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Democratic State Convention

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A D va icratic S ale Conyontion wil] be held . )it, 011 Weditesday, the elevent-li day oí Piíbruavj-, A. D. 1861, at eleven o:clo,-]c in'the forcnoon, fov the parpóse of noiiiiinriiiir a Can'■'i- Jnstice of (he Soprejae Oourt. and caiididateá íor Regeils of tha ETniversity, and for Ule mrpose oí transid in;r Sttch otber sa bs may come before Che couvention. Eách county ot. ■ or táofe fepresentative district wiil beeíititlatí le tlilisé-timeá as mauy delegates as thetreájpi'epre&éntatives in ihe iower house of the Rute Legislature írom aucli county: and eacfi caunty whieli mny nct be entítled to pne n-prospi'ilalive in ih - lower h'ouse in Míe State Legislatura, ill b ';;iod to une. delégate. Thn last State Couvention adojted a resolution to the eliëct that, no delégate should be entitled tó a seat in any futnre detaocrtfíic Statp Convention as a representativo fiom any qounty in whjch he does not reside. ■ Democrats and conservatives, ye who wish a' restoration oí' the Union and the maintenancci of tlip-constitution and -laws in their iategrity, come aud let us take counsel tbgetliar in tliis hour of our humiliation and peril. Detroit, 23, 1802; LEVI BISHOP, VM. A. KICI1MOND II. N. WALKER, ADAM L HOOF STEPIÍEN O. CLARK, AÜSTIN W L15S N. A. BALCII, II. H. HAlíMON ' H. O. LYBROOK, J. O. SUTHURLAND O. M. BARNES, J0SEPH COUTLElt L. D. NORRIS, Democratie State Central Committee


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