreet, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Kronts and Curlskt-pt nonatnt!y on hand. J. M SOOTT, AMBROTYPE and Photograph Artisi , in the rooms over (Jampion's Ciothiug .store, Phceuix Block. Prfect satufaction gtven. W. WEEKS. SCRVEYOR and Jml Engineer, continuPs to give immediat atteation to alt order. O?Bce at liis resi dance at the corner of Calherine and ïhayer (-fs. 8C9; 1 C. B. PORTEE. .QURGEON DENTIST. Office Corner of Main nn1 H -iroa ij streets, over B;ich & pierson'a Store. All calis promptly attended to AprlS5J . J R. WEBSTER & CO. DEALERS in and Medical Books School 3ioks, Blank Books, Mificfillaneou Bubks, pens. :nk. ;in Tery variety of StiUionery, H.iron st-, City Hiill lilock. "" C. B. THOMPSON. DF.AI.ER ia Dry Gooils and Groceries, Boots arni öhoes. &c Proluce bought and sulii, at the oíd stand of Thomp-ioo k Milten, Corner Main and Washington sts. MACK & SOIIMID. DEALERS in ForeiQ and Doniesfc Dry Good, Grocerici. H.ita and Caps, Boots anJ Shoes, Cruckery, jfcc, Corner of Main & Liberty sts. ANDREW BELL. BKALKR in Groceries, Provisión, llour, I'rodúces &c,t cc, corner Main and Washington ritree s, Ana Arbor. The highest marUet pricMpaid lor country produos, ■ 866 I. o. 'o. F. WASHTENAW Lodgo. No 9, of the Independent Orrter b( OU Fellows meet at their Lodge üoom very Friday Kvpning, at7 o'clock. g, govDiiiiM. N. U. I'. H. RntE. Secy KINGSLEY & MORGAN. ATTORNY8. Coun.sollor;, SUicitors, and Notaries .Pdbtic, have Hooks anu PlaU showinc titles of all Jand in the Oountv, ;m 1 u.ttun.1 to cuuvuyanc m,' and -oollectiag, (iemands, and to paynr taxfS and school in teroit Ín any part of the utaie. Üiüce cast cf the park. D. DeFOREST. WHOLESALE and rotail dealer n Lumber, Lnth Sbmgleri. tfash, DoorK, Blinda, Water Lime, Gram ■Rifer Plaiter, Piaster Paris, anl Núls ofallsizes A uil and perfect assortment of the abuve, im1 lil otlicr kinds of building ra ttenals const;int(ly on liar-il at tlip lonrert xnwible rates, on Detroit st .. a few rods frm the Railioad Depot nperating extensively in the Ftteat Cemont Uuofing. " FOB SALK TWO of th noit deiürable buildinelotp in tlio City of Ann A.rbar, containing each une acre and a quarter M jrrouud. They are situatedon tate Street, nea.r tbe Bouth went corner ftf the Upiversity Squnre. Kor 4rraFko.,inqoira it tíi ABGUS OFFICE.


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